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[FFXIV] Long Time No See

It’s been a while since I’ve posted becuz, well…..  I’m still playing 3-5 times a week in order to cap out tomes, but other than doing a couple of FC Diadem runs one weekend, I’ve not been doing anything new or terribly exciting.  I’ve actually been playing a lot of Stellaris lately when not in FFXIV, even.  So…. here’s a picture post 😉


I managed to find the Greysky Armada FC house in Shirogane


I don’t quite recall where I got this little guy.  I think I actually spearfished it while leveling Fisher


I haven’t seen any calls for Ixion lately, but I intend to go get him a few more times. This barding shall eventually be mine!


My daughter’s character in her Halloween finery


And dyed Dalamud Red, becuz what’s a werewolf costume without it being blood colored? And of course, I was running around as Red Mage for the event . . .


This is a stone pier. How is my chocobo leaving footprints on it like it’s sand?


Look who made this harder-than-normal crafted glamour dress!


It’s a very nice looking dress, IMO


I still like to look at the night sky in this game. So purty!


Kojin Beast Tribe maxed out


And the resulting Manta mount from getting to the end of the Kojin faction ladder


I liked the rooster-tail effect with the could mount over the water, though this screenie really just doesn’t do it justice.  And yes, that is an i330 caster robe on my daughter’s character. It’s so easy to cap out tomes each week I’ve even been doing that on her character at times.


Long shot of the Diadem on my 1st visit


This is the Diadem itself, from which the zone derives its name


We found the brachiosaurus boss on our 2nd run. We gave it a go, and seemed to be doing pretty well until we got it down to about 75% and it pulled out this meteor attack. That was a quick wipe once that hit.


Mysidia’s FC house is now red instead of the default blue


I’m almost done with my second Creation Tome set. I got the caster helmet last night. This is the default look.


And here it is after the /visor command. I still felt my head was too covered, so I ended up hiding the helm, but it’s nice that /visor isn’t just for tank helms, ya know?

And there you have it.  Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Now What?

All righty… everything’s at 70, so now what do I have left to do in this game?


The new city decoration in Kugane for the new raid is quite nice looking

There’s still the daily Expert Roulette for the Tomes of Creation so I can start gearing up my caster jobs with that.  There’s also the new Kojin Beast Tribe quests.  too bad I can only do 3 a day and they go by so quickly.  The daily hunts are still a thing for the Centurio seals that I use to buy level 6 materia.  I still need to finish the 4.0 MSQ on my daughter’s character, and then the 4.1 while I’m at it.  And of course there’s all the crafting I can do.  So many things I’ve not made yet…  So anyway, yeah, there’s still plenty to do, and I haven’t even talked about maybe doing Omega or the new 24-man raid either, nor about catching up older raids that I’ve still not gotten around to running yet.  Perhaps more pony and bird farming.  We shall see!


Demi-Bahamut Small

I’ve run Skalla as Red Mage and as Summoner, in addition to all the times I’ve tanked it as a Paladin.  Red Mage is unchanged since it released in 4.0, but the Summoner changes in 4.1 go a LONG way in restoring the fun of the class.  And hey, I’ve actually got Tri-Bind on my hotbar for the 1st time since, well, ever.  Too bad it’s only worth using as a spammable AE on trash mobs during Dreadwyrm Trance, but hey… that’s more than it’s ever been worth before, so… I’ll take it.


Demi-Bahamut Medium

Replacing Ruin with Ruin 3, and actually giving it semi-decent damage (and actually rather good damage taking the pet’s auto-attack into account with it) makes it much nicer.  The rebalance of the pets makes it such that Ifrit is actually worth using too… maybe even slightly better than Garuda anymore, though time will tell on that. The size change ability on Bahamut is nice, though as a small he feels like a blue Garuda, so I’ve got him set at Medium right now.  Large is just too big.  Now if they’d just have Bahamut plant in place instead of following you around, I think it’d be just about perfect and probably my main dps class again.  Actually, with how good it feels to play anymore, it might already be there.


Demi-Bahamut Large

I helped my FC do the project to turn our large house in Mist into a Shirogane style castle.  I think it turned out looking nice, but it really doesn’t fit the aesthetic of Limsa Lominsa.  Of course, neither does the big Chocobo house out our front door either…


Shirogane house appearance in Mist

Anyway.. happy gaming out there!


Shirogane House appearance from down the hill


Shirogane house appearance from all the way down on the beach


I wish there was some way to get this mount other than winning a lucky roll on a rare drop from Omega 4 Savage


On the other hand, I got my Thunder-Donkey now 🙂


Greysky Armada managed to get a medium-sized beach house in Shirogane. Since my daughter’s still in this is her new teleport site.


I finally got enough Tomes of Verity to finish off the Ala Mhigan Aiming set.


And here it is with the Bard’s bow too.


[FFXIV] Drowned City of Skalla


Underground/Underwater city. Neat looking place.

I did my typical morning play session today before work, and since it’s patch day I headed right for the MSQ, partially for the story, and partially to try to get a run in on the new dungeon.  Fortunately, the dungeon unlocks as only the 3rd quest, and the prior 2 are just a little bit of running around, so I was running the dungeon less than 20 minutes after logging in.

All 4 of us in the group went in blind, so I did the 1st few trash pulls “small” to get a feel for the place.  They didn’t seem to hit all that hard, but they had a lot of hp, so they took longer to die than the “feel” of the earlier 2 expert dungeons.  Even so, I started doing double pulls on the trash and we took them down no problem through the rest of the dungeon, so …. as always, trash is trash.


Water Horse Thingie. You need to fight him in the slightly raised center. The lower outside is always “covered in bad.”

1st Boss, I don’t recall the name, but as you can see in the screenie it’s a kind of water-horse thing.  The edges of the arena are pulsing red throughout the fight with water running across it.  Running or being knocked into that area puts a vulnerability to water stack on you, and all the boss’s attacks seem to be water-based, so…. avoid that 😉  He does a room-wide AE for the healer to heal through, he does an attack that says “pull” and pushes you away from him, and an attack that says “push” and actually pulls you toward him.  I’m not sure if that’s intended or they messed up, but… either way, don’t let those knock you into the water.  He also puts markers on the dps and the drops water bombs on them that leave a puddle for them to run out of.  There’s also a tethered orb that follows them and does a moderate hit if they let it hit them, or it will get “cleaned off” with his followup push/pull attack that he does right afterward.  Others can’t clear off the orbs from the tethered player — I tried running through them, but nothing happened, and they weren’t target-able either.


This boss was a lot of fun, I thought.

2nd boss was “Old Doll” or “Ancient Doll” or something like that.  It summons adds and then does a big charge attack to blow them up, so you gotta kill them before they blow up.  We killed them all, so I don’t know it they’re just a big hit or an instakill or what, but… kill them.  For the 2nd and later rounds of adds, he turns you into a bomb dropping mob just before summoning them and you have to go drop the bombs under the adds to kill them.  But the adds move, so you gotta lead the target a bit…  Not a big deal though, as the bombs do a 1-shot on them.  The rest is the standard dodging of telegraphs.


I wish we could “FUNGAH!!!” while in this form.

I don’t recall if it was before the 2nd boss or 3rd boss, but in one section after you kill trash you have to turn yourself into a flying mob using a glowing thing on the floor to get across some pits.  Here’s the screenie of what that looks like.


He looks cool, but he’s really annoying, imo.

Final boss is a giant manticore thing.  It’s name had “poison” in it, but I don’t recall the full name, sorry.  He has a metric crapton of mechanics, and doesn’t telegraph them all on the ground, though usually there’s a notification window that pops up “He raises his claws” or “he raises his tail” for some of them.  For the raised claws, tank runs behind him to avoid.  If you get hit by it, it’s a hard hit and puts a vulnerability stack on you.  The raised tail is the same, just to his rear, so the dps needs to get in front of him to avoid that.  On our run this morning, the generally didn’t, but the healer kept them up fine even with 2-3 vuln stacks, so it’s not *too* big a deal, I guess.  He also occasionally does a prox-based room-wide, so the tank should keep him to the sides as s/he can to allow running room to get away from that.  He drops the ring on a player so everyone has to get in close.  He also does the “it goes 4 directions from the player” like Lakshmi does, for the other 3 to avoid.  At 1st he does those separately, but as the fight progresses he’ll do the ring and the 4-way strips simultaneously, so the dodging can get interesting.  And he also sometimes will face a player, do a wind-up and blast across the room, and then repeat that 4 times.  There’s time to dodge while he’s doing the wind-up, so no need to get hit, but it’s not a telegraph on the ground either, so it’s easy to miss.  There’s even a gaze attack to turn away from to boot.  He seems to toss a mechanic about every 6-10 seconds, so there’s a LOT of motion in this fight.  Poor Black Mages…

I’ll toss in some more screenies I took for funsies, but… I’m done typing this post.  Happy gaming out there!


People preparing Monday night for the Great Shirogane Land Rush.


I haven’t seen this many people around in Kugane in a long time. Shirogane (Savage) FTW!


Sleipneir does indeed fly now!


I did the 1st MSQ as Red Mage and thought this opportunity for a selfie was a good one.


And here’s a more close-up selfie while still RDM.



[FFXIV] Everything 70!


Level 69 White Mage


Ding 70! The achievements are for 70 White Mage, all magic classes to 70, and both magic and war classes to 70, respectively.


White Mage AF3 set


My actual level 70 appearance in the Ala Mhigan Healing set


My “search info” screen in-game

All 70 02

And this is my class page


I need another Ixion kill before I get my mount, but… I finally responded to a call for it, so I’m halfway there now 😉

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] This Crafting Thing


Level 68 Astrologian

Now that my leveling journey is nearly complete, I’ve begun to devote more time to crafting to see what all I can do with it.  While I was leveling all my crafting jobs up, I made use of the video guides and a google doc from “Mango7Rolls” that had very useful advice and information that was a huge help.


Level 69 Astrologian

Of course now that I’m level 70 with all my crafters and have the full i290 crafted gear, it’s the little things to focus on now — things like how to meld, how to even get the materia to use for the melds, and so on.  Combat job materia is quite easy to get, between Centurio seals, leveling roulette, and hunts, but crafting materia — that’s harder.  You can buy the level 5 materia with red scrip (400 apiece) but the only way I know of to get level 6 materia is by breaking down spiritbonded gear, and even then it’s only about a 10% chance, so…. yeah, there’s a bit more effort involved there.


Level 70 Astrologian AF3 set

Essentially what you gotta do is craft yourself an entire “spare set” of the i290 gear.  This is something of a project on its own, especially if you don’t want to spend money buying materials.  You need 140 “twincoon” which are an occasional drop from the giant silkworm mobs in the Fringes, or you can have retainers go hunting for it and bring back 7 an hour.  Yeah — 7.


Level 70 Astrologian Ala Mhigan Healing set

Anyway… just off the top of my head it’s something like 140 twincoon, 32 halgai manes, 32 mansaziri hair, 51 effervescent water, 2 crescent spring water, 15 gazelle hides, 5 natron (made from rock salt and effervescent water), 5 linseed oil (made from flax), 24 zelkova logs, 12 persimmon logs, 25 persimmons, and 5 terebinth.  I think that’s all of it, but I probably forgot an item or 3.  But yeah…. get all that together, then start banging out 35 twinthread, which then becomes 9 twinsilk and 8 thread left over, then make 16 worsted yarn and turn 12 of it into Steppe Serge with 4 yarn left over, turn the gazelle hides, persimmons, and terebinth into gazelle leather, the zelkova and persimmon logs into lumber, while also making some varnish, and then once that’s all done you’re finally ready to craft the 11 gear pieces — 6 armor, 5 jewelry (wooden jewelry, no less, hence the lumber).


My retainer brought this back for me on Saturday


And it’s quite cute.


I don’t know what’s up with this pot it sometimes jumps into, though. I assume it’s a Japanese thing…  Edit:  Wikipedia to the rescue!  It’s a Japanese folk tale:  Bunbuku Chagama

After they’re done, equip them all and put a single materia in each of them.  Melded items bond faster.  And then pop a spiritbond potion (make +5’s yourself, or use red scrips to buy +3’s) and do a quick synthesis of about 150 (if using a +5 potion) to 210 (if using a +3 potion) of… well… anything high-level, really.  Mango7Rolls suggests things like molybdenum ingots or palladium nuggets since you can sell those pretty easily — borne out by me selling a couple of small stacks of palladium nuggets on the 1st day for nearly 200K in profit.  Using quick synth there’s about a 20-25% failure rate, and it just does NQ items, but it also will burn through about 10 items per minute so you’re done in 15-20 minutes, where if I used the crafting macros to make 200 it’d be more like 4 hours, so even with the loss of items (which still advances the spiritbond) it’s worth it to do the quick synth, simply for the time saved.  Of course there’s all the gathering of 800 raws beforehand…  Fortunately I can turn off the game sounds and listen to music while running in endless circles gathering.


I finally decided to go looking for vistas and finished off the 10 or so I had left in Heavensward that I’d not stumbled across simply by wandering around.

Yeah, it’s kinda labor intensive, but it gets you a decent chunk of level 5 materia and 1 or 2 level 6’s each time, so it’s worth it, IMO.  Of course I still need to get a bunch of scrips so I can get all my master books.  I’ve actually bought all the level 5’s, but I need to backfill in the level 3’s and 4’s too.  I’m not sure I care about the 1’s and 2, and they have odd requirements of things to craft for the 1’s and demimateria (which aren’t really used) for the 2’s, so… we’ll see.  I’ll probably eventually do it becuz I’m a completionist, but it can wait.


This vista in Kugane was a lesser version of the big jumping puzzle at the hotel to the left of center there. I tried that one too, as the final vista in the SB log is at the top of it, and I got farther than I have before, but still no dice on making it all the way up yet.



This was during a cutscene in the final fishing job quest, and I liked how my glamour looked in it, so it got the screenie.

On the leveling front, I got AST from 67 to 70 over the weekend.  Initially I planned to just do the “HW & SB Hunt logs, plus the HW Beast Tribes” thing that gets about 3.1 million xp per day —

Hunts plus HW Beast Tribes

Just under 3.1 million xp this morning from hunts and HW Beast Tribes

— and just take my time, but given how the timers work, on Saturday morning I ended up doing that 2.5 times (hunt logs from Thursday, logs and quests from Friday before 9 am, logs and quests from Saturday after 9 am) which got me to less than 1 million xp to go for level 68, so I kinda went “why not?” and queued up for Doma Castle.  And found it insanely easy to heal.  This dinged me to 68 so I did my job quest, and then I re-ran it 4 more times and hit 69, then ran Castrum Abania 3 times, and boom there it was.


My current crafting glamour. Got those “Tantalus” pants from veteran reward. I figure since I’m crafting up lots of crafting sets now, I’d better make my actual melded set look different so I don’t accidentally get rid of it.

What I found while doing all of that was:  I am fine when healing if everyone’s doing their good avoidance of telegraphs, but if a couple of things go wrong, then I get easily flustered and lose track of the various things going on and then it all falls to pieces.  And I also found when playing AST that I generally like to run Noct on trash, and Diurnal on bosses.  Trash tends to not really hit me or the dps, so having Noct’s powerful shields seems to do really well for the tank.  Bosses tend to do unavoidable AE from time to time, though, so I like Diurnal there so that Aspected Helios will actually top the group off, not just put a shield on them.  Probably just as effective either way, but I like full bars.  2nd boss in Catrum Abania I leave on Noct though.  He has powerful tankbusters, and the rest of the group *shouldn’t* take any damage if he’s done right, so keeping the shields on the tank works better there.


I didn’t realize we had Native American costumes in the game. Looks kinda cute on a Lalafell.

So anyway… 2 levels left on White Mage and then I’m all leveled up.  I should finish that this week, even if I don’t do any dungeons.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happy gaming out there!