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[FFXIV][CivVI] So….close……


So…. close…..

My goal of getting every class/job to 60 is almost complete.  Maybe 3 more days of Moogle quests should see me through!


i260 Warrior Axe get!

And beyond that… what’s exciting about “ran an expert each day to cap tomes, bought another gear piece for my tanking set, etc?”

Okay, sure — Little Ladies’ Day was cute, and you can see in the top picture that I got the outfit, but that took all of… 15 minutes?  And I eventually plan to craft complete sets of level 50-58 gear for both Monk and Caster so that I’ll have them available at Stormblood’s release for Samurai and Red Mage to use as they catch up to 60 and then can start sharing the “real gear” that I’ve already got, but that’s still a ways off.

So, since Civ6 just released their latest update,I’ve been playing a lot of that over the past week instead.  Information on the balance passes made on the game since the 1st few weeks is kinda hard to find, but I managed to suss it out.  The biggest change is that buildings that give a bonus to anything within 6 tiles don’t stack anymore, so clustering 3-4 Industrial zones in between your cities or mutual adjacency bonuses and then the massive production boost from having 4 factories and power plants is no longer a thing.

On the other hand, it means that if you build in a square like that, you only need the 1 industrial zone, so the other 3 cities can do the entertainment or culture districts (that often get left by the wayside) for a more balanced overall output.

Harbors and commercial districts still grant a trade route, but only the 1st district built in a city does, so no more annoyingly massive trade networks from building both.  And the current meta is to spam out commercial districts to get all the traders you can still, but only 1, maybe 2 harbors in your high-production cities for building your navy up.  They also made counterspy missions take longer so you’re not constantly having to re-assign the spies.  That’s a nice quality of life change.

Of the new Civs released, it seems Australia is the new Morocco — their Outback Stations make the desert give food and production.  Couple that with Petra and there’s your mega-city that Morocco could get with Petra plus Kasbahs.

Fun little quirk of the new “True Start Locations” earth map.  Egypt and Arabia start within 1 tile of each other, though Arabia’s settler is across the Nile from Egypt’s warrior, so it’s not easily reachable. But Arabia’s warrior starts literally on top of Egypt’s settler, so it means that Arabia can declare war on Egypt 1st turn and not only eliminate the AI player by taking its settler, but then also have 2 settlers on turn 1.  You can also select the civs you want to play against.  England, Japan, and Australia are trapped on their islands for quite some time (Japan tends to not really ever leave and just sit stuck with only 1 city on a small crappy island), plus you can pick Brazil, Aztecs, and US for the other 3 and boom — Arabia now has completely unfettered access to Europe, Africa, and Asia for as long as you can manage to keep pumping out settlers.  Or you could if you wanted to play as Arabia, anyway….

But yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to gaming wise.  And now for a slight screenie dump:


I did Little Lady’s Day for my daughter’s character too. She loves the dress and the new dance.


Lava Scorpion Arena pre-fight. You can see where the lava will come up and destroy the outer edges, so pre-positioning is easy.


The telegraph that the lava is coming


Lava in place


Post fight the lava is gone again, but as a nice touch, the devs now have the ground being burned looking. I thought it a nice detail, anyway. Enough so that I took this screenie progression so I could share it…


One of the NPC’s in the crowd watching the Songbirds. I did a double-take when I 1st saw her, and though some player was being tasteless and trashy. Somehow that it’s an NPC makes it worse in my mind. 😦

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Waiting for Stormblood


My new tank glamour

As was noted yesterday over at Massively Overpowered, the next 3 months of waiting for Stormblood to come out are going to be rough — not becuz the game isn’t fun or anything, but becuz we know changes are coming and we want to see them right now!  I’m still not much of one for caring about the story, but I am very interested in the combat revamp to see if it makes it to where I can enjoy playing my beloved Black Mage job again, and I am also very interested in checking out the Red Mage job.  I’m not so interesting in Samurai simply due to me not really being a melee dps player, but I will absolutely grab it and level it along with my other jobs anyway.  It will be sharing monk gear, so I’ll level those 2 more or less at the same time, as is my wont, in order to reduce the amount of extra gear in the bags.  Though with the inventory space increase they said they’re giving us, that might not actually be a big deal.  Time will tell.


Almost there……

So far as my in-game goals go, I only have Armorer left to level, and I’ve already got it to 51, so about 2 more weeks of daily Moogle quests should do it, then I’ll have everything to 60.  I’m still working the Scripture Tome set for my tank jobs — still need head, hands, and feet for the left side, plus a couple of right side pieces.  I’ve got my micro-tomestone for a 260 weapon again, but still need 1 more of Rowena’s token.  I could have gotten the Paladin’s sword already, but I’ve decided that I’d really rather tank as a Warrior, so I’m planning to get the big axe instead.  Tomorrow……


My new FC’s house in Mist

The new FC I joined a month or so ago wasn’t working out for me — it was very small, so given my odd hours of playtime, I still wan’t generally able to do anything with them, so I joined the one of the largest FC’s on Cactuar instead — Mysidia <MYST>  They seem to always have at least 15 (and usually closer to 30) people online at any given time, and I’ve done several dungeon runs with FC groups already, so that’s been a lot of fun.  I haven’t done any of the harder content or anything, but I’m sure that will come.


I finally got my 1000 instances done, but I’m missing a lot of things to be able to actually run mentor roulette, so.. eventually. Maybe.

Since I’ve leveled all these crafting classes up, I plan to make some HQ gear for 50-58 for the 2 new jobs, since I’ve long sold off anything below 60 and to make my own will simply cost me time and effort, rather than gil.  And it will pass the time, and might even get me to learn a little more about crafting.  I have yet to ever earn a scrip or anything, so maybe I’ll finally figure out what to do for that.

Still and all…. as much as I am enjoying the game, there’s a definite sense of marking time until the expansion drops, so…. we’ll see if I end up in that apathetic phase I’ve been in before.

Happy gaming out there!


[FFXIV] Baelsar’s Wall and More


Yep, it’s a wall

You didn’t think I’d tell you about only 1 of the new dungeons, did you?

So yeah, last night I started working through the Main Story Quest in order to advance to unlock the next new dungeon.  To those caught up in the story, it’s a nice continuation and the reason for the assault on Baelsar’s Wall makes sense.  The dungeon itself is part of the story, and the final boss especially is a “reveal/spoiler” so I don’t actually have a whole lot of screenshots I can share this soon after a patch without people whining at me about spoilers.  And TBH, I pretty much forgot to take any shots while in the dungeon both times I did it (once in the MSQ to unlock, and once as my Expert queue pop) so there is that too…..

Initial trash is your typical Imperial soldier cannon fodder, along with some war dogs that do some point-blank AE attacks.  There are some ranged mobs, so tanks need to be sure to drag the melees to them in order that everyone gets AE’d down and you don’t kill the group of mobs, then have to individually kill the ranged mob.  There are also a couple of “sky armor” mobs that appear and tether to dps players as part of the pulls.  I’m not really sure of the effect of the tether, but there seems to be an occasional hit of about 1500-1800 damage to you while tethered, so assuming that’s what it does, they need to be priority targets.

The 1st boss is “Magitek Predator.”  It’s a mecha with 2 big tanks on its back.  It does a tankbuster “claw” attack and summons more Sky Armor adds that tether to the dps periodically.  They don’t have a whole lot of HP so they’re easy to clear.  He also does a big raygun shot in a line across the arena that he points at a random player.  It’s telegraphed, so it’s easy to dodge.  And with a name like “predator” — yeah, he also puts prey markers on the dps.  At 1st he only does 1 at a time, but he rather quickly starts hitting both dps simultaneously with it.  It hits for about 10-12K damage, so it’s pretty spicy for the healer to deal with.  He likes to do it while he’s got his adds up and tethered as well, so …. not really a big deal, but can be a little hectic.

2nd trash set happens while you’re taking a ride on a platform.  No “big pulls” here due to the mobs being tossed at you a group at a time.  There are a couple of timed ones so you will get a 2nd group before you’re fully done with the 1st, but … they’re trash, so the 2nd group really just turns it into a “big pull” and then it waits until you’re done with that whole thing before it “moves” again to give you more mobs, so it’s not like its a dps race or anything.  Mobs are all imperial robots — the colossi, the floating claws, the vanguards, and some little spider robots they call “slashers.”  They do the typical attacks you’ve seen before, so… burn ’em down.


“Armored Weapon”

2nd boss is “Armored Weapon” and looks like a mechanical crab, though I guess it’s got 8 legs, not 6 legs plus 2 claws, so it’s more probably a spider.  Anyway…. it tosses out random unavoidable AE missile strikes for the healer to deal with, and occasionally casts “Dynamic Sensory Jammer” which puts several red shields around each player and a 5 second countdown.  If you do anything (move, cast, whatever) during the countdown then you get tossed into the air, stunned, and take a 12-15K hit, so… watch for that and just stop doing anything when it hits you.  Later in the fight he’ll do that and then do a ground target on a player also.  WAIT until the red shield is gone before trying to dodge out, else you’ll get hit by both the stun and the dodge-able thing for even more damage.  He also sometimes fires a spread of stuff sorta front-ish, but it’s not always the same direction.  I haven’t yet learned how to anticipate that attack, but it’s always been toward the front and maybe 1 side, so… stay behind him.  And finally about mid-fight he casts “Armored Bit” and some bits pop up from the sides and do a grid-patterned attack.  It’s well telegraphed and easy to avoid, and I’ve only seen him do it 1 time in the fight, so it’s not a big deal at all.


I was trying to take a shot of something else, but the scene changed just as I hit the button, so I got this nice selfie instead.

The next trash section is a combination of Imperial war machines and foot soldiers.  Lots of ground targeted AE gets thrown around by the magitek armor and gunships, but it’s easy enough to avoid, and hey.. trash.. it all dies fast.

The final boss is you finally catching up to the person you were sent to find in there.  It’s not another war machine!  He does some light-damage unavoidable AE, a tankbuster that I just don’t recall the name of, but is easy to tell when he’s doing it, so tanks shouldn’t have a problem with it.  He also sometimes slides around the arena and then does a gigantic AE that covers the entire arena in front of him, so you have to run behind him to avoid it.  It does about 13K damage and does a big knockback.  He also does a gaze attack called “Flash Powder” with an easily seen “eye” marker.  Just turn around to avoid that.  He calls down a bunch of flaming swords (along with an 11K unavoidable AE called Lionsheart or Lionshead or something like that ) that blanket the arena with a ground telegraph, but you can kill them to create safe spaces.  Best to all focus on the one closest to the tank.  He’ll do his gaze attack while you’re doing that, then mark a player for a big knockback/stun into the “bad” so it’s best to actually run to the edge of the arena in the safe spot if marked so he doesn’t knock you anywhere.  He also occasionally has a “titan gaol” type of mechanic where he’ll chain up a non-tank and the dps needs to break the chain to release the affected person before it explodes.  Reading back over this it sounds pretty complex, but both groups I was in were able to 1-shot the fight just fine, so it’s really not bad.

Completing this dungeon then goes into a long story sequence which finishes out the MSQ for this patch.



Once it’s done you can then move on to the 3rd fight in the Warring Triad series — Zurvan the Demon.  The pug I went into this fight with was all doing it 1st time and blind.  Even so, we got him down to about 30% on the 1st try and had him figured out, just weren’t quite executing.  The 2nd try went really smoothly.  Rumor has it that the Extreme version is “the easiest EX primal fight ever” but I won’t know about that for a while yet, I don’t think.

Anyway, you start the fight with him chained in place like you see there.  He does easily avoidable ground telegraphs while destroying the ground in quadrants.  Don’t fall in the 1st 3 areas, and then when he does the 4th everyone falls into a new arena and he’s now “free” and the fight begins in earnest.  For the most part he just tosses out easily avoidable telegraphs, but he summons adds a couple of times too.  With the adds, 1 of them won’t aggro on anyone and just stands there doing a long cast of “[something] Meteor.”  You need to find that one and focus it down, else the whole raid takes a very large hit when the cast finishes and the meteor hits the ground.  It’s recoverable if you take the hit, it’s just big and on everyone.


This is him casting his Ultimate on us.

After the 2 waves of adds are down Zurvan does a big ultimate cutscene on everyone, and the fight resumes.  There’s really nothing that stands out in my mind as special to worry about other than the typical “avoid the telegraphed attacks” so it’s really not a bad fight at all.  I take that back — he puts a fire or ice debuff on people and calls meteors that are red or blue.  Ice people need to stand under the blue, and fire under the red, else it’s a really big hit to the raid.  I think that was actually the wipe the 1st time — a fire guy stood under a blue meteor, and so that hit didn’t get soaked like it should.  Still… it’s not hard to do there’s a LONG lead-in, and we got it just fine the 2nd try so… it wasn’t bad at all.


Go me!

After doing this, I did the new beast tribe quests.  It’s 100% story and running around.  No combat, not doing anything other than watching the story unfold.  You learn a new “moonlift” dance as part of it, which is *hilarious.*


The Moonlift dance as it’s beginning

It’s like it’s half moogle dance and half manderville dance, and just all funny.


The Moonlift dance later than the 1st pic 😉


There’s a big spread-eagle jump at the end of the Moonlift dance with this goofy expression. Hilarious!

After finishing that up you’re now rank 8 “Allied” with the 3 Heavensward tribes and it says there is more available on the vendors, but I haven’t looked yet.  Not that I’d probably notice anyway.  It’s not like I actually use those vendors for anything…

From there I went to Ishgard and picked up the Hildebrand quest line.  As with the beast tribes it’s all story.  And it’s engaging and funny with some nice visuals, so no complaints at all from me.


Dramatic Walking


Nice spell effect


Now *that* is a frying pan!

I’ve now also begun the “Scholasticate” side quest series, but all this had taken me up to past my bedtime, so…. I’ll finish that tonight or maybe later this week.


This is my retainer wearing the new caster chest, head, and gloves. Nice gas mask, no?

Happy Gaming out there!



[FFXIV] Sohm Al (Hard)


Sohm Al (Hard)!!!

Patch 3.5 is out now, which means new dungeons.  I got on this morning and grabbed the unlock quest for Sohm Al (Hard) and then queued up for it.  I then started into the MSQ to see how far I’d get toward unlocking the 2nd dungeon there also — but the answer to that is “not far” due to the queue popping nice and quick since everyone and their dog is also doing the new stuff.

The group was a Paladin, a Scholar, me, and a 2nd Summoner.  Arcanists for the win!  None of us had been through yet, so the Paladin did “small pulls” of only single groups.  For the trash before the 1st boss this won’t continue — that trash is quite easy and doesn’t do anything special, and the same goes for between the 1st and 2nd bosses as well, but between the 2nd and 3rd bosses I think small pulls will be the way to go as each group has all 4 members do some pretty spicy unavoidable simultaneous AE (think the Baboulas fight in Great Gubal Library (Hard)), so having the smaller pulls will be necessary just to survive.


The lava worms after the split.

Other than that AE stuff in the last sets of trash packs, the only notable thing about the trash is the lava worm which splits into 2 more worms after you kill it, and I guess is a sort of mini-boss since they give you a chest for loot right there too.  But yeah, as usual the trash is no big deal at all.


1st Boss — Behemoth-y thing

1st boss was kinda odd looking at 1st, but before long I could see that it’s a tweaked re-skin of the Behemoth monster model.  It was almost a tank and spank.  He stands up periodically and does unavoidable AE, and he drops some things on the ground that you don’t want to be close to, and there are a couple of proximity meteor drops that do mild damage, but they’re all pretty rare, so… Black Mages will like this fight.


2nd Boss with a non-telegraphed breath weapon attack

The 2nd boss looked kinda lizardman-y.  He was also very movement-light.  His big thing was that he does a lot of non-ground-telegraphed attacks, so you have to watch his animations to know when to move.  Also very easy.


Final boss is simply named “lava scorpion.” Before we started, I commented to the group that I thought it must be a pre-cursor to the actual boss due to the generic name, but no… this was it.

Final boss — he’s a bit spicy and learning how to deal with the lava he drops on the floor and the adds he calls took us a few tries, but we got him.  Biggest things for him:

He periodically does a “Deadly Thrust” tankbuster that the tank needs to use a cooldown on.


About to lose the arena edges

Pretty early on he makes the arena smaller.  There are already lines in the arena so you can see where it’s going to go away right at the start of the fight.  It’s also a long telegraph, so very easy to avoid.

He calls adds after using “Hiss.”  The “claw” adds will explode and drop a lava puddle that grows over time so they’re the focus.  They don’t appear to aggro on anyone, just go to a spot and get ready to blow up.  The “tail” adds do a fairly decent amount of damage to dps if the tank doesn’t pick them up.  They all spawn right at the boss after the Hiss, so a couple of AE aggro things (Flash, Unleash, Overpower) should pick them up ok.

He’s also got a jump attack that does about 10K damage to whoever it hits (red marker over the head indicates his target) that drops a lava puddle on the ground that never goes away, and increases in size over time.  1st time we tried this fight, we didn’t realize it would do that, so since we’d spread out eventually we really didn’t have any safe spaces to stand anymore due to the lava covering the entire arena.  On later runs we’d just go stand on 1 side of the arena so the puddles would overlap and grow into each other over there, which left us a lot more movement space for the end of the fight.

He’s also got a few close-in attacks that would be something for melees to avoid.  One is a ring that you can just step into his hitbox to avoid.  Another is one that he does a circle minus a small cone to his rear, followed immediately by a circle with a small cone to his front, so melee and tank need to just step through him into the safe areas.  Shouldn’t be too big a deal for any experienced player.


Got him!


It took us… I think 4 tries, maybe 5, but we eventually go it.  The dungeon drops i245 gear now, so it’s better than the old Lore stuff, so greed on everything to outfit your alt-jobs farther than the old i230 Lore tome stuff. 😉

I’ve also started working my crafting jobs up again.  I want the “bragging rights” of having everything be 60 on my character sheet.  And not even really bragging rights, more of a personal goal.  Since I tend to focus more on the Blacksmith job I bought the i195 hammer for that job.  When I 1st equipped it, it showed stowed on my back and it was huge:


Big Hammer

I was looking forward to laughing at the outsized hammer when actually using it, but… when “drawn” it’s much more normal sized.  Oh well.


That’s more normal…

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Stuff


End of an Era

My beloved FC (Greysky Armada) in FFXIV has been kinda “dead” to me for quite some time.  FC events are pretty rare and always seem to cater to the Eastern time zone, but I’m in Mountain time and also tend to get on later in the evening, so really it’s pretty rare for me to even see another person online in my FC.  As a result of this, I’ve been open to changing FC’s ever since Syp did it early last year.  (I’d link his post where he talked about it, but I can’t seem to find it.)  I’ve never actively pursued it, though — just kept an open mind if I ever saw one of the rare recruiting shouts.


I broke down and bought the Eastern Lady’s Garb. I really like the look, especially dyed black like this.

Well, it finally happened.  I saw a shout for an FC that had a cool name and tag (Interstellar, with tag <STAR> ), talked to the recruiter for a bit and it seems like it will be a good fit, so I made the jump.  I’ve left my daughter’s character with Greysky Armada, as I love them to death still and plan to check in on them from time to time.


We didn’t beat it, but it was a fun hour trying it.

As a result of the FC swap I’ve now tried my 1st ever “on-level” extreme primal fight, with Sophia EX being attempted/learned last night.  We never beat it but were consistently improving with each attempt, so that was nice.


The new book looks nice, but kinda bland. I may have to glamour it up a bit…

In other news, I finally got my i260 weapon.  I had considered grabbing the weapon for Paladin and being “fine” with the HQ Green i250 weapon I’d bought, but in the end decided that Summoner is my main, so Summoner gets all the goodies.  Besides which, I’ve been running Alexander enough that my Paladin is already approaching i250 average from the gear I’ve obtained from that anyway.  And I bought the i250 longsword, so… yeah, my Paladin’s doing fine and now I will be starting the Scripture tome grind for the tank jobs anyway, so my average ilevel will be going up anyway.


My new glamour for my tanks

Happy gaming out there!