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$1? Sure Why Not

Darkfall Newb

Darkfall Newb

People joke all the time about the number of games I’ve played. I have a handful of ‘dedicated’ games (Aion, EQ2, EQ, Vanguard, Wizard101, Fallen Earth, EVE, the Lord of the Rings Online) and then a handful of games I play when the mood strikes, or when I simply feel like something different (WAR, WoW, Guild Wars, AoC, DDO, Runes of Magic, etc). The one game that has never made the list, was Darkfall. Notice how I said ‘was’.

I have been waiting for a trial of the game to become available. While it is quite odd that Aventurine is asking for a $1 contribution in order to play for a week, I don’t mind. Games are supposed to make money after all and maybe they’ll make enough from the trials to support things. Either way, I don’t mind spending money on things that provide me with a few hours of entertainment.

I created a Mahirim. Character creation is pretty lack luster, but in a pvp game what do you really want flashy options for. The base character was nice enough but the … hair, or additions (earrings and the like) looked horrible. Not a big deal, I simply didn’t add any of those to my character.

Keep in mind I have never played and not only that, I know zip about the game. I haven’t read any reviews, and I know no more then what friends and the odd blog post here and there has told me. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but it certainly didn’t help my beginner adventures at all.

I haven’t played a whole lot yet, I didn’t get enough time before EVE tore me away. I managed to log in and the graphics are quite nice. At least where I started out. I enjoyed the look of the land, the trees I could mouse over and figure out they were for harvesting, the sky was interesting. Of course being distracted by a pretty flower is probably a bad idea when you’re trying to stay alive and not die.

I was slightly put off by the ‘here’s the very very basics, now off you go!’ feel to the game but I’m not going to let that stop me. I spent some time getting comfortable with the movement and basic mechanics. Having to re-train myself from using the right mouse button is a little odd. I gained some skill ups in running, and then spent some time crouching. I spotted some deer off in the distance and attempted to kill them but alas those buggers are fast and I kept scaring them away. No, I’m not a very good hunter.

It was absolutely silent where I was, and no one else was around. I have no idea if that is normal. Granted, I was playing at 11am on a Thursday afternoon, so that may have had something to do with it.

The controls actually feel quite nice to me, I like them better then the controls in Fallen Earth which uses a similar camera control to aim (and is something VERY new to me, thus I suck). After running around visiting various NPCs around what I assume is my newb home town, I logged out. In other words, I haven’t played nearly enough to form any opinion what so ever aside from the very very basics.

I’m still looking at this week with an open mind, and while I doubt very highly that I’ll be interested enough to want to continue to play the game – one never knows. After all, I said I wasn’t interested in sci fi either, and here I am with two accounts in EVE.