Have you ever…? Gamer Edition

From JVT Workshop

Have you ever rage quit a game?

No. I tend to either drift off if annoyed or bored with the game.

Have you ever earned all achievements in a game?

Yes. I used to have all of them in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, and would grab all the new ones as they got added. But I don’t let that game play itself on my computer anymore… 😉 

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter gaming?

Yes, a few times, but not for a long time.

Have you ever live-streamed your gaming?


Have you ever pre-ordered a game?

Does Kickstarting count? If so, yes. If not… I think I pre-ordered Baldur’s Gate 2 back in the day. I think I did SWTOR too. But my memory’s a bit hazy on that.

Have you ever bought a game and never played it?

No, but I have bought games that I only played a couple of hours on and went “Nah, I’m done.”

Have you ever been jump-scared by a horror game?

Yes – I don’t really play horror games, but The Secret World and The Park both had some jump scares that got me.

Have you ever had a set squad for a specific game?


Have you ever bought a game on multiple platforms?


Have you ever got a console for the games specifically?

No. I don’t do consoles. I’m not someone who cares about “PC Master Race” or whatever, I just haven’t ever really felt the need to have a console also.


And there you have it.

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