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New Year, New Toon, New Guild (Well sort of)!!!

Well the Holidays are finally over and now its time to focus back on the important things in life…EVERQUEST 2!!!!!!!!

I have been tinkering around with my 3 main toons and getting them leveled and tradeskilled up, its been a long and sometimes boring process. I am more of a solo player vs the group aspect of the game, dont get me wrong i love the occasional group or raid to get the blood flowing, but 98% of the time i am solo. I feel that being solo i can work at my own pace, if i want to stare at a mob and work out some strategy before jumping in i can, in a group thats not so easy, espically if you have someone like i use to be they see a mob and RUN straight for it and pull everything in site…hehe (done that one too many time) !!

But since the New Year is here i have taken a break from my older toons and made room for a new toon on the same old server but in a different new but old guild for me, i know that sounds confusing, so i’ll explain.

See i was once part of the Looony Toons guild in Crushbone , one of the founding fathers so to speak, well after sometime i was growing boried with the role of a leader and wanted to be lead, had alot of things going on in my RL that was affecting my EQ2 life, so i made a decision to step down and leave the guild to look for a more raiding guild, at the time all i wanted to do was raid and get the uber gear and become a ledgend.

Yes, i made a new home and fell in love with my guildies who have been the best friends a person could ask for in game and out of game. i still felt like i have had a peice missing from me, so on Monday i made a deciosion to create a new toon and tag him back into the old guild that i came from and work with them for a while. Now for anyone who is in the guild i am in now, dont worry – Chubby, Cinder, Kuzab and the other 2 alts are not leaving the guild, i just needed a change of pace and visit some old friends for a while, i will still be on my older toons and getting them where they need to be but i will also be working on this new toon and guild to help get them to GL 90. Just spreading the love guys !!

I have been very impressed with Looony Toons the last couple nights, last night they had over 20 players on for a majority of the night, it was great i havent seen that in a guild in a long long time and felt proud that i was at one point in my life that i helped create this guild, they have done so much ove the last couple years and have built the guild into a strong force for the citizens of Norrath. Also i didn’t releize this till last night that i created and join this new / old guild on the guilds Anniversay, so ironically one of the Founding Fathers returns on the night that the guild was origionally created serveral years ago!! 🙂

Anyways, alot is going on and i am here to partake in the fun festivities and get a new toon off the ground and into a raiding guild as this is what they have developed into again another ironic thing i have found, i left to goto a raiding guild that fell from raiding to create a new toon to go to my old guild who is now Raiding!! Lost yet!!

So the next post i have with my update progress should not be so confusing, the new toon is a ShadowKnight, since i just love the pure raw abilities of the SK class,and he is sitting at lvl 16 with about 12 AA’s, i am in the process of becoming a citizen of Freeport as i feel that Neirek is just too confusing to be able to raise a new toon. So if your on Crushbone look for Chubbers the Kerra SK, i’m sure you’ll see me around, hit me up for a PUG or just to chat.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath or where ever you call home!!!

~Chubbylilbuddy / Cinderbella / Kuzab / Chubbers / Wonderboyz / Kryptonion / Chubetta~

Casualization ?= Lack of Depth

Everquest 2 came out with its fifth full expansion earlier this month, and in previous posts we looked at the depth to tradeskilling and the addition of pvp content that it brought to the game. There’s something else it brought too, something you might not have noticed if you aren’t a denizen of Norrath… major changes to the way statistics affect your avatar.

This is a much bigger change than you may think looking in from the outside, but to illustrate I’ll give you an example. My assassin is a burst dps scout class who can use poison and sneak attacks to kill foes. Pre Sentinel’s Fate I had to balance many stats to remain effective at my role: Strength affected my melee and combat art damage, Agility affected my avoidance of incoming damage and determined the size of my power pool, Intelligence made my crafted poisons more deadly. Post Sentinel’s Fate, Agility determines my melee damage and my avoidance and my poison damage and my power pool. Choosing gear is trivial when the only stat that matters is Agility, the scout gear is the one that has the highest. Other classes have experienced similar changes in how statistics affect their roles.

This also comes with a redesign of effects on equipment. Pre Sentinel’s Fate there were separate effects for melee and spell bonuses that affected critical hit rate, bonus to critical damage, bonus to normal damage and so on. These have all been consolidated. The changes come on the heels of the renaming of all spells/abilities in the game to numbered versions, clearly marking the update to a lower level spell as II, III and so on.

The effect of all this in my mind is to make the game a much more casual experience. A new player coming in doesn’t have as much to learn to be effective at their chosen class. But is that a good thing? Does the game benefit from reducing the depth of the stat and combat system, or does it lose something from it? I would argue it loses a lot. A game that has lasted five years has a strong player following and a mature story. When you play a game long enough you become immersed in it, emotionally attached to it. Some of that is lost I think when the system is changed out from under you. The skill renaming especially leaves a bad taste in my mouth, because previously the advanced skill names had flavor and felt like a new skill even if they were only an upgraded one. I see no problem with allowing a mature game to mature. The changes to Everquest 2 don’t approach Star Wars Galaxies NGE in terms of raw system changes but they are still a major difference from a month ago.

How do you view simplification/casualization in the games you play? Does it benefit the game as a whole? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.