[Civ 6] Gathering Storm Expansion Announced

So a couple of days ago Firaxis announced that Civ 6 is getting its 2nd expansion in February.  They’re calling it “Gathering Storm” as they’re adding in random geologic and weather events.  Floodplains can actually flood, volcanoes can erupt, tornadoes can sweep the plains, dust storms in and around deserts, droughts will apparently be triggered if you cut too many forests, etc.  They’re also adding in an overall “world climate” section that you’ll have to manage, and revamp of how strategic resources work.

Here’s the announcement video.  It opens with a short intro from Sid Meier, but the volume is very low so he’s hard to hear, then it goes in to the 3 minute trailer, then finally cuts to the developers talking about it.  I didn’t watch the full hour, as by the half-hour mark I knew I didn’t care about this expansion at all.

As I watched the video, I kept thinking to myself “Hoo boy, just that much more to micromanage.”  Nothing really excited me about any of what they’re proposing at all.  And considering that in my “1st impressions” post about the “Rise and Fall” expansion I said that I felt it made the game worse and thus I had buyer’s remorse…

I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this expansion at all.

[Warframe] More Fortuna Stuff

Some Fortuna Thoughts:


This K-Drive’s maxed. I’ve moved on to a second and it’s in the 20’s now, so not long for it to be maxed too.


Vent Kids faction increasing too…

In spite of it being said in a devstream that the K-Drive will be a better way to get around in Orb Vallis than the archwing — I don’t see it.  The archwing is faster, it simply ignores obstacles since it can fly over them, and you can fight in that mode.  The K-Drive is slower, has to go around or figure out how to climb obstacles, and you have to jump off in order to fight.  I’m assuming that ranking up the K-Drives gives MR experience, so I’ll rank all 3 of the board types to get that, but once that’s done, I don’t expect to ever pull a K-Drive out again.


Caves can be quite lovely!

Mining appears to be the new “best way” to gain status.  The rare gems come relatively quickly, so it’s pretty easy to have a decent stockpile of them.


Caves also sometimes have these toroids that one uses for the Solaris United faction that will eventually give new amps and such. I’m working to build up a stash before that’s introduced, so perhaps I’ll have a little jump on it when it happens.

Fishing is largely the same as in PoE, just with the added click for the EMP pulse.  Standing granted by the fish is much lower than in PoE though, which is why mining has supplanted it as the quicker standing-getter.  All fish spawn without bait, which is good, as the baits for the rare fish have a relatively heavy cost in standing, so nobody wants to use them anyway.  Anyway, it’s generally accepted right now that all fish will be disassembled for parts so you can build kitguns, moas, and k-drives.


2nd type of big spider. I assume there is/will be a 3rd but I haven’t seen it yet.

Kitguns — The 2 I’ve tried have been decent, but nothing that made me go “oh I’ll use this instead of my Atomos or Staticor.”  I’ve built a 3rd, but haven’t used it yet.  The 2 I have used so far were a beam one that was a “today’s special” early on that everyone was saying was awesome, so I shelled out the plat for it.  It was fine, but I didn’t find it terribly exciting.  (Advantage of plat buying is that it’s already gilded.)  The other I built on my own.  I used the “1 big shot” barrel and chose the loader that said “maximum damage” and then used the grip that gives the largest magazine.  I like it as opposed to the Lex/Aklex Prime in that it’s got a large projectile, so you don’t have to be pinpoint accurate, but even after gilding and being 3 forma in on it in a hybrid build it doesn’t feel as strong to me as a Lex Prime, so… eh.  The new one I’ve built I went with the automatic fire barrel and the max rate-of-fire loader.  I think I went with the large magazine grip again, but I’m not 100% sure on my memory of that now.  I’ll report on how it feels in my next post.


This greenish glow is what fishing hotspots look like in Orb Vallis, though as noted — bait’s expensive and unnecessary, so no one’s really using it anyway.

Moas — I bought 1 from “today’s special” right as Fortuna came out so I could see what it was like.  It seems to combine the best of the sentinels and pets, so that’s nice.  I’m told that the moas actually do really good damage, so unlike a sentinel where you unequip the gun so it won’t draw aggro while doing pathetic damage, a moa apparently should have a gun equipped.  That said, they seem a bit squishy.  Mine’s been fine, as I’ve mostly chosen to level it with Inaros, so the Link Health mod gives it about 7K hit points, but whenever I’ve seen other people using them, they tend to be getting revived constantly.  I took mine out using Rhino once, and since Rhino simply has his base health/shields due to using Iron Skin, the moa looked a lot squishier in the party list, though ended up being just fine, at least.  Probably becuz it follows pretty close, so I was able to keep enough things killed that it didn’t get hit much or something.  So anyway, the jury’s still out on moas for me as of yet, since I haven’t built one of my own yet or really tried to do much with them.


I still haven’t explored all the PoE caves and there aren’t even as many. How’d I manage this?

Happy gaming out there!


Yes, fishing misses can get you a boot, just like in PoE.

[Warframe] Fortuna

A picture post —


As one begins the new story quest, the Lotus helmet’s all smokey.


Hey lookit where I am!


I still haven’t figured out what’s reflecting to make the pinks and oranges. It seems to be orange-y during “warm” cycle, and completely blue during the “freezing” cycle.


Fortuna unlock quest complete, and I got my hoverboard! Except… I don’t get why DE said in a devstream that the hoverboard would be a better way to get around than the archwing. I’ve tried both, and I still prefer the archwing. Speed seems to be the same, and the archwing simply flies over the obstacles, where the hoverboard has to avoid or climb them.


Getting ready to spear a robot-fish!


Got him! But I have to click again when the slider moves into the red section in order to actually reel it in. And yes, the liquid has a higher viscosity than water. It looks more like vegetable oil, and since it’s supposed to be a “coolant” as opposed to actual water… there ya go.


And here’s the EMP burst that disables the robot so you can reel it in.


Fish aren’t small, medium, and large anymore — they’re now basic, adorned, and magnificent. You can’t tell by looking at the fish what “quality” it will be either, so you can’t prioritize going after a bigger/better fish — just hit them all…










Why yes… you *can* put the robot fish in your lander’s aquarium!


In the side tank also


Hunting isn’t as hard as SpaceMom made it look in the devstream.


Cute little thing


It almost looks like an anteater


And I ran across a big spider boss. As you can see, it’s invulnerable to me main gun. I popped out to my operator and ran in under void. It knew where I was and shot at me, though since I was in the void it didn’t hit me, at least. I didn’t see any vulnerability while I was in operator mode either. I saw something from Brozime saying that these things aren’t actually attackable yet. But FWIW, I fought some “mini-boss” spiders when I was capturing a base. They had some purple shields, but they just needed radiation damage to drop that, so they weren’t too big a deal to take out.

And there you have it.  It’s Plains of Eidolon 2.0.  Quite fun!

[Warframe] MR25 Achieved!

That is all…


[Warframe] Maintenance Mode


Nidus Deluxe – Standard


Nidus Deluxe – Mutated

I’m nearly to MR 25 in Warframe now, and I’m to the point where new items to rank up are much more difficult to acquire anymore — either due to being hidden in relics, vaulted, or having semi-insane farming requirements… yes, I’m looking at you, Sibear and needing 30,000 cryotic…


How does one have the highest damage dealt and no kills? Easy…. the only thing I shot was the capture target, but I didn’t get the final blow on it, so while I did a lot of damage… no kill credit 😉

As a result, I mostly during the week am logging in for the daily counter, and then playing a couple of hours on weekends, but I’m not really all that focused on it anymore.  Still love it when I play, just am playing other things again too.  Or clearing out my Netflix queue…  or both.

So anyway, I’ve been doing a bunch of Civ6 again.  I’ve been enjoying reading Syp’s accounts of DDO so much that I’ve reinstalled it… and promptly remembered why I never have gotten past level 7 in it, even with starting at level 4 with vet status.  The controls just feel so mushy.  Honestly, I don’t recall them feeling so mushy before, but my computer’s the same, so it must have been like that and I just got used to it.  Maybe the crispness of Warframe’s controls have ruined me?


Yep, I got my Revenant

There was a “welcome back weekend” in FFXIV not too long ago.  I logged into that for my daughter to be able to run around as she likes to do, but I never so much as looked at my character during the 4 days I could have tried, so I guess I’ve “moved on” past that game.  Or maybe I’ll pick it up after its next expansion or something.  Time will tell, i suppose.


And my Revenant mask too.

Is it weird that the game I’m actually “playing” the most right now is Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms?  A game that literally plays itself with very minimal input from the player?  I mean… toss it on the 2nd monitor, watch a movie or something on the main one, glance over and click a few upgrades, then rinse and repeat.  Pretty chill.


This is the build I’ve settled on with Revenant for now. Basically can hit 4 and never leave it, which annihilates mobs up into the 50’s easily enough. I like it, even if Brozime calls it “aggressively mediocre.”

Anyway, I’ve not really felt inspired to blog much lately, in spite of it being Blaugust, so… sorry it’s been a while.  Happy gaming out there!