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Mobile Gaming — AstroNest

I play a few mobile games.  Not many, since I don’t need all my time being eaten up by them, but a few.  Until recently the list was Minion Rush, DomiNations, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale.  Clash Royale and DomiNations were more due to inertia than anything, and tbh in CR I was just logging in for the free chest every 4 hours, donating cards to the clan I was in, asking for some in return, but not actually you know… playing… the game.  So I dropped out of the clan and uninstalled Clash Royale, but that left a hole in my icons on my phone to fill.

astronest-800x350Since I tend to like casual space combat games, when I saw an ad on Facebook for “AstroNest” with the picture above associated to it, I thought “I’ll give it a try and if I don’t like it I can uninstall it easily enough.  Turns out I quite like it.  I’m still figuring a few things out about it, and some things are level-locked and I’m not high enough for them yet, but at its core it’s something of a rock-paper-scissors game in how you set up your fleets, but nobody uses paper, and I’ve found out how to be both rock and scissors.  Okay, bad analogy, but … I win a lot more battles than I lose, even against people who the game says are significantly stronger than I.  That said, I can also lose horribly to people who the game indicates are weaker than I am, though that’s not unheard of, but rare.  Basically I leverage high evasion to “tank” by not getting hit, while using high-accuracy weapons to make sure that I almost never miss.  Doesn’t always work, but close enough.

So yeah, I’ve come to quite enjoy it and am looking forward to playing it for some time to come yet.  I like it enough that I spent $10 on one of their starter packs so that I’d feel like I was buying the game that I was having so much fun with.

Now to find that level 45 alien fleet.  I found the level 50 already, but I still need to find the level 45 one……



I learned you can sit while fishing

On the FFXIV front, I’ve completed the lore set for the tank jobs and have taken to tanking the expert dungeons as a paladin in order to make my queue go faster.  Carpenter and Culinarian are both level 60 now, with Blacksmith coming up at 57.  Weaver is 46 now as well, so once it hits 50 and BSM hits 60 it will take over as the Moogle class while I work on…. probably Leatherworker next.  On the gathering front, MIN and BTN are both 54 now and climbing steadily so it won’t be too long before I hit 60 on them.


Nice looking room my daughter found during her explorations in the Goblet.

Honestly, I don’t really plan to do much with crafting or gathering once they’re all 60.  don’t even plan to gear them up or anything in order to make the “advanced” recipes.  I’m really just doing the crafting stuff in order to be able to say to myself that I’m still advancing my character.


Ewww! Married people . . .

More exciting to me is that my wife finally decided to start playing the game also.  She’s spent hours in the character creator getting her character just right, and I made an alt to play with her at the same level.  She’s never really done video games at all, so the WASD movement is still throwing her, and when she had to avoid telegraphs during her 1st combat quest that threw her off, but she’ll get better.  We’re level 4 on those characters, is all, but there’s no rush for them whatsoever, just a way to pass time some evenings in the same room.  Should be nice.

Happy gaming out there.