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Contests for the Community

Along with writing I also help co host a podcast about MMOs.  Each week I try and do a mid week news search for topics to discuss on our next show.  While I also do some news research for my blog and contribution writing, the podcast seems to get me reading more gaming sites more often.  What does this have to do with posting on the nomadic gamer? Well I’d like to discuss some things I have found in the last two weeks.

Last week on MMO Voices Podcast, I talked briefly about the Nexon Initiative.  Essentially Nexon offered out the contest to submit your game ideas to their company.  At the end of the contest they would filter through the games and decide what was a great concept and also what was congruent with their companies image and games (Read potential for community and social gameplay).  The lucky chosen, yes multiple ideas could win, would get a share of a 1 million dollar prize to help Co-Develop the game under the Nexon name.  Unfortunately, the event is now over but there is hope of another Nexon Initiative sometime next year.

Yesterday, I was sipping my coffee and reading over Beckett Massive Online Gamer and came across yet another contest.  This contest is giving someone the opportunity to become a freelance writer for Beckett, covering the upcoming game from Trion Worlds, Rifts.   The contest winner will get the following:

• An all-expenses (airfare, hotel, and meals) trip to Trion Worlds in Redwood City, California.
• A personal tour of the Trion Worlds studio, where you’ll meet the artists, designers, and producers of Trion’s upcoming MMO.
• An exclusive preview of Rift: Planes of Telara, with never-before-seen content.
• And a chance to become a freelancer for Massive Online Gamer, becoming our key Rift: Planes of Telara correspondent leading up to its release — and possibly beyond!

Now if you have no interest in the game, I am not sure how awesome this opportunity will look to you.  However, as someone who has been following the title for awhile, I am excited as a kid discovering ice cream.

I really love to see contests like this that provide the community with doors into the industry.  With lots of gamers and competition out there, sometimes its just nice to see companies giving the little guy a chance to be lucky.  Ive heard people say that the Nexon Initiative seems like a lazy way to make a game.  I don’t see it this way at all.  These companies all started out someplace and have now seen their dreams come to fruition.  They are now making steps to help give individuals that same sense of wonder and accomplishment through things like the Nexon Initiative or the Beckett correspondent contest.  To me, that is nothing but awesome juice tapped straight from the source.

While part of me hates to let other people know about the correspondent contest (Yes I would loooove to win) the other part of me knows how excited it makes me just to enter and dream.   As a game blogger, writing about games brings me almost as much joy as playing them.  My dream job is to get paid to do this or be a part of community management.  I know I am not alone with these ambitions.  I figure everyone should enjoy the experiences. Even if the chances are slim that any of us will come away the winners of contests like these, entering provides us with a glimmer of hope, a moment of imagination, and an escape to a much cooler ‘reality’ than our own.

And in the end, isn’t that why we play games in the first place?

Good luck fellow writers!