[FFXIV] Apathy for Esoterics

Working Sahagin Beast Tribe quests

Working Sahagin Beast Tribe quests

Ever since Esoterics were introduced, I’ve capped them out religiously.  Until 3.1 dropped a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve gotten a few here and there since, but really just haven’t bothered, focusing instead on the daily hunt logs, Vanu Vanu quests and the leveling roulette.  Part of it is due to what I said before, with the gear drops from Alex Normal and the 2 new experts being quite good and uncapped so they can get me to “good enough” pretty quickly,  but I thing that the biggest part of it is that the left side pieces are class-specific, and since I’m so bad with alt-itis, I just don’t have any idea which class I’d want to start “Eso-ing up” so I’m experiencing a bit of decision paralysis.  And that’s why lately with the Eso’s I have been getting I’ve been buying the right-side pieces instead, since they’re good for several jobs simultaneously, which helps more for the alt-itis, but they aren’t as important, so I’ve just stopped caring instead.  I’ve already got my main job completely geared out in Eso stuff, so the rest just doesn’t matter as much.

I glamoured the level 55 dungeon drop onto the level 58 crafted one.  It just felt beefier.

I glamoured the level 55 dungeon drop onto the level 58 crafted one. It just felt beefier.

I had planned to also run the Void Ark this weekend, but IRL conspired against me.  I had a wonderful afternoon with my daughter on Saturday, though, and Sunday afternoon my wife and I were doing a marathon run through the new Jessica Jones series on Netflix which went until it was late enough that I fell asleep during an episode that I’ll need to re-watch sometime this week and then we’ll finish the series this coming weekend, most likely.  But yeah… meant for less play time.  I still managed to get my Warrior job to 59, and the DRK’s well on its way there and will probably make it there tonight, or tomorrow for sure, so even while it still always feels like there’s more to do… I also feel like I’m “getting there.”

I also put the level 55 ax look  on for the warrior.  I just didn't like that level 58 appearance at all.

I also put the level 55 ax look on for the warrior. I just didn’t like that level 58 appearance at all.

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Warrior is now 58 too

Level 58 Warrior appearance

Level 58 Warrior appearance, and just after I’d picked up the level 55 axe in Aery too.  I may just glamour it on, as I’m not really feeling this “bill” weapon.

2 more levels for each tank and then it’ll be time to move on to MCH and BRD!

In Patch 3.1 they said they were adjusting the XP rewards of the leveling dungeons.  They weren’t kidding.  Haukke Manor the other day netted me about 800,000 XP, and my 2 Aery runs with the warrior since the other day were worth over a million XP each.  Add in the 500K for the daily Vanu Vanu tribe quests, and about 450K for the daily hunts and that 2.9 Million XP needed to go from 57 to 58 went by in a real hurry — only took 2 days of casual play for the level.

An aurora in Coerthas Western Highlands

An aurora in Coerthas Western Highlands that was pretty enough to make me rech for the screenshot key

Hopefully this also means that MCH and BRD will be quick to level up once I start in on them.

[FFXIV] Paladin is now 58

Level 58 Paladin Appearance

Level 58 Paladin Appearance

Go me!

I had an interesting experience in The Vault yesterday.  Got it as my leveling roulette.  Me as Paladin (though flying my “Grandmaster of Magic” title), a White Mage, and 2 Dragoons.  We went through, I made sure to cycle through my cooldowns, held the mobs still for the melees to be able to get their positionals, etc.  I lost 1 mob in the 1st pull to “DRG1” becuz he targeted a different mob than my initial target, and by the time I cycled through to it for the hate combo, he’d pulled it, but I got it back, he didn’t die, no biggie.  We took out the 1st boss with no muss and no fuss.

The room with the 2 big knights that toss out telegraphs and the “Dark Nebula” AE, I was so focused on making sure I was avoiding the telegraphs and stunning the Dark Nebula that I got tunnel vision on 1 mob and lost the 2nd.  I got it back, but too late, and DRG1 went down.  After the fight I said “Sorry about that, got tunnel vision” and he said he’d actually deliberately not avoided the telegraph on it becuz he’d wanted to see how bad it hit him, and so I shouldn’t worry about it.  Ok fine, and on we moved.

Killed the 2nd boss, killed the 3rd and completed the dungeon, and I lost no aggro the whole rest of the time, nor were there anymore deaths.  But, after we downed the 3rd boss, DRG1 said “Hey Gotter — Stick to mage stuff, you’re a terrible tank” and then exited the instance immediately so I didn’t get to ask him what he meant or how I could improve.  The healer and DRG2 both immediately said “Wow, what a jerk!” and both assured me I’d been just fine.  Healer said that with my CD rotations he “didn’t have to heal [me] too much” and DRG2 said he appreciated my holding the mobs steady so he could use his positionals easily.  Both of them gave me a commendation when we exited the dungeon.

Vanu Vanu quests  are proceeding nicely!

Vanu Vanu quests are proceeding nicely!

I looked up DRG1 on the Lodestone, and he’s on a different server than I am.  I’d love to contact him somehow to ask what he thought I was doing wrong, becuz so far as I know, other than perhaps a lack of stance-dancing (which is only considered by the reddit community to be necessary/desirable in end-game/raid content, not leveling dungeons like The Vault), I thought I did everything right, as did the other 2 members of the party, so I’m not offended, but am genuinely curious as to why he thinks I’m so bad?  Does anyone reading this know if it’s possible to contact a player on a different server via the Lodestone?  I didn’t see an option to send a message in there, and I only have the character name, not his forum handle, so I don’t know how I’d send a private message in the forums either.

Anyway… the run was successful, and between it and the Vanu Vanu dailies, plus the daily hunts I was at about 57.85% of the level, and this morning I ran another leveling roulette (Haukke Manor this time) and the dungeon completion gave me over 700K XP and easily bumped me to level 58.  Time to start working on the Warrior again……

Happy Gaming out there!


[FFXIV][TSW] New dungeons

Mapping out the Arboretum

Mapping out the Arboretum

I finally got around to going into and completing the Arboretum and Pharos Sirius (Hard) dungeons, so now I’ve got the new expert roulette unlocked.  As predicted, this roulette gives 75 Eso’s for a single daily completion, so do this plus the “Level 60” roulette and you’ve got 125 Eso’s in a single day, so you can do that for 3 days, then a single Expert on day 4 and be capped out for the week.  Assuming one is worried about doing Eso gearing for more than their main job, anyway.  As it is, Alexander normal gives out i190 gear and is now uncapped, and the new dungeons give out i185 gear and are also uncapped, so if one runs them often enough, even the law tomes won’t really be needed for anything anymore since upgraded law gear is only i180, meaning that the “level 60” roulette will likely be largely abandoned anymore, but also that anyone interested in gearing up alts will more likely just do repeated Alex runs now also, since an Alex run is very short compared to a full dungeon run.  Odd that the 2 new dungeons are “obsolete” for a gear grinder the same day that they’re released.

Mapping out Pharos Sirius (Hard)

Mapping out Pharos Sirius (Hard)

That said, they’re quite fun.  More challenging than Neverreap and Fractal Continuum, but not onerously so.  Honestly, I expected them to be a little harder than they actually are, though that might be a function of the DF groups I’ve had being in largely all Esoteric gear, so we’re arguably overgeared for it already too.  Even so, I plan to get into a pattern of at least doing an Expert run per night with the 2 new dungeons, just as I used to do with the old.  I’m less worried about getting Eso gear for alternate jobs anymore, but it’ll be nice to still have a long-term goal, else I might realize that it’s just a game and it doesn’t matter if I log in each day and then I might stop logging in as much and next thing you know I’ll have picked up a different hobby and then where would I be? (Yes, that last was facetiousness, in case you couldn’t tell, becuz we all know how things don’t come across in text, right?)

Thavnairian set as complete as I care to get it

Thavnairian set as complete as I care to get it

In other news, I finally saved up enough gil to get the last piece of the Thavnairian set that I wanted for my healer’s glamour, so… there it is in the screenie.

Level 58 DRK appearance

Level 58 DRK appearance

Beyond that, I’m still working on my tanks.  My leveling roulette runs since 3.1 have been either Dusk Vigil or The Vault, so the xp’s been really good on them, plus with doing the Vanu Vanu tribe quests plus the daily hunts, the xp’s flowing nicely.  DRK is now 58, with WAR and PLD still 57, but on their way up also.

My "gift" in TSW for buying The Park

My “gift” in TSW for buying The Park

I also did a touch of TSW this past Friday.  Some FC members from FFXIV also play TSW and they mentioned wanting to run the Halloween quests and/or do the Hell Raised (normal) dungeon (they’re all QL5-ish, just barely got to Blue Mountain in the story), so I offered to escort them since I’m QL10.2-ish.  We got on together and they decided they wanted to do the dungeon.  I offered to tank since that would probably have my over-gearing of that dungeon minimized, but one of them wanted to tank, so I went with my pistol/shotgun dps build and…. I held back, but still pretty much ended up tanking everything anyway.  Our healer was good and I only died 2x in all of that, though, in spite of not having any tanking talismans and only 2300 HP for the run.  ‘Twas a fun evening.  And I’ve started the current year’s Samhain quest, but am only in phase 3, so with it ending tomorrow I really ought to hop in and finish that up tonight, hadn’t I?

Happy gaming out there!

[The Park] Finally did The Park

The whole Park

The Park

I was really tired last night so went to bed early, hoping I’d actually get to sleep until my normal get-up time.  Nope.  Awake at 4:30, darnitall!  But that meant I had 3 hours to kill.  Could have done some FFXIV, of course, but I decided instead that it was time to do The Park.  I’m not really one to go for Horror genre of anything, so my liking of TSW was a surprise to me.  The reviews I’ve read of The Park made it sound interesting yet offputting at the same time.  But then again, on the few occasions I’ve seen horror movies I tend to find them funny and the “jump scares” to be telegraphed and pathetic, so…. what the heck?  Fired it on up and in I went.

Oh boy!  A roller coaster!

Oh boy! A roller coaster!

And it was very good.  I can see why people are calling it a “walking simulator” or maybe even gracing it with “interactive story” becuz, well… yeah, that about sums it up.  But what a story!  And experiencing it when locked into a 1st person view… well, I actually got caught up in it, so the jump scares actually worked.  And with the sound effects of unseen things walking near you, the music, the ambiance….. it worked.  And then toward the end when you go through a series of rooms, then descend a staircase only to find yourself again in those same rooms, except now they’re a little different…. and then do that again and they’re a little more different…… and again……. and again…… it was a literal descent into madness, and it worked so very well.  Joel Bylos, you Magnificent Bastard!

I took quite a few screenshots, and while I think they’re more-or-less spoiler-free…. they could still be spoilers, so I’m not posting them here, but if you care to click through to the imgur album I created with them, then it’s right here.  But again… just becuz I don’t think they’re spoilery doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not, so…. you have been warned!


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