3 Months? Whoops!

I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say lately, and my gaming has been kind of in a rut and not very interesting, so… well, it’s been just shy of 3 months since my last post.  Such is life, no?


Got my canister for the current Orb Vallis event. Now to find those pesky lava rifts….

I always at least log in to Warframe each day to advance the login counter, but I don’t necessarily play each day.  I still grabbed the new Hildryn frame when it came out last week.  My overall impression is “it’s fine, but doesn’t do anything that makes me prefer it to any other frame.”  Having its #1 be its exalted weapon is kinda kewl, as exalteds tend to be the 4th ability, but it’s just a Staticor-analog that pretty much requires you to do charged shots, and costs shields when you use it.  I’d rather just use a Staticor with no penalty, thanks.  #2 strips armor and shields from enemies and gives them to you as overshields.  Mag does this too, combined with a better overall CC kit.  #3 is a shield heal for your allies or a shield strip on enemies, all while draining your shields.  Most people have the Shield Charger mod on their sentinels so this is pretty useless.  And #4 lets you fly slowly around and CC mobs around you while doing some minor damage to them.  *grumbles in Nekros/Nyx/Nezha/Rhino/Excalibur/Mesa/and a lot more AE CC frames to boot so I think you get the picture.*  So yeah… she’s fine, but to borrow Brozime’s phrase about a different frame — “aggressively mediocre.”

I also tried out the new event.  It’s kinda boring.  Basically just a mobile defense mission in the Vallis where you don’t get a waypoint marker to your next spot to defend.  I soloed it no problem on the run I did, so I imagine doing it in a group will be really easy.  I just need to do it 14 more times within the next 10 days to get the amalgam mods and the Opticor Vandal.  Can’t say I care about scanning data hashes either, but there’s a map for that, so I suppose it wouldn’t take long to just fly around and hit all the spots.

The new “Wolf of Saturn” daily/weekly goals that replace the alert system are fine, and quite a few simply reward you for playing how you normally would anyway, and give you a bit better control over the rewards you get instead of being totally random and hopefully you’re signed in when an alert with the rewards you want comes up like the old system, so I think this is an overall positive.

My daughter got me to re-sub to FFXIV a couple of months ago.  I really only played it since then on a single Saturday.  I advanced the MSQ up until I hit a trial where I don’t have the gear level to enter and just didn’t feel like going back and running the new-to-me dungeons that would have the higher gear I would need, so that walled me off at that point.  I jumped on Blue Mage that 1st weekend it came out, but since you can’t really use it for anything other than an oddity, I didn’t jump in all the unsync’d extreme primal groups in order to get the last few skills to round out my book, so again, that was a single weekend for me, and I just haven’t felt inspired to jump back in since then.  My daughter’s logged in a few times to fly around, but she doesn’t actually play the game, just uses it as inspiration for stories she plays out verbally that sorta reflect what she’s got her character doing on the screen.

I bought the Civ6 expansion in spite of it not sounding like it would be very good, and after a weekend of going hard at it… yeah, I’m not impressed with it.  I won’t say more about it here as it deserves its own post, but the TL;DR is exactly the impression I got from their announcement videos — it’s just a bunch more to micromanage and not in a fun way.


What’s that joke from World of Warcraft CSI fan fiction? “She was hardly wearing any clothing so either she was really poor or a really powerful wizard.” Something like that, anyway.

And finally…. not really sure why I did this, but I reinstalled Tera Online about a week ago and have been mucking about with it.  Since I’m more used to the non-tab-target type of controls anymore I’m enjoying the combat more than I did back when it 1st came out.  The new player experience isn’t how I remember it — it might actually be, but you know how memory is a fuzzy thing.  But anyway, it now only takes about a half-hour to get through that and you’re level 12 with a decent-ish skill kit when you’re dumped into the actual game world.  So where back in the day I was quitting after feeling like it was a grind to get a character to level 6 I’ve now got a Valkyrie to level 52 (in a single weekend and there was still also time for) and a gunner to level 31.  Yeah, leveling’s pretty quick it seems.  Running dungeons seems to get you about 3-4 levels at a time up until the upper 40’s when it slows down to only 1-2 levels per run.  But still…. if you accept the “don’t make a perfect party” option in the queue then you can usually get in to a dungeon pretty quickly and they only take about 20-30 minutes.  I still don’t like the Castanic Female running animation, but you’re mostly zoomed out so far you can’t really see it or you’re on your mount anyway, so… not a deal breaker.  The equipment looking more like S&M fetishwear as you level up isn’t really a selling point either, but as mentioned… you’re mostly zoomed out anyway, so not too big a deal either.

Anyway… that’s what I’ve been up to for the last 3 months.  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Low-mid tier player question: what warframe and weapon do you use to solo mobile defend those fissures in Warframe?

    My usual Frost huddle under a bubble strategy did not work when those fissures are burning a fire under your feet and I gave up overthinking for a solution in favor of chasing Nightwave dailies and weeklys.

    • I used Nezha in an “all-around” configuration — Enemy Radar, Cunning Drift, Umbral Intensify, Reaping Chakram, Vitality, Primed Continuity, Augur Secrets, Streamline, Augur Reach, and Stretch. Dur 155, Eff 130, Range 190, STR 168. This lets me use my #4 to do a large AE Crowd Control, plus his #3 is almost an Iron Skin so he’s very survivable. Keep his #1 up at all times for more damage and CC also, plus is you run over your own fire it cures you of status effects. Using #2 frim time to time means a lot of health orbs drop also, if you need them. I have Medi-Ray on my sentinel, and that’s usually enough to keep me topped up without it though.

      In case you can’t tell, Nezha’s one of my favorite frames anymore. It’s also my go-to Frame for Orb Vallis for general running around. It’s fast and survivable, what’s not to like, right?

      If you don’t have Nezha, then I’d go with Rhino — cast your Iron Skin while being shot (right as the mobs spawn after dropping the canister is good) to make it huge, and then his Stomp is a giant AE CC also.

      For weapon I have my Gas/Hunter Munitions spec’d Ignis Wraith for primary (Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, Serration, Point Strike, Vital Sense, Vile Acceleration, Infected Clip, Hunter Munitions) and my Rattleguts kitgun as secondary (Hornet Strike, Primed Pistol Gambit, Primed Target Cracker, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Pistol Pestilence, Jolt, Augur Pact), along with my Plague Keewar zaw staff (Clashing Forest, Condition Overload, Primed Reach, Primed Pressure Point, Primed Fury, Virulent Scourge, Voltaic Strike, Spoiled Strike, Drifting contact) for melee.

      I mostly use the kitgun since the Ignis has limited range, so outdoors it can have issues. It still kills things really fast though, so it’s good if the mobs are close. Still, I wonder if an Amprex might be better as primary for its AE hits? I may give that a try next time.

      If you don’t have kitguns, then an Atomos or a Staticor are both highly effective as secondaries.

      No defenses on the item itself, obviously, but I killed things fast enough and far away from the thing that I was usually fine, though I did have a few scares a couple of times when I got tunnel vision on the spider and hyena mobs that spawn right as you put it down on the rift.

      Zephyr can also be good if you have it. Keep #3 up at all times for defense and if you can keep your tornadoes in the general area of the canister it can do good CC. Mesa in a high-range CC build can also be very useful since the mobs basically all stop shooting and just stand around when they get within 25 meters of you. It’s not the greatest in the outdoors due to the range, but most mobs tend to like to close to within 10-15 meters before they really start shooting anyway, so it can still work quite well.

  2. Thanks! Have a few more ideas to try this weekend then. You know you’re progressing with Warframe when you now own maybe 3/4 of those mods mentioned instead of 1/4. 😉 I have Stretch, not 100% sure about Augur Reach and pretty sure Cunning Drift is missing.

    I’ve been having ludicrous amounts of fun on a 4 forma Ignis Wraith and will probably forma it further at some point. Besides the Wolf of Saturn Six, anything I point it at melts. But when mobs come in from 360 degrees, things get tricky.

    I think I’m mostly not having enough cc reach/frequency and not quite figuring out where best to stand to defend things. I’m usually on Rhino Prime so me dying is not a problem, but the object dying is highly likely. The chance of me chasing down a group of mobs and then turning around to find 5 moas shooting the object to bits while me and Rhino stand there dumbfounded going “?” is pretty durned high. Perhaps it is time to try a reinforcing stomp high ability range build instead of my standard go-to of ironclad charge and shrapnel, while looking to build higher cc frames in the meantime.

    • When I use Rhino I go for a max range/max power build. Efficiency is 45%, so it’s *expensive* to cast Stomp, but it’s got a massive radius and it lasts 17 seconds, so there’s plenty of time to kill the suspended mobs caught in it. I’m not at home now, but I can look it up later tonight when I get there. TBH, I can’t recall the last time I used the Charge/Shrapnel build. It was great when 1st starting out, but as I got better at dodging incoming fire and found out how awesome it is to have a 132% buff from Roar that lasts 55 seconds, as well as a Stomp that 1-shots level 30 mobs and makes the rest sitting ducks for a long time, well….. uh….. Iron Skin is always up, of course, but even if I don’t get shot in the 3 seconds after cast to buff it, it’s still a good 4800 points at base.

      I use the Zenurik focus so I can get 150 energy back every 30 seconds, so as long as I’m not spamming out Stomp, energy generally isn’t too big a deal, even with the low efficiency.

      Augur Reach is currently 15 plat on warframe.market. If you’ve got a little plat, that would be well worth your time, IMO. The cheapest Cunning Drift is 3 plat, though that’s an outlier and it looks like 8 plat is more normal.

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