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[Warframe] Maintenance Mode


Nidus Deluxe – Standard


Nidus Deluxe – Mutated

I’m nearly to MR 25 in Warframe now, and I’m to the point where new items to rank up are much more difficult to acquire anymore — either due to being hidden in relics, vaulted, or having semi-insane farming requirements… yes, I’m looking at you, Sibear and needing 30,000 cryotic…


How does one have the highest damage dealt and no kills? Easy…. the only thing I shot was the capture target, but I didn’t get the final blow on it, so while I did a lot of damage… no kill credit 😉

As a result, I mostly during the week am logging in for the daily counter, and then playing a couple of hours on weekends, but I’m not really all that focused on it anymore.  Still love it when I play, just am playing other things again too.  Or clearing out my Netflix queue…  or both.

So anyway, I’ve been doing a bunch of Civ6 again.  I’ve been enjoying reading Syp’s accounts of DDO so much that I’ve reinstalled it… and promptly remembered why I never have gotten past level 7 in it, even with starting at level 4 with vet status.  The controls just feel so mushy.  Honestly, I don’t recall them feeling so mushy before, but my computer’s the same, so it must have been like that and I just got used to it.  Maybe the crispness of Warframe’s controls have ruined me?


Yep, I got my Revenant

There was a “welcome back weekend” in FFXIV not too long ago.  I logged into that for my daughter to be able to run around as she likes to do, but I never so much as looked at my character during the 4 days I could have tried, so I guess I’ve “moved on” past that game.  Or maybe I’ll pick it up after its next expansion or something.  Time will tell, i suppose.


And my Revenant mask too.

Is it weird that the game I’m actually “playing” the most right now is Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms?  A game that literally plays itself with very minimal input from the player?  I mean… toss it on the 2nd monitor, watch a movie or something on the main one, glance over and click a few upgrades, then rinse and repeat.  Pretty chill.


This is the build I’ve settled on with Revenant for now. Basically can hit 4 and never leave it, which annihilates mobs up into the 50’s easily enough. I like it, even if Brozime calls it “aggressively mediocre.”

Anyway, I’ve not really felt inspired to blog much lately, in spite of it being Blaugust, so… sorry it’s been a while.  Happy gaming out there!

[Blaugust] [ESO] [DDO] Back in the ESO saddle, sorta

Don't like either much, but the one on the right is far less bad

Don’t like either much, but the one on the right is far less bad

Honestly, I’ve not played a whole lot of games this week, and I’ve been inspired by Syp to break out DDO again and see where it goes to boot, so that’s diluted game time to boot.  So far as ESO goes, I’m enjoying the dye system greatly.  You get dyes based on your achievements and they’re account-wide, so a fresh-out-of-Coldharbour newbie can do anything my VR4 Templar can, color-wise.  I like that rather a lot, plus getting new colors for simply playing the game is always nice.  And since the “most popular” colors (black and red) are rather easily obtained, I think it’s going to satisfy a great majority of people who are playing.

Reddish instead of blue-ish, plus the belt doesn't stand out as badly anymore

Reddish instead of blue-ish, plus the belt doesn’t stand out as badly anymore

It’s saved a couple of outfits from looking atrociously hideous.  Interestingly enough, the base color palettes of a couple of my toons changed with the update even before adding dyes.  My NB Tank in his Daedric Leather went from a hideously fugly green and blue palette to a more natural looking brown on brown color, my NB healer went from a metal with copper trim color base to pretty much all yellow, my alchemists went from a white-ish base to … um.. different, and my VR1 DK in full Imperial look … changed, but I don’t quite recall how now.  Of course then I went in on some of them and made my own changes.  It was very tempting to just use a standard black and red palette on all of them, as it’s a classic look that I like a lot, but I decided to go for a bit more individuality for each character in the end.  It’s not like I can’t change it later, after all….

Purple and Gold are Imperial colors, aren't they?

Purple and Gold are Imperial colors, aren’t they?

The DK is now a purple base with gold trim (as you can see to the left), the NB tank is a black base with white trim (see below), I didn’t touch the NB healer or the alchemist since I don’t really play them much, my enchanter was in fugly green which I’ve now changed to a black base with brown trim (but don’t have a screenie of), my VR2 sorcerer’s Barbaric set retained its brown base but I changed the trim from blue to red (you can see that above also), and finally… my VR4 templar’s hideously fugly brown/green Ancient Elf palette is now black and red, as you saw up at the top of this post.  I still don’t care for the armor model of that set, and thus cover it with my Golden Saint costume while playing, but at least it’s not quite so hideous on the login screen anymore.

Daedric leather is much improved

Daedric leather is much improved

As far as actual play goes… the templar’s VR4 and in Eastmarch zone now.  sure I could go grind in Craglorn with the cool kids, but… I like questing.  And as mentioned in a prior post, now that it’s impossible to outlevel a zone as I work through it, I’m enjoying running around and exploring and questing anything random I come across a lot more than I did before, so… there ya go.

On the DDO front, I’m really just trying to re-familiarize myself with the game.  As Syp noted in the post I linked up above, they’ve added a lot of things like Epic Destiny and I still don’t know what PRR stands for, so… working on it.  They’ve also redone the feats and enhancements a bit and gave everybody a free Lesser Reincarnate as a result.  I used it on my Warforged Rogue/Wizard to redo his feats to make him a bit more solo-friendly, and tbh haven’t really looked at any other characters.  I had a free slot on the same server, so I had the option to create a new “Iconic” character (insta-15, really) if I desired, but….

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a quarterstaff monk/thief-acrobat hybrid, and since the new druid class has a lovely buff spell for wood weapons, the current “build” is 13 rogue/6 monk/1 druid (at 20).  Since I can start characters at level 4 I’ve got a shiny new 1 Druid / 1 Rogue / 2 Monk going now.  With Power Attack going plus the monk’s Wind Stance for faster attacks, this thing’s putting out a LOT of hurt.  Generally 22-28 damage per hit (vs mobs with 15-30 HP, usually).  I can Cleave vs groups an 1-hit kill all of them.  Quite nice for a new character.

Back on the Wizard front, I’m still figuring out where best to position my hotkeys and whatnot, as well as a preferred spell selection.  The enhancement changed for casters give “Spell Like Abilities” which have very reduced spell point costs and can have any meta-magic feat used on them for free, so that sounds quite awesome.  Wizards are considered more of CC and “Insta kill” casters than Sorcerers, which tend to be the ones known for tossing around lots of damage spells, so I went with Conjuration as my preferred school as it gives the Web spell as an SLA, and since I’m level 7 wizard and I’ve got the Fire Wall spell now….. trap a mob in the web, then drop a Fire Wall on it, then just wait for it to die in the DoT.  Supposedly this works well vs groups too — get a bunch of mobs following you, get through a door to channel them, toss the web in the door, then the fire wall on that, swap to a tower shield, and just turtle up (in case any are ranged mobs) until the wall gets them.  Haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a solid plan, so…. soon.

Happy gaming!