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Silkroad Online Introduces ‘Legend 8: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter’

[Update Contents]

Content 1 : Max level is increased to 120

The level cap for all races in Silkroad is increased.
New skills are added as the level cap increases for a more improved and dynamic battle.

Character Lv./Skill Cap Raised
* Character Lv.: All races Lv. 110 -> 120
* Skills: New/reinforced skills added for each skill class.

Skill Mastery Level Cap Raised
* Chinese: Lv. 330 -> 360
* European: Lv. 220 -> 240

Content 2 : New Hunting Grounds and New Dungeons with Normal, Advance, and Expert
difficulty level

–        The Temple of Jupiter : 106Lv ~ 120Lv
–        Hall Of worship : 106Lv ~ 120Lv
–        Zealots’ Hideout : 111Lv ~ 120Lv

Content 3 : Better and more challenging AI for the new Unique monsters

–        Jupiter can cast powerful wind and lightning magic.
–        Yuno can cast a variety of powerful nature magic.
–        The Earth’s strength is just as immense as its size.
–        Baal uses tremendous physical, magical, and summoning attacks.
–        Bablion specializes in powerful black magic and a variety of summoning spells.
–        Zielkiaxe is highly agile, and uses a variety of status ailment attacks including weakening and

Content 4 : A huge amount of new quests and monsters



On the official launch of Legend 8 Mysterious Temple of Jupiter
we invite you to unravel the mysteries within the new Dungeons, participate on the events and get rewarded.

* Event period: August 2 ~ August 30, 2011 (4 weeks)

1. Call for level 112

We invite you to take the challenge of reaching level 112 before the end of the event.
Special item awaits those who will be able to surpass this challenge.

2. Post your screenshot and receive rewards

Take a screenshot of the Legend 8 new dungeons and monsters and post it at the screenshot bulletin
board for the event.
Best screenshot that will be chosen will be rewarded an exclusive item.

3. Heroes of the past! Come back! Jupiter is waiting for you!

Legend 8 update welcomes back users who haven’t been logged for a long period of time. Now is the
chance to come back and get premium items by just logging in during the event period

We will be looking forward to provide and ensure our players the exciting new changes brought by the “Mysterious Temple of Jupiter” update on August 2nd.