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From Established Players to Indies, Seven Game Companies join [a]list games at PAX and Give a Glimpse of where the Industry is headed

PASADENA, Calif., August 24, 2011 – [a]list games today announced that it will be exhibiting at the upcoming PAX Prime show, with seven game makers partnered with the company to showcase nine games at its booth.  The collection of co-exhibitors at the popular expo can be described as the perfect glimpse at the state of the game industry.  The companies range from independent developers to well-known players.  The games on display include classic video game franchises and brand new IP, and the categories where they’re headed runs the gamut from major console and free-to-play (F2P) online games to iPad game apps.  Everything will be playable, and some of the games are immediately downloadable for anyone with an internet connection.  In addition, [a]list games will be giving away free in-game prizes for everyone who registers at the booth (#682) or signs up at  PAX Prime 2011 is being held August 26 – 28 in Seattle, WA.

At its booth, [a]list games is showcasing two titles which it recently signed to oversee global marketing campaigns, “APB Reloaded” from GamersFirst and “War Inc. Battlezone” from Online Warmongers, both premium F2P online games.  Games on display by [a]list games’ show partners include Bungie Aerospace’s “Crimson: Steam Pirates” for iPad, inXile Entertainment’s “Choplifter HD” for console networks and PC, Psyonix’s “Whizzle: Accidental Hero” for iOS, Motiga Games’ “The Leftovers” for iOS, and from ATLUS, “KING OF FIGHTERS XIII” for major consoles along with “Trine 2” and “Rock of Ages” for console networks and PC.

“Collectively, our booth at PAX is a look at how digital platforms have transformed games,” said Steve Fowler, GM of [a]list games.  “Visitors can give several stunning PC and iPad games a spin, or even just read about what we’re showing, then download and start playing them for free.  Or, like the old days, they can come and preview a few killer console titles and add them to their wish lists.  We have something for every type of gamer, and as a whole, we’ve ended up exhibiting a microcosm of where the game industry stands.”

For PAX prize seekers, GamersFirst and Online Warmongers are both running multiplayer sessions with giveaways at the show.  GamersFirst’s “APB Reloaded” is inviting players to experience a rich, open-world action game similar to what they expect on consoles.  Players enter an immersive modern day metropolis teetering on the edge of chaos, taking up the role of anarchist Criminals or street justice Enforcers to engage in intense player-versus-player shooting and car combat.  Amidst the action, “APB Reloaded” offers a robust set of customization tools that are second to none for an online shooter.  [a]list games and GamersFirst are helping those likely to be hooked on this F2P blockbuster feed their habit after PAX with free 30-day premium accounts for anyone who registers at the booth or online at

Online Warmongers is running continuous multiplayer tournaments for “War Inc. Battlezone,” one of the most realistic, adrenaline-fueled F2P online shooters.  The game is quickly gaining prominence among competitive game players, and Online Warmongers is fanning the flames at PAX.  “War Inc. Battlezone” tournaments will run every fifteen minutes, and players automatically get download codes for two free in-game weapons they can keep simply by registering.  Winners of each tournament will be awarded fully-equipped character load-outs they can use in the game for free for 30 days.  The top players from each day’s leaderboard will win one of six air guns valued at $500 or more.  Whether attending PAX or not, people can sign up to get access to exclusive in-game freebies at [a]list games’ web site.

Additionally, [a]list games has enlisted leading game hardware and peripheral providers to enhance the experience in its PAX booth.  Turtle Beach, a maker of high quality audio peripherals for gamers, is helping players throughout the booth stay focused by providing headsets for every game on display.  PC maker Shuttle, which specializes in high-performance desktop computers in compact designs, has built custom Shuttle XPC computers to run the demanding graphics and game play performance in “War Inc. Battlezone.”

“Given our approach to the games business, and quite evident with our efforts at PAX, we’re not afraid of breaking from convention to the point of doing something that is unprecedented,” said Fowler.  “We hope more game makers, whether indies and upstarts or established companies, recognize how [a]list games is addressing the shift in the game marketplace and the way games need to be marketed.”

For more information on [a]list games and PAX giveaways, and to download and play “War Inc. Battlezone” and “APB Reloaded,” please visit

Turtle Beach will be hosting a live stream at PAX that will feature [a]list games in addition to other exhibitors.  For more information on Turtle Beach and the live stream, please visit or find them on Facebook at

Shuttle Computer Group Inc. is giving away coupons at the [a]list games booth good for $100 off towards the purchase of a H3 6700G or H7 5800G Pro computer.  For more information on Shuttle, please visit