[Warframe] Wisp Build Experiments

In my last post I mentioned how Wisp’s buffs seem to make some of the mods that are “always used” not necessarily be needed.  I started playing around with some builds in Helene and Hydron while I was working on ranking up my shiny new Imperator Vandal that a friend gave me the receiver piece I’d been looking for.  Thanks Arandhel!

Before I show y’all what I came up with, though — remember how I said that the #4 ability was blinding?  Here’s an example of what I mean when I say that —


Sol Gate is bright!

And from a different angle —


Not so bad from this angle, at least, though the borders of all his mote drops are a bit distracting…

And FWIW, this is what it looks like to yourself when you fire it.  I’m using black energy here —


See how the world has turned orange? It does that regardless of the energy color you use. The beam also doesn’t seem to change color, just the little energy ball right in front of you.

I also got a shot of the “fuzzy” effect when Wisp is invisible too.  Yes, I had to try out my Imperator Vandal in an actual archwing mission.  It works *so* much better than the regular Imperator, though I still prefer my Fluctus in archwing —


Fuzzy invisibility effect

And now that all that visual stuff is out of the way — on to what I found with my build experimentation.

I decided to try a maximum strength build to see what that would do for me.  Mods here:


I put Narrow Minded on to make the duration still be decent, then added Stretch to mitigate the loss of range from that. The health buff is over 900 which is *much* larger than Vitality gives, so I just didn’t see the need to put Vit in that D polarity slot.

Here’s how the buffs look in this configuration:


Why yes, this *is* a little nuts!

Even without an energy mod, you’ve still got 300 energy and since (in general, though there obviously are exceptions) the best damage ability is called “gun” or “zaw” (I know, I know. . . Octavia, Equinox, and Gara would all like to have a word with me) you really won’t be using your #4 anyway, and since that’s the only “big drain” (over 10 per second which still means it would last almost 30 seconds if you really wanted to use it for a full energy pool drain) energy’s really not a problem even with the loss of efficiency.  But look at what you gain!  Holy Schnikes!

I modified the original build I came up with just a touch and now call it my “balanced” build —


I’m using Vitality on this one because nothing else would fit in that D slot that was of any value to the build. Added some duration with Constitution and a bit more strength with Intensify. The base range is plenty so one really doesn’t need it higher than 100, IMO.

And the buff stats:


I’m happy with these numbers.

And finally, I went with a long duration build, as in missions where you move around a lot instead of being tied to a defense spot the longer time a group member can go without needing to find a reservoir to refresh buffs could be useful (since you can refresh at any time, I don’t think it matters to you, but this is a co-op game, after all) —


Strength is lower, obviously, but the buffs are still quite good and this gives an 83 second duration on the buffs, which is an absolute eternity in this game.


See what I mean? Buff amounts are still just fine and that duration is very yummy!

So anyway…. I’m finding I prefer the “max strength” build anymore, at least on the defense missions, but as always YMMV .  Happy gaming out there!

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