[Warframe] 1000 Days

1000 days isn’t even 3 years though…

Not really a big thing, but hit 1000 days milestone today.  I’ve missed a few here and there over the past few years, and probably 700 of them were literally “log in, collect daily reward to advance the counter, log out” but hey, I still hit it.

Now if only the nVidia drivers wouldn’t make my computer crash after about 6 minutes of play anymore…  3 updates ago it did it, but would restart.  Next driver update fixed it, the prior one to current was fine, but now the current one’s crashing again and badly enough that it sometimes won’t allow for restart/restore — one time I couldn’t even boot to safe mode, so I’ve had to do a couple of complete wipe/reinstalls.  Hopefully the next driver update fixes it again…..

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  1. 1000 days is still pretty impressive! Congrats! 🙂

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