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[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 6


My character’s name is in large part due to “gotterdammerung” being the biggest nuke spell that you could cast in Bard’s Tale 3, so this was a fun achievement to get.


I got this title this week also once I got Machinist to 70

Progress Update:  It’s quicker to list what isn’t 70 that what is…..  67 White Mage, 67 Astrologian, 68 Leatherworker, and 67 Fisher.  Getting really close to having full 70’s.  Go me!  Of course once the leveling’s done then what?



Level 69 Valerian Archer set.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the bow.

I’m sure there are more tales than this, but there’s one that really sticks out in my mind from this past week.


Level 70 Arhat Aiming set.  What a silly hat!  And I’m a bit disappointed that they simply re-colored the level 63 Shisui bow for it, but.. ah well, it’s not like I’m actually using it or couldn’t glamour over it if I were.

We loaded in to Rhalgr’s Fist and it was me on Paladin, a White Mage, a Samurai, and a Black Mage.  I thought to myself “good AE, this should go quickly.”  Oh how wrong I was.  I did the typical pull of the 1st group of coeurls to the wall, and picked up the mosslings that spawned at the wall’s destruction.  I noticed that it took a long time for everything to die, in spite of the samurai and my TP being drained out from all the AE we were doing, and realized that the Black Mage hadn’t cast any Flare or even Fire 2 spells that I saw.  No big, I guess, and we moved on.


Level 70 AF3 Set for Bard

I grabbed the next 2 groups, becuz that’s what you do, but again…. didn’t notice any AE spells from the Black Mage.  Once the mob numbers were down a few I started watching what he was casting and saw a lot of Fire 3’s back to back, but then it was time to move on, so.. away we went.  Next trash group was another coeurl pulls to the wall with mosslings, and then the 1st boss, which ends up being 2 mobs since a 2nd boss joins pretty early on in the fight.


Level 69 Machinist’s weapon closeup

Since boss fights actually tend to be pretty chill and I take relatively low damage during them, I watched the BLM a lot closer during the fight and this is what he was doing for his rotation:  Fire 3, Fire 3, Fire 3, Fire 3, Transpose, Blizzard 1, Blizzard 1, Blizzard 1, Thunder 3 and repeat.


Level 70 Machinist in the Arhat set with the i320 weapon.  I don’t have the Ala Mhigo Aiming set yet, so no screenie of that.  Soon…

For those of you who don’t know, this is horrifyingly awful even as a single-target rotation, much less for trash packs that should be AE’d down.  So.. hey, I’m a mentor…. I started asking on the trash packs “Do you mind using Fire 2, Thunder 4, and/or Flare?  Maybe hit Enochian and keep it up for 30 seconds so you can pop a Foul a couple of times?” and on the boss fights “Enochian plus Fire 4 would be a big help… and you don’t need transpose, just use Blizzard 3 and Fire 3 for your swaps.”


Machinist AF3 set includes a Tommy Gun!

But no…. he never said anything, nor did he ever change.  I’m half-wondering if he had that awful rotation typed in as a macro and would just push it, since there were times where he’d stop casting for a while (especially when a mob died — he was very slow to change targets), then suddenly it’d start all over again.  He did seem to be there, not a bot — he’d dodge telegraphs, but … wow, he was just so bad. 😥


MCH’s AF3 set from the front

Still and all, he didn’t harm the group, and he was doing *some* damage, so we never kicked him and we cleared the instance, so… yay, successful run.  and hopefully he will take my suggestions to heart in the future to be less bad in future groups.  Who knows?


Burn it all!

Happy gaming out there!


I finished the i310 Ala Mhigo Scouting set this week too

[FFXIV] Pug Tales Episode 5


Paladin left side + shield Tomes of Creation gear set complete! Now on to the jewelry…

So there we were running Ala Mhigo with me tanking on my Paladin, a White Mage, and 2 Bards.  the bards both had neat looking bows so I did a quick examine on them before the 1st pull — 1 was the i320 Susano Ex bow, the other crafted i320 HQ bow.  And their gear all looked nice and Ala Mhigo caps you at i290 anyway, so we were all capped out.  We’re going along fine but after the 2nd boss I noticed that during the big fight with the hexadrone + lots of slashers that everything was dying slowly.  I thought to myself “surely one of the bards saved Mage’s Ballad for this fight to allow for maximum AE” but I checked the party buffs and neither one of them was singing a song at all.  And I thought back and realized I’d not really seen song buffs at any point during the dungeon, but just hadn’t thought much of it.


Level 69 “Valerian Vedette” gear set

Regardless, I mentioned in group chat that I was surprised that in a party with 2 bards that there was no song being sung at all…  And for the rest of the dungeon, both bards kept their songs up.  Okay, I realize it’s “just a dungeon” and an ilvl capped one at that, but is that really an excuse for poor play?  I don’t care if you’re bleeding edge dps, but at least use your job’s core mechanics… right?  And they obviously were able to do it just fine for the rest of the dungeon, so I think it was just sad that I had to call them out before they stepped it up to “minimally competent,” especially since 1 of them at least had obviously been running extreme primals, so you’d think he’s at least average.  Or I could give them the benefit of the doubt and call it a  Classic case of “I thought you were doing that!”  “Me?  I thought YOU were!” perhaps?  Nah… I’m gonna go with “Lazy play in a PUG.”



Level 70 Ninja AF3 set

2nd group — leveling roulette and I was tanking again.  Luck of the draw was Dusk Vigil.  The healer cast Protect, and away we went.  I pulled the 1st group of 3 mobs to the mylodon behind it becuz it’s an easy dungeon, but my health never went back up… like the healer wasn’t casting heals at all.  And it was too low a level sync for me to have my own Clemency heal yet, so I went down, then the 2 dps went down, and the healer cast a couple of Stone 2’s and went down also.


During the level 70 Ninja quest we get male armor looks functional, and female armor with skintight leggings and a boob window. 😦

Back at the entrance DPS1 says “you pulled too much.”  I said “The healer didn’t cast a single heal.”  DPS2 backed me up on that and said directly to the healer “Please heal, we have plenty of dps.”  I pulled just the 1st 3 mobs after Protect went up.  Same thing — no heals cast, so I went down again, but since it was right by the entrance I was able to zerg-rush back to peel the mobs off the dps and so we got the 3 mobs down with only me and DPS2 having gone down (DPS2 also zerged back).  By now 5 minutes had passed so DPS2 as the leader initiated a vote-kick and we booted the healer out.  We waited about 10 minutes for another healer, and DPS2 said “How about you kick me, then I’ll swap to healer and re-join in-progress.  We tried that, but he never reappeared, so it seems that he got pulled into a different party.  His DPS replacement popped in immediately, and about 6 minutes later a healer finally came in.  And then we ran the whole dungeon no problem.


Level 70 Ninja Arhat Scouting set that I specifically saved just for this screenshot

As a fun sidenote, in our conversation while initially waiting for healer I found that DPS2 was on my same server, so after I finished my run I sent him a tell asking if another group had snapped him up.  He said “Yes, they booted that same healer who wouldn’t heal that we had in our group.”  Nice to know it wasn’t just us that that WHM was trolling, I guess.


Group 3 — Loaded in to Ala Mhigo.  From the HP totals in the party window, everyone’s at the ilvl cap, so I pulled all 3 groups of mobs to the 1st barrier.  We took care of it, but the AE dps was really low and it took a while so I looked at the party window and realized DPS2 was an Archer, not a Bard. :O


Level 70 Ala Mhigo Scouting set plus the i320 Chromite daggers that I’m actually using instead of the dungeon gear.

I said “Whoa!  Archer?” and he said “Yeah, I forgot to re-equip my job stone after a crafting session.”

Me: “Isn’t that what gear sets are for?”

Him: “To each their own.”

So anyway… did the next pull and there’s really no “big” or “small” on that one, since you kill the group and then more come, so we killed them and then the Archer popped up “You can kick me if you want, since I’m doing crap dps as archer.  I don’t care.”  I said “It’s fine, it’s not like this is a hard dungeon or anything.”  And then we went in and did the 1st boss.  It took noticeably longer than normal, but still wasn’t bad, but after it went down, the Archer dropped group himself.  I said “Aw, we were fine.” and the healer said he’s from the same FC as the Archer and that he’d said in their FC chat that he dropped on his own to make the run go faster for the rest of us.  Still… how does one not use gear sets but manually re-equip everything when changing around?  Seems so inconvenient at best, and mistake-prone too, as this proved.


As to my leveling progress — Ninja is 70 now.  Bard is just short of 69.  Machinist, Astrologian and White Mage still sit at 67.  Weaver is 70, Alchemist is 64, and Fisher is 64.  And that’s all the leveling I have left to do.  Once that’s done, I think I’ll focus more on crafting.  There’s still a whole world there that I’ve barely scratched the surface of in leveling the crafts since leveling is “best done” doing just a few items for leve quests.  I’ve never done 1-star or 2-star crafts, no idea about demimateria or legendary nodes… stuff like that.  I’d like to learn more once I no longer feel a need to level things up, so I think it will be an interesting journey for me.

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] A Picture Book

I’ve run out of creative ways to say “I leveled up some more….” As a result, I’m just going to upload some of the screenies I’ve taken that show my progress and I’ll let the captions be the “story” as it were, hence “Picture Book.”


Level 67 White Mage in full Yanxia Healing garb


I got my daughter’s character up to 70 Summoner. Just barely got her to the Lochs though, so still a bit to go before unlocking Ala Mhigo and the Menagerie to get better than the Summoner AF3 set shown here.


This was level 68 Monk using the HQ crafted rewards from the MSQ and the level 67 Yanxia Claws


My FC had a “birb farm” one night. I got “Bubble Bird” here, as well as the red one from Ravana.


Level 69 Monk wearing the complete “Brawler” set from the Castrum Abania dungeon


At work, some snacks are provided. There was a cupcake from some company I’d never heard of that said “Stormblood” across the bottom mixed in there. The package said to install some scanner app and scan the package to get an in-game reward as well as being entered in a drawing for some SB merchandise. I installed the app, scanned the package, redeemed the code I got, and… this was the reward. 4% xp boost instead of the 3% you normally get from food, but otherwise pretty underwhelming. Still…. better than nothing either.


Best Kugane Castle run ever. See the timer on the right? Yeah…. 12 minutes to get to the final boss.


And here’s the end of the fight a mere 3 minutes later. 15 minute run in a PUG for an expert. That was lovely! FWIW, I ran it this morning and the summoner only had 19K HP due to having half his equipment broken. Even with that, we still completed in under 22 minutes, so… it’s a nice quick dungeon regardless.


Level 67 Astrologian


Why yes, I did buy the scythe glamour pack…. It just feels right for a Dark Knight.


Level 69 Dragoon in full “Rune Fencer” gear. You can’t really tell in the bright daytime lighting, but the crystals all glow when the weapon is drawn. You can kinda see it, but it’s really cool in the dark of a dungeon or at night. Even the red crystals toward the top of the haft light up. Really nice effect.


Level 70 Monk in full i310 “Ala Mighan Striking” gear, with the i320 crafted weapon. I had all of this waiting when I hit 70, actually.


Having the nicer gear made it quite easy to run the quest to get the AF3 set.


Here’s a close-up of the Monk’s AF3 weapon.


After I hit 70 on Dragoon I realized I hadn’t done any of it’s Stormblood job quests. Oops! Ofc course, this is the AF3 set for Dragoon here, so obviously I’ve done them all now…. I really like the spear. I might have to keep that around for glamour.


This is my actual appearance for DRG at 70, though — full Ala Mhigan Maiming set and the i320 spear.

In other leveling news, the crafters proceed apace — CUL, CRP, BSM, ARM, and GSM are all 70 now, leaving WVR, LTW, and ALC.  WVR’s 61 already and the next one I’m working on.  I think I’ll do ALC next, then LTW last, but we’ll see how I feel after finishing up WVR, I suppose.  BTN and MIN are both 70 also, but FSH is still only 62, so I’ll eventually have to buckle down on that too.  Eventually 😉

Happy gaming out there!


[FFXIV] Falcon Mount Get!

Of course, it’s an airship, not an actual falcon, but. . .you know.  Still a nice-looking mount to get for simply being subbed for 3 months.


It’s more of an odd motorcycle when on the ground




And in motion while flying.

[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 4


I decided I didn’t like the Diamond Shield glamour, so the shield is back to its original appearance again.  I still love the Diamond sword, though.

So there I was, tanking an Expert and the luck of the draw was Kugane Castle (as usual, and which I don’t mind becuz it tends to be the fastest one).  Healer’s HP was over 35K, so good gear there.  Samurai was about 33K so decent, and the Bard was slightly over 30K, so probably the noob from the “Someone’s here for the 1st time” bonus announcement.


And the “action pose”

Still and all, well-geared healer, decent Samurai… should be fine, so I did a double-pull as the 1st one.  It went fine, the healer kept me up easily enough with my cooldown usage and some well-timed stuns from Holy.  And the Samurai and I were “going ham” in AE and burned out all of our TP… but the bard didn’t pop Tactician to recharge us.  The bard also wasn’t singing a song, didn’t use Rain of Death, nor Quick Nock.  Odd, but… ok, maybe he’s just feeling the group out.


Level 60 Samurai I310 gear set complete!

Next pull I again doubled since it’s only 2 mobs in the 1st group.  Bard did the same as before.  Still… benefit of the doubt, right?  I didn’t say anything, just moved on to boss #1.  Where the bard was absolutely terrible, to the point that he got both himself and the Samurai killed when the Sammy went to help him out with the adds.  Fortunately the healer was able to raise them and we finished the boss, but still, that was, well, less than ideal.  Still no songs sung, no utility skills used, he just tossed out his dots and spammed heavy shot for low low low dps.


Level 67 Dragoon in the Yanxian Maiming set. I think that’s a rather nice-looking naginata, even if it is a re-used model from Heavensward.  I liked it then too 😉

I started pulling small after that becuz a small pull goes down faster with low dps since the healer can do less healing and more dps to help on a small pull.  I probably should have spoken up sooner, but waited until just before the final boss when I asked the bard to start rotating through his songs.  I even explained a bit saying it’s a nice crit buff for the group and it increases his personal dps quite a bit as well.  The bard said “ok” and… well, he did sing a couple of songs during the final fight, but his dps was still so low that the fight went much longer than I have ever seen before, even in all-noob fights with i290 gear back when 1st leveling up.


Level 67 Ninja in the Yanxian Scouting set. Can those really be called daggers? They seem awfully big for daggers…

It actually went on so long that the healer commented after it was over “I’ve never seen that phase of the fight before with the additional dragons before.”  I replied back “Me either.”  But then, there wasn’t anything else to say really, so we both left the instance.  And so here we have yet another successful run, hampered by poor play.  I hope the bard realizes soon that his songs should always be playing, as when they’re on a 90 second rotation (3 songs at 30 seconds each) with an 80 second recast, so there’s no reason to ever NOT have a song up.  Add in that using Mage’s Ballad on trash groups means that after you get some DoT’s spread around and suddenly you can start spamming Rain of Death for nice AE damage… yeah, that helps on the big pulls too.   I don’t know what server he was from.  Quite honestly don’t even remember his name, but… hopefully he gets better and doesn’t think that just becuz we got the clear that he did well :O


Level 67 Machinist in Yanxian Aiming set.



Level 67 Bard also in Yanxian Aiming set.

On the other end of the PUG spectrum, same dungeon, but everyone was geared and knew what they were doing, so trash was melting like snow under a blowtorch.  And all the character avatars were female, so once done I asked for a screenie lineup since there was so much “cyoot” going on with the wonderful group too.  They obliged, so… here’s that picture too.


Best PUG group ever!



Level 66 White Mage. I thought I also had a shot of AST at 66, but… guess not. It looks like this, but with the astrolabe 😉

In the “bag cleanup” leveling, I’ve got both healers to 66 now without healing Bardam’s (other than once on the WHM back when I 1st hit 65 on it) since I’m finding that I really just don’t enjoy healing anymore.  Dunno why — I loved it in EQ2, Rift, and SWTOR.  And I used to love it in FFXIV too, so I’m not sure what happened.  I seem to do fine with it when I do it, it’s just… I don’t know.  I just don’t like it anymore.  Such is life, no?  Anyway… all my “fighting” jobs are up to 67 now also, as I’m sure you noticed in the screenshot captions littered throughout the post.


The level 61 gathering set looks kinda silly. I don’t have shots of level 63 or 65 yet. Soon…

I’ve also managed to get Miner to 65, Botanist to 63, and Fisher is still languishing at 62.  Culinarian is up at 70 now also.  If only leves regenerated quicker……  They make the crafting leveling go quickly, but you still need about 55-80 of them to level 1 job from 60-70, (55-ish if you can do all HQ turn-ins, 80-ish if there’s a lot of NQ at the beginning… which there will be.  You can’t really consistently do HQ crafts until after level 66 and even then it’s not 100%) and only recover 42 per week.  On the other hand, nothing’s stopping me from grinding it out.  Long weekend coming up, so… we’ll see what I decide to do when it gets here.

Happy gaming out there!