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ArenaNet Shows Us What Community Means


Today ArenaNet showed us the list of worlds that are available at the start of BWE3 which begins this upcoming weekend, and to the majority of people the list is just that – a list of servers. But that isn’t the case for Moxiedoodle and the other members of her Rift guild, Gaiscioch. To them this list is much, much more. It’s a personal remembrance for a wonderful friend who passed away this year. You can read her story about the remembrance on her blog (you may want to grab a box of tissues first, it’s quite touching).

This is just one way that a gaming company can reach out to their fan base and prove that their players are more than just wallets funding their next project, but actual people, with feelings and emotions. A lot of gamers are aware that community is what drives them to play online, the people they meet and relationships they form – it’s really nice to see the game company also recognize that it is community that drives people to play their game.

Hopefully we hear more stories like this, instead of the negativity that normally surrounds anything anyone seems to do these days. Congratulations to all of those who worked hard at getting ‘Sanctum of Rall’ added as a server. I’m sure your friend would be incredibly thankful, as I know you all must be.