[FFXIV] Magitek Predator Get!!!

Yesterday I was looking at a friend’s lodestone page, and my character was in the sidebar and showing I’d still only gotten 360 Tomes of Creation this week.  I could swear I’d capped it on Saturday, but… I guess I was so focused on leveling Samurai that I just plain forgot.  So last night I ran Expert Roulette to finish my cap for the week, got Ala Mhigo, and the Magitek Predator key dropped.  I’ve seen it twice before, but rolled really crappy each time.  This time I rolled an 89 — good, but still beatable.  But nope, I won it!  Yay!


Even though it’s a giant robot, on the ground it’s actually pretty “low” so running feels really fast.

And then I worked on my Machinist to get it to 64 so I’d finally get the new animations for the “heated” shots.  I like those.  Plus they’re a nice potency boost so I don’t feel like I’m always hitting with a wet noodle anymore.  Dragoon hitting 64 last week and getting the ability to add the 5th hit to the combo felt like a similar damage increase.  So yeah, I’m having a good time all around.


Flying feels normal speed though, since once you leave the ground you lose the reference of its motion under your feet.

Happy Gaming out there!


I dunno why, but I really like how the feet hang as it flies. Is that a weird thing to notice?

[FFXIV] Level 63 to 70 “Striking” Armor Sets

Caster Glamour

I redid my caster glamour again, making use of the Moonfire Faire’s reward outfit.

I got Samurai from 63-70, Monk from 63-65, and Dragoon to 64.  As a result, I got 3 “left sides” cleared out of my bags, and the level 63 “right side” as well.  On the other hand, I more or less picked up the entire level 69 set while doing the runs there.  I actually only had 4 pieces of the “Valarian Brawler” set when I hit 69.  But a couple of runs of Castrum Abania ended up dropping a ton of that set for me, so I had the full set by the time I hit 70, where I found I had the complete “Arhat … of Striking” set except for the gloves, and they’re kinda moot now since I’ve bought the i310 Ala Mhigan piece for that slot, and will be able to use that for Monk also, so I doubt I’ll ever actually get that last piece for that set.  Though I may run the Ala Mhigo dungeon on the SAM job just to get it  for a screenie at some point.  We’ll see, I guess.

MCH 63

I got Machinist to 63 late last week also. All combat jobs are at least 63 now, so no more Ghost Barque gear cluttering up my bags!

Here’s a gallery of the armor look for each level.  I took the SAM rewards from all the MSQ’s, so I had full sets of all the even-level HQ gear also.  And that’s why I’m focusing SAM/MNK as the next jobs to level – it gets me the most bag-clearing…

MNK 64

Monk Level 64.  I’ve actually made it to 65, but I still don’t have the dungeon claws yet, and you’ll see the “Nomad … of Striking” gear below, so no screenie of that.  Yet. 😉

SAM 63

This is the Shisui set after finally getting the level 63 katana, even though I was actually 64 in the shot 😉

SAM 64

Level 64 Samurai

SAM 65

Level 65 Samurai after getting its katana in Bardam’s Mettle, though I was actually 66 at this point.  What a goofy hat, no? — “Nomad” set

SAM 66

Level 66 Samurai

SAM 67

Level 67 Samurai — “Yanxia”

SAM 68

Level 68 Samurai. I really like the black blade with the red edge for this one.

SAM 69

Level 69 Samurai – “Valarian Brawler”

SAM 70-2

Level 70 AF3 set

SAM 70-3

Level 70 Samurai — “Arhat”

Happy Gaming out there

[FFXIV] Bag Cleanup (aka More Alt-Job Leveling)


Dragoon 63

As I’ve said before…. for some variety and also so that I can clean out some of this dungeon gear that’s clogging up my bags and retainers, I worked on getting Bard, Machinist, and Ninja to level 61 the weekend.  BRD/MCH share gear, and the Ninja shares the right-side jewelry, so that’s why I worked on them together.  I also worked on Dragoon, Samurai, and Monk together earlier in the week and got them all to level 63 so they’re all in their Shisui gear now.


Monk 63

Oddly enough, though, I’m not actually using the Ghost Barque sets from the Sirensong Sea dungeon, as it’s all green-quality i260 gear, but I’ve already got blue-quality i260 gear from the end of Heavensward which the game says is better … and in looking it it, sure the main stats are the same, but the secondary stats are indeed slightly better.  In the case of the Ninja, I’ve actually gone ahead and upgraded the entire left side armor to the i270 stuff, which means that it is actually slightly better stat-wise than the Shisui gear, so I won’t really need to upgrade the ninja stuff until the level 65 Nomad’s set.


Samurai 63

As a result, I took a picture of Bard in the Ghost Barque set just so I could post it here, but then I sold it all off and didn’t bother to take a picture of the Machinist in it upon hitting 61, becuz… it’s the same set, so why repeat it?  I kept the Ninja set around long enough to at least take the screenshot of it, but then went back to my actual setup (which rocks, btw — I ran Sirensong Sea with it this morning and the boss fights were significantly shorter than I’ve ever experienced before).  Back to the bard though — I like the changes to the songs and how you can rotate between the 3 to always have a song running to give that small critical hit buff to your group, and then the songs each have their different effects on you, so you can do different things depending on which song you’re singing.  My biggest thing is remembering to make sure a song’s actually up all the time….  I’ll get better.


61 Bard in the full Ghost Barque set

Machinist feels pretty much the same to me as it always did, just now has that heat gauge mechanic that you can’t control until level 62, so having my gun overheat periodically and turn off Gauss Barrel is a little annoying, but I’m sure it will get better after I get the heat management skills.  As it is, each hit feels like it’s a big hit, so that’s kinda nice.  I even got Dusk Vigil as a leveling pug with another machinist and between the 2 of us we made the trash melt quickly, and the bosses went down fast too, so it was pretty nice.


61 Ninja in the Ghost Barque set

And I even broke down and started to work on gathering.  Well… fishing.  I wanted to unlock spear fishing and see what that was like.  The answer is… eh.  Right-click the node, wait for the visual indicator, then hit the button to try to spear a fish.  No biggie.  But anyway, levequests work nicely for fast leveling — there’s one you can turn in 3x per allowance and it’s worth about 152K xp each time.  The fish aren’t even hard to catch for it, but you can burn through a stack in a hurry with the repeated turn-ins.


61 Ninja actual appearance — Augmented Shire set

A change that I found interesting is that instead of the game now telling you that you’ve depleted the area you’re in if you stay too long, it now simply makes you start failing every cast, so after failing 3-4 in a row you know it’s time to move on.  I prefer not to lose my bait like that, but… it’s not like it’s expensive, so it’s not a big deal really.  So yeah… I’m pushing 62 on Fisher now also.  Just a tad shy, but I should get there in short order the next time I decide to work on it a little more.

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Pug Tales Episode 1

Partially for some variety, and partially to try to clear up some bag space, I’ve started working on Monk and Dragoon a bit, since Monk shares gear with SAM and DRG shares the right-side gear also.  Last night it was the Dragoon’s turn, and in an effort to get from 60-61 in a single night instead of taking 2 nights doing just the hunt logs and beast tribes, I queued up for the leveling roulette.


Level 61 Dragoon in full Ghost Barque kit. Looks like a caster from late Heavensward, or a level 60 healer in i255 crafted gear somehow…..

When it popped it was Brayflox’s Longstop, so we were all sync’d down to level 34.  The healer’s gear was mid-60’s, I was sync’d from 60 (obviously), and the bard was actually on-level and had a sprout.  The tank was sync’d down also, but had a sprout and gear from the upper 30’s, so it looked like it’d be a nice easy run, even with 2 newbies.


The “recommended gear” button at level 61 says my i260 Shire gear is still better than the i260 Ghost Barque gear though — blue quality Shire vs green quality Ghost Barque, I suppose. It looks better too, IMO. And I glamoured the spear to Replica High Allagan, becuz why not?


The second the barrier dropped the tank took off for the 1st pull, without waiting for the healer to cast Protect.  No biggie, not like Protect is a big thing and the healer can apply it during the fight.  But the tank ran into the 1st group of 3 mobs and … hit Fast Blade.  And stood there a while.  Then he hit Savage Blade.  And stood there a while.  And then he finally hit Rage of Halone.  So hey, he at least used his aggro combo! Too bad it took him 20 seconds to use what should have taken him 5.  But he never hit Flash, so as soon as the healer cast a heal, 2 mobs peeled for him.  The bard grabbed one, I grabbed the other, so the healer didn’t have to heal himself, but now had 3 of us taking damage and he couldn’t keep that many balls in the air, so the tank went down, his mob made a beeline to the healer, and then, well…. wipe, though I managed to kill my mob before we all went down.


This is the level 64 healer gear that I mentioned in my last post with the re-used HW assets and odd color… which is why I glamoured it to look like the level 63 Shisui set.

So we all released and were right back at the front.  Healer managed to get Protect up before the tank ran ahead.  Since with Stormblood the Paladin now gets Shield Oath at level 30 instead of 40, I asked the tank in chat to engage it, advising him it would help him hold aggro better.  And I also suggested using Flash at least 2x as he was entering the group of mobs so they wouldn’t peel to the healer.  I was completely ignored — he didn’t say anything in chat, nor did he follow any of my suggestions.  The healer declined to heal him since he wasn’t actually you know… tanking… so he went down.  Then the bard decided to hit a mob.  The healer kept him up and we were able to kill the 2 mobs remaining in that group without dying.

The tank released and ran back, then immediately into the next group of 3 mobs, in spite of the healer saying “I’m not moving until you talk to us and/or put up Shield Oath and start using Flash.”  The tank didn’t do any of it, so he went down quickly.  And now 5 minutes had passed, so we vote-kicked him.  Fortunately, a new tank joined within a few seconds who was sync’d down from 70, and we then proceeded to complete the dungeon without further incident.  and I got about 1.3 million xp from the roulette bonus and the actual completetion.  Not quite the 1.7 I get from Sirensong Sea, but…. I made it to 61, so I can do that dungeon tonight instead of using leveling roulette 😉

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] More Stormblood Leveling


You’ve already seen the level 65 Nomad’s set, so.. here’s a closeup of the Summoner’s book instead. And yes, I got my fox ears. Thanks for noticing! 😉

So, if y’all remember, in my last post I said I’d probably hit 70 as a Summoner this weekend, and… yep, it happened.  Doing the daily hunts while queued for the highest level dungeon I can do seems to take long enough to do 2-3 dungeons in a session, so between that xp and the xp from the hunt log completions, I have been getting a level a day on whatever job I’ve been working.


Same deal as above for the level 67 Yanxian set

So anyway, Summoner hit 70, which also made Scholar hit 70 as well since they both level off “arcanist” experience, so that’s nice to have 1 less job to eventually level up.  Even though I’ve not healed a thing in quite some time, I still have been buying the i310 gear set for healers since I knew SCH was up and coming with the Summoner, so hitting 70 gave me an instant i303 average.  I’ve not done the right-side gear upgrades yet —  those are currently all i300 drops from my daily expert runs that I do as Paladin (obviously this is also the source for the Verity times I used to buy the left side gear 😉 ).


Summoner AF3 set. Kinda flowy this time.

The level 70 Summoner job quest was interesting, especially when it turned into a dps race at the end.  The Scholar job quest was a lot more straightforward, just burn the mobs down.  This actually kinda surprised me since in HW for SCH and WHM one needed to cleanse and heal quite a bit to do those quests, but in SB it was pretty much burn the mobs down with no healing needed.  I’d guess this was due to complaints in HW that since the NPC’s aren’t in your party you can’t see that they need to be cleansed, so it made the SCH quest very frustrating.


Scholar AF3 is still fairly ridiculous with the mortarboard and gaskins.

Since the 3 healer jobs share gear and as I leveled through the MSQ I always took the healer gear rewards, my overstuffed bags have more healer gear than anything, so I decided I’ll level White Mage and Astrologian next so that as they level i can sell the obsolete stuff off to clear out some space.  I was initially pretty leery of healing, since a lot of people on reddit and the SE forums are complaining that healing is a lot harder in SB dungeons than it was before, and I know when tanking it that a lot of healers seemed to struggle to keep me alive no matter how many cooldowns I was using, so I was worried that I’d have a hard time making the switch.


This is my current level 70 healer appearance

It turns out that I didn’t need to worry at all.  In spite of all the rust that needs to be knocked off my muscle memory for healing, I’ve found that Sirensong Sea and Shisui are both very easy to heal, even on the large pulls that all the complaints seem to be about.  Quite frankly, even on the large pulls if I don’t cast some dps spells I’m standing around bored.  Maybe Bardam’s Mettle and higher are harder, but the 1st 2 dungeons are… well… it’s Sunday night when I’d usually be chain-running dungeons and I’ve gotten bored and logged out and am blogging about it instead.  And I know I’m FAR from the best healer out there, which makes me wonder just how crappy some of these other people playing healers are?


Level 63 White Mage

Granted, I’ve run these dungeons a ton while leveling the 3 tanks and the 3 casters, so I’m very familiar with when I’ll need to pre-heal, when the AE hits are coming, and whatnot, but still….. I’m kinda flabbergasted.  I’m sure that sounds like a humble-brag.  Not intended to, but it’s out there anyway.


Level 63 Astrologian

Happy gaming out there!

Edit to add — after posting this, I went back and chain-ran Shisui on WHM and AST and both are now 64.    The gear upgrade for that level re-used some assets from Heavensward and was an odd blue-green color, so I glamoured it to look like the Shisui set again.  Glamour is the true endgame, amirite?


My daughter was flying around on my character and playing with the minions, it would appear.


A tranquil moment during the Summoner job quest cutscenes