[FFXIV] 3.4 New Dungeons Impressions

FFXIV’s patch 3.4 dropped today.  I woke up without my alarm as usual, and it was early enough that I had time to run through both of the new dungeons.  Here are my impressions of the boss fights.  I ignore the trash fights becuz, well… trash is trash and not really worth mentioning, though with a few exceptions you’ll see later.

Great Gubal Library (Hard)

1st Boss — Demon Tome Redux

You get up to it and it looks just like the Demon Tome in Normal mode.  Our tank laughed when he saw it, and I didn’t even bother to take a screenshot.  But as soon as you start the fight the book disappears and you see the actual demon in the tome.  He occasionally makes the floor purple, which we’ve seen before, and he occasionally calls books to the edges of the little hall you’re fighting him in that slam shut together in sequence.  You just move next to the 1st one, wait for it to go, then step in to the newly created safe spot.  I assume they’re 1-shot kills, but none of us ever got hit, so they might just be high damage.  Who knows?  It had quite a few HP so it took a while to kill, but it wasn’t hard at all.  Edit — Ran a 2nd time and it looks like my 1st impressions were all remembered correctly!

2nd Boss — Fire Elemental


GGLH – 2nd Boss

1st phase it looks like a man.  Tosses out a couple of ground things to avoid.  After the damage hit it leaves a circle and people get a colored token over their head.  They need to run to the circle that matches the color over their head to avoid the big damage hit.

2nd phase it looks like Titan-Egi, but flames not rocks.  (Edit — 2nd time it looked more like a big disembodied hand…)It puts down a ring of fire around the edges of the arena as well as a circle of fire underneath itself, then puts tethers out to everyone with a + or a – sign over your head.  If you have a + sign when the cast finishes he pulls you in to the center into the circle of fire and stuns you so you take a few hits before you can shake it off and move out.  The – sign repels you out to the outer circle and does the same.  So…. we didn’t do this, but it appears if you get the – sign you should run in to him and stop just short of the circle of flames so when you get knocked back it won’t push you all the way out to the ring.  And conversely, the + sign should go out to the ring of fire and get sucked in, but not all the way to the circle.  I may have the effect of the push and pull reversed there….. (Edit:  No idea how these work.  on the 2nd run I had a plus the 1st time and got sucked in.  Then I had a minus the 2nd time… and I got sucked in.  Maybe something to do with where the other players are positioned with their pluses and minuses?)

He eventually goes back to man-form and it’s just a repeat of phase 1 again.  We killed him before he went back to elemental form, so I don’t know if there’s a difference if he changes again.

3rd Boss — The weird owl-thingie


GGLH — Boss 3

Prior to the 3rd boss is a slight mini-boss which is an easier version of the original GGL 2nd boss, so here’s your trash mention for this dungeon.  Wasn’t hard, was still trash, but it was at least a little interesting.

3rd boss actually wiped us as we were figuring out the mechanics.  He drops circles on the floor that you need to use to avoid or mitigate some of his big attacks, it’s just a matter of figuring out which to use for what.  There’s an “air” one that levitates you to avoid his earthquake attack.  There’s a green-ish one that if you run into it early you turn into an imp and can’t do anything, but if you wait until he turns you into an imp and then run into it, it cures you instead.  There’s also a darkness one that puts heavy on you while in it, but avoids his darkness attack completely.  There’s also a tornado attack and 1 other, but those it seems you need to just eat.  If you are in the imp circle when he fires the tornado it treats you as vulnerable and does a massive hit, so that’s bad… don’t do that😉  He also summons the original 2nd boss book with a behemoth looking thing in it that drops proximity meteors to move away from, and eventually you have to LOS the book boss behind the meteors, else his final big meteor will do a 1-shot kill.

I’m not sure I’ve got everything figured out for the circles yet, so there might be another mechanic you can use them for.  I’ll find out as I do it more.

As it was we wiped the 1st time, but figured enough out that on the 2nd attempt… one time both the dragoon and I went down, but the healer got me up and then I rez’d the dragoon and we finished him off that time.

Overall quite an easy dungeon except for figuring out the final boss, and once we all know how the circles work for sure, he’ll be easy too.  (Edit:  Use the air circle to avoid the quake, use the imp circle to cure you of the imp state.  Use the darkness circle to avoid the tornado, and you have to eat the darkness cast.  And spread out!  If you’re too close to someone else you hit each other, even though it’s not telegraphed that it’s an AE hit around you.  Or so it seemed the 2nd time.  I could have just been seeing things.  Who knows?)



1st boss — Balloon guy


Xelphatol Boss 1

In the trash run up to the 1st guy, there’s some environmental hazards of dropping rocks to avoid, but otherwise nothing to worry about.  For the boss himself he drops a few things to avoid, then eventually flies up and summons Ixal adds and a turret.  Have the tank pick up the adds and kill the turret 1st as it fires at random people, so it helps the healer to kill it asap.  On a later phase the turret is tethered to the 4 adds and invulnerable until you kill them, so that doesn’t work.  Not too difficult, and this seemed to be the most complex boss of the dungeon to me.

2nd Boss — Big Axe guy


Xelphatol Boss 2

The trash leading to this boss has lower floor with spikes in it like you can see in the screenie, so that prepares you for this guy.  The 4 walls in the raised “safe” area make it obvious that he’s going to do a knockback into the spikes if you don’t use them.  And yep, that’s pretty much the fight.  He tosses a marker periodically that will drop a ground circle to avoid, but you just move away from the wall until it drops, then back to the wall and… yeah, that’s the whole fight as I saw it as a ranged dps.  It was WAY easy.


Transport between sections in Xelphatol

As you are moving to the last boss there are War Balloons that bring in trash mobs.  And they keep bringing in adds until you destroy them, so they are the priority targets.  And there’s your final trash mention….

3rd Boss — Hulking Birdman


That’s a big birdman!

As you can see in the screenshot, he’s got 4 birds flying around.  They occasionally do divebombs at each of you.  Just be sure you aren’t overlapping someone else and it’s pretty minor damage for the healer to deal with.  Boss himself occasionally tosses out “Ixali Aero” which hits everyone for moderate damage for the healer to deal with also.  And he occasionally summons a Garuda-Egi to the middle of the arena who drops some ground areas to avoid, usually while you’re being divebombed by the birds too, so avoiding her stuff can make you overlap the divebombs if you’re not careful.  We all positioned well though, so it wasn’t an issue.  His last mechanic is the big glowie arrows at 1 person that mean you need to stack on that person to split the damage, but we’ve seen that before.  He had a ton of HP so took a while to kill, but other than the heal checks with the AE damage it was a very easy fight.

Overall I’d have to say in Xelphatol that the 1st boss was actually the hardest, and in the 3rd section’s trash we didn’t kill the war balloons right off so we nearly got overwhelmed with all the adds they brought in  — to the point where the tank said “that was NOT fun” after we finished that section, and that was really all of the “difficulty” invovled there.

But yeah, if you’re in Lore gear the new dungeons really aren’t hard at all.  We all went in completely blind, and only the 3rd boss in Great Gubal Library (Hard) had any kind of mechanic to really figure out.  The rest was just your typical “don’t stand in bad.”  Enjoyable enough, but I can also see getting bored of doing these as the Expert Roulette in a hurry as a result.

Gear dropped is green i225, so your Lore gear is already better.  The biggest reason to run these will be for the new Tomes of Scripture for the new higher quality gear and to get your weekly Tales sticker.

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Marking Time


Remember prior posts saying I’d be willing to pay for Y’shtola’s Heavenward outfit if it became available? Well….. yeah, I did. Worth it!

I’m back into my “care enough to log in daily, but not really sure why” phase.  I like that I feel like I’m advancing my character by working on the crafting and gathering classes, but I also know I don’t plan to actually do anything with either once they’re all capped out.  As it is…. 60 Blacksmith, 60 Miner, 60 Botanist, and 51 Weaver have all been achieved since my last post, so… things are definitely coming along.


All my job levels as of last night

Still and all… I’m geared up on Summoner, and since Black Mage shares that gear also on that class even though I don’t do the BLM thing anymore.  I’m also geared up on all 3 tank jobs, but find that I prefer Paladin for that.  Sure, I’ve still only got the i200 weapon and so should probably run some Palace of the Dead to get its i235 one, but since I’m holding aggro against dps in full i240 gear in the Duty Finder (even when stupidly forgetting to go back into Shield Oath after swapping to Sword for the 1st “boss” in Hullbreaker Hard — yes, I was *that* tank.  At least until I realized why I was actually having to work for aggro and blow more cooldowns to help the healer than normal and swapped back to Shield…. ) I don’t really feel the need.  Due to this “semi-apathy, my daily routine is pretty much “log in, do the 3 Moogle quests for whichever crafter is in the 50-59 range, then teleport to North Shroud and grab the 9 highest level Ixal quests.  Run those on one of my level 60 crafters, then swap to my “currently leveling” class for the turn-ins for 1-2 levels per day from that, swap to Paladin and queue up for an insta-pop Expert roulette” and… there you go.  All done. and it took maybe 90 minutes.


I never actually looked at the sankchini mobs as an adventurer, but when needing to stealth past them as a gatherer I took the opportunity. I never realized they had a face.

I was using the weekends to run gathering leves.  Oddly enough, once past level 50 those became easier than before.  Prior to 50 you needed full setsd of HQ gear and food in order to have an 85% chance of getting your “easy” evaluation leve target, which you could make 100% with a spend of 100 GP.  Post 50 the leves would give 87-93% base chance with just normal quality gear.  Sure, I still needed to spend the GP for the 100% chance to make it easy to cap out my xp gain per leve quest, but I didn’t have to worry about making or buying the expensive HQ gear anymore, at least.


During the Nidhogg fight

I finally bothered to complete the 3.3 (3.35? ) story line this past weekend, so I’ve now seen all the cutscenes that … well, they did warn it would take a while  But the “journey of remembrance” really felt like they were padding it out unnecessarily.  The Nidhogg trial was quite fun.  Wiped on the 1st try but we’d gotten him to phase 3 and it was due to one of the healer’s having a problem with his mouse.  He changed his batteries, and 2nd try wasn’t a problem at all.  Go go duty finder group!


Nidhogg down… er.. up…. er…. whatever. The fight was done!

I guess this means I should actually try Weeping City sooner or later here…  Maybe this weekend.  We shall see.


I liked this “bird flower” that these people made in Idyllshire, so… screenie…

Happy gaming out there!

Mobile Gaming — AstroNest

I play a few mobile games.  Not many, since I don’t need all my time being eaten up by them, but a few.  Until recently the list was Minion Rush, DomiNations, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale.  Clash Royale and DomiNations were more due to inertia than anything, and tbh in CR I was just logging in for the free chest every 4 hours, donating cards to the clan I was in, asking for some in return, but not actually you know… playing… the game.  So I dropped out of the clan and uninstalled Clash Royale, but that left a hole in my icons on my phone to fill.

astronest-800x350Since I tend to like casual space combat games, when I saw an ad on Facebook for “AstroNest” with the picture above associated to it, I thought “I’ll give it a try and if I don’t like it I can uninstall it easily enough.  Turns out I quite like it.  I’m still figuring a few things out about it, and some things are level-locked and I’m not high enough for them yet, but at its core it’s something of a rock-paper-scissors game in how you set up your fleets, but nobody uses paper, and I’ve found out how to be both rock and scissors.  Okay, bad analogy, but … I win a lot more battles than I lose, even against people who the game says are significantly stronger than I.  That said, I can also lose horribly to people who the game indicates are weaker than I am, though that’s not unheard of, but rare.  Basically I leverage high evasion to “tank” by not getting hit, while using high-accuracy weapons to make sure that I almost never miss.  Doesn’t always work, but close enough.

So yeah, I’ve come to quite enjoy it and am looking forward to playing it for some time to come yet.  I like it enough that I spent $10 on one of their starter packs so that I’d feel like I was buying the game that I was having so much fun with.

Now to find that level 45 alien fleet.  I found the level 50 already, but I still need to find the level 45 one……



I learned you can sit while fishing

On the FFXIV front, I’ve completed the lore set for the tank jobs and have taken to tanking the expert dungeons as a paladin in order to make my queue go faster.  Carpenter and Culinarian are both level 60 now, with Blacksmith coming up at 57.  Weaver is 46 now as well, so once it hits 50 and BSM hits 60 it will take over as the Moogle class while I work on…. probably Leatherworker next.  On the gathering front, MIN and BTN are both 54 now and climbing steadily so it won’t be too long before I hit 60 on them.


Nice looking room my daughter found during her explorations in the Goblet.

Honestly, I don’t really plan to do much with crafting or gathering once they’re all 60.  don’t even plan to gear them up or anything in order to make the “advanced” recipes.  I’m really just doing the crafting stuff in order to be able to say to myself that I’m still advancing my character.


Ewww! Married people . . .

More exciting to me is that my wife finally decided to start playing the game also.  She’s spent hours in the character creator getting her character just right, and I made an alt to play with her at the same level.  She’s never really done video games at all, so the WASD movement is still throwing her, and when she had to avoid telegraphs during her 1st combat quest that threw her off, but she’ll get better.  We’re level 4 on those characters, is all, but there’s no rush for them whatsoever, just a way to pass time some evenings in the same room.  Should be nice.

Happy gaming out there.

[FFXVI] Moonfire Faire 2016


Go Go Posing Rangers!

This year’s Moonfire Faire has kicked off again.  It’s still in Costa Del Sol and geared toward level 30-ish, but other than that it’s completely different than last year’s event.

This year they’re spoofing on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  The quests are kinda cute and don’t take long, plus there are 2 FATEs as part of it that are very easy and respawn quickly.  These FATEs also award the event’s token currency so are a good way to farm up those.

Not that you really need to.  The glamour armor costs a total of 12 tokens, and I got 9 just from running the event’s story quest and completing the FATEs as part of it.  3 more will get my last piece.  The 6 poses you can get cost a total of 15 tokens, so that won’t take long to get, and then as far as I’m concerned the event will be over.  And then I can get back to FATE grinding for Yo-Kai weapons…..😉

Happy Gaming out there!

[FFXIV] A bit of this, a bit of that


My Whisper-Go mount from the Yo-kai Watch event

While crafting is currently still my main focus in FFXIV, I took some time out this past weekend to smell the roses, so to speak.  The Yo-kai Watch  crossover event started on Tuesday and I did an hour-ish of FATE grinding that morning, which was enough to get my enough tokens to buy 3 pets beyond the 1st, plus got me 3 legendary tokens toward my 1st weapon.  I didn’t do any more FATEs until the weekend, but then did them … not really in earnest, but enough that I now have all the minions and thus the mount that goes with that.  I’ve gotten 3 of the weapons now also, and this week I’ll sporadically go after FATEs to try to get the 4th.  This weekend also marks the beginning of a week-long “relaxing style” vacation at my family’s cabin in Idaho where I have internet and I’ll have a lot of free time in the week, so… maybe I’ll even get all the weapons and the glowie mount.  We shall see.


The 1st Yo-kai Watch weapon I got due to randomly choosing a pet to use.

As I was buying up some of the minions I called my daughter over to see since she really likes the minions and loves to have them out and following her character around as she explores.  Just as I was turning in the tokens to get the next minion she said “That character next to you has a Yo-kai Watch pet.”  And I felt really old, becuz I’d never heard of Yo-kai Watch before the event was announced, and she could instantly tell that the pets were from it and seem a bit blase about it as she did so.  Kids these days, I tell you…


Floor 10 complete!

I also ran the 1st 10 floors of the new Palace of the Dead twice with some FC-mates who wanted to check it out — once as a Scholar and once as a White Mage and yawn… I think I cast maybe 4 heals the entire time and all due to landmine traps, not monster fighting.  I’d seen somewhere that Summoner can solo in there pretty well, so I deleted one of the save slots and started a solo run.  I made it to floor 20 and was doing pretty well against the boss until I forgot that bee and hornet type mobs have Final Sting and on the 2nd set of adds I let my pet go back on the boss instead of helping on the 2nd wasp and… yeah, oops.  Still, I’ve got 11/9 for my weapon and armor rating so far and even on floor 19 the silver chests were saying I was at cap, so I’ll have to see about maybe using the Duty Finder to get a run that goes all the way or something.   It was quick and fun in the floors I did, so I’ll happily go back and do it some more.


Current progress

The crafting’s still coming along.  Carpenter hit 60, Culinarian’s working through the 50-60 levels with the Moogles now and in the interest of being able to make my own tools for the gathering classes I’m focusing on Blacksmith next.  I’m hoping to catch up soon-ish as HQ tools either cost a mint or aren’t even available in the upper 30’s and the leve quests I’m doing tend to think I’m a bit low on my skill as a result.  I still do fine and complete them, but it seems like it’s a touch harder/more annoying than it should be and I think having the level-appropriate HQ tools will be a big help for that.


My retainer brought me this really nice-looking DK sword for glamouring

So anyway, that’s where I’m at now.  Even though Blaugust is “chill” this year, I chose not to sign up for it, as I did the 31 posts in 31 days thing last year and found that I didn’t care to post more than once a week or so.  I know I’m a bit dry in my posts and simply report progress more than anything, don’t really talk about the grand ideas of meta-gaming or whatever, and i’m happy enough doing that, so… I didn’t feel the need to join in with Blaugust this year.  Which isn’t to say that I won’t share my post links in the Blaugust Nook, but I do that as a matter of course anyway😉

Happy gaming out there!


My daughter found someone who’s already done all the weapon grinding