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GAMESINFLAMES announce WARSTORY – Europe in Flames 2.0

Free-to-Play browser-based war game to re-launch with new features at the end of March

Munich, Germany — 22nd March 2011WARSTORY – Europe in Flames is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online strategy game set during World War II, in which players command their own company and fight against the Wehrmacht in strategic real time battles in a race to be the first to free Berlin. Launched in September 2010, the unique browser-based game will soon receive a significant update packed with brand new content and features that competitive online strategy gamers are sure to appreciate: new daily bonuses, extended social features, new items and equipment, and even better rewards!

Played by thousands since its launch, WARSTORY – Europe in Flames offers cooperative gameplay on a grand scale — every action you take influences events that ultimately decide the outcome of the war. As a Commander in the Western Alliance (US and UK forces) or the Soviet Forces, you manage a highly customizable company of soldiers with just one goal: to be the first to reach and liberate occupied Berlin. Build your company wisely with over 50 different units, engage in dynamic real-time battles, and join your friends to advance even faster towards your goal.

WARSTORY – Europe in Flames is available now in English, German and Russian versions. To learn more and play for free, please visit