[FFXIv] 2 Grinds Completed!

And I didn’t even know I was doing one of them, so arguably that one wasn’t a grind….  But yeah, there I was, doing my daily expert dungeon run when “Achievement Earned!” pops up across the screen, leaving me to go “Huh. . .wha?”  We finished the fight and I clicked the link and saw this:


I need to go talk to that guy in Gridania to get my glamour item…

Ok… that’s a lot of monsters, and I didn’t even know I was doing it.  Yay, I guess.

On the other hand, I knew that I was doing the “grind” to get my chocobo companion to 20, but considering that I’ve been getting a level every 5-6 weeks for it since it was about level 4 due to how much xp is needed vs how little it gains from actual playing with it, vs the 2 challenge logs awards per week…. can’t really grind when you can’t speed it up.  It’s really just a tortoise plodding along and it eventually gets there —


Yup, that’s all of it.

This also means I got a new barding — white mage this time:


And yet it’s a terrible healer. Though it’s saved my butt a few times, so I’m not complaining either.

Still and all, I find myself just putting it in attacker stance anymore.  If you leave it in free stance it spends more time casting the regen on you and the tank buffs on itself than it does actually fighting the mobs you’re going after.  And when I’m in i230 gear fighting mobs designed for i140-ish, it’s not like I need the heals and it’s never held aggro as a tank either, so….. yeah.

On the chocobo racing front, I put my Pedigree 5 in the cooker this morning, so it will be waiting for me to pick it up during tonight’s play session.  My daughter’s been watching me race and that’s made her want to race on her own character and run around the gold Saucer a bit as well.  She got a nice screenie of herself sitting on a bench:


There’s an NPC next to her that she just automatically looked at and held the pose.

And in the irony department, Belghast recently returned to playing more regularly and I got in a chat convo with him at one point and he asked if my daughter was still the queen of running around in the Mist housing area on her unicorn mount.  I updated him that I’ve gotten her character to 60 and fully flight capable, so I told him she doesn’t spend much time in Mist anymore at all, so she then promptly began running around Mist and going into random people’s houses and taking screenshots again.  Even thought she wasn’t privy to that chat at all nor did I tell her about it.  She just randomly picked it up again right as I said she’s stopped.  Go figure.  And here’s an example of one of her screenies in someone’s house:


Midgardsormr on her shoulder just above the waterline just made the pic for me.

Happy gaming out there!

[Endless Legend] The Cultists

This past weekend, I realized that I was in a bit of a rut in Endless Legend and playing the Broken Lords faction repeatedly since they’ve become my favorite so I decided to try something a bit different and play with the Cultist faction instead.  I’ve read a little about them and I’ve played them once before, but it’s been quite a while so I didn’t really remember much about them at 1st.  This time I paid attention and… they’ll always have the glaring weakness that they only are able to have 1 city so they’re very vulnerable to being attacked, and they seem to start a little slower than the other factions, but by the end of the game, well…. let me show you the screenshot of my city:

Cultists Nuts

This is simply nuts!

Assuming you don’t already know, you can open it full-size by right-clicking it, selecting “Open in New Tab” and then editing the “?w=(somenumber)” off the end of the URL for it.  The really relevant stuff is in the top on the right — 53 population +103 workers from converted cities, 6353 food production, 1891 manufacturing, 5170 science, 2752 gold, and 7607 influence per turn, with all my workers being under the influence section.  That’s insane!  That’s a complete empire’s worth of output from my single-city.  You can also see down in the lower right that I’ve got 9 armies out in the field.  I should have a garrison in the city also, but I’d just emptied it and was about to build a new army again.  Yeah, maxed out Era 6 army in Palladium Gear + accessories and it would take 5 turns to build 8 units.  Any other Empire would need 4 to 7 turns per unit with all their population devoted to manufacturing.  Insane!

So how is this possible?  Well…. the way the Cultists work is this:

  • They can only have the 1 city, but they can upgrade its districts to level 3 which gives them a very large bonus to production.
  • After a minor faction village is pacified then they can spend influence to “convert” it to the cult.  Doing so gives you a worker in the capital and also allows you to extract the resources of the region in which the village it located.
  • You can convert villages in any unclaimed region, and at a greater cost you can also convert villages inside the borders of other factions, though it ticks them off if you do, and they tend to attack them and then use them for themselves again
  • You need to keep a lot of armies in the field to prevent other factions from attacking your converted villages — they can do so without declaring war on you, so you must be constantly vigilant.
  • The villages themselves spawn units, but they’re the “bog standard” unit of the village, not like an upgraded one that you can build if you assimilate a minor faction, so they’re weak in your armies, and not really that big a roadblock for opposing factions to attack.

Something that also really helps is that early on in their faction quest they get an item that gives them +35% to attack, defense, and initiative (at least I think those are the 3 stats) and it also gives you the skill Regeneration 2 which means your units self-heal each turn in combat and much faster out of combat.  Your 1st unit is “support” so it’s also a healer, so if you have that trinket equipped your armies are *very* hard to kill.  I find I like to get to the size 6 army asap and then use 1 Preacher (support/ranged/healer), 3 Fanatics (cavalry/tanks), and 2 Nameless Guards (ranged) along with a Cultist hero (tank) for a nice balance.

If the market doesn’t have any Cultist heroes available, the Broken Lords heroes work pretty well too, they just don’t get the awesome bonus from the faction trinket.

Also very helpful is to unlock the marketplace as soon as you can and buy one of the Necrophage heroes that has the Slavery skill.  What this does is give you a large bonus to Food and Manufacturing for every worker you have in your city due to conversion of the minor faction villages, and that’s why the numbers for my city in the screenshot up top there are so insane.

So anyway…… there you have it.  Convert lots of villages, field lots of armies, get a city hero with Slavery hero to take even more advantage of the converted villages, and then just kill everyone else becuz you know… they’ve got it coming😉

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV][Civ5][Endless Legend] A Month? Oops!


My new look

And here I’ve let a month go by without posting.  Mostly since I’ve been doing as noted in the last couple of posts — 1 expert run per day plus the Vath Tribe quests for 90 Lore tomes 5x per week in FFXIV.  On the bright side, I’ve gotten all of my gear except my weapon (and 1 ring) to i230 and I’ve even gotten enough Lore tomes to buy the 7 tokens I need for my weapon too, I just haven’t been bothering to run Alexander 8 Normal to get the weekly token that the weapon also needs 7 of……  I’ll get there eventually.  It’s not like I’m doing content where I need anything higher than i200 anyway.


Expanse Barding

I also went through and bought all the barding I could off the market board, so… more looks for my Chocobo.  I was kinda impressed that the Ice Barding looks like my Lore Casting outfit.  But then I went and decided to glamour the outfit so I wouldn’t look like “Generic Caster #9572.”


My new Cavalry Elbst

I’ve also completed the Sahagin Beast Tribe favor grind and bought my Cavalry Elbst.  It’s a lot of fun to ride when back in the no-fly zones.  I’m now working the last of the (non-crafting) Beat Tribes — the Sylphs.  I’m at Rank 3 and need about 6 more days of doing it to hit rank 4 for my Goobue mount.  But man…… these quests are frightfully annoying and that’s at 60 where I don’t have to dodge around mobs since I’m so high level they ignore me.  I cannot imagine having done these at 50 when everything would be chasing me all the time.  The 2 common quests to have to do a FATE which takes a half-hour to pop aren’t really that wonderful either.


Levin Barding

I popped into the Gold Saucer to check on the MGP price of the flying turtle mount, and somehow fell down the rabbit hole of Chocobo Racing.  I’ve got a Pedigree 3 mount now to rank 31, so soon will be able to retire it and breed up a Pedigree 4.  All so I can repeat the process and get a pedigree 5, then a 6…… but somehow I am finding it compelling to do now, where I didn’t before.  Go figure.


Tidal Barding

Since the daily stuff in FFXIV only needs me to log in 5 days a week, the other 2 days are seeing me playing a lot of Civ5 and Endless Legend.  Not much to say about them other than “they’re fun” and “I hit ‘Next Turn’ an awful lot.”  But hey… they’re fun, and that’s why I play them, so there you go.


Ice Barding

Happy gaming out there!


I liked the Ruin 3 spell effect from this angle, so I took the shot

[FFXIV][Rift] Capping Tomes and Re-Visiting Old Loves


Finally got my bomb chair mount. I like how laid back she looks as she sits on it.

I haven’t posted much lately.  As noted in my prior post, I’m really just doing a daily Expert plus Vath quests to get 90 Lore tomes per day for 5 of 7 days in order to cap out, plus I’ve been running the Kobold beast tribes in order to get my bomb chair mount.  Not really a whole lot to say about any of that, so… no posting.


Yes, I sprung for the Bennu mount. It looks so amazing, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about Rift lately, so since it’s F2P I decided to download it again.  I really don’t remember any of it — logged in and looked at my UI and the macro’s I’ve got set up and whatnot and just went “wow, none of this looks familiar.”  I ran around a little to try to remember locations, logged in on each of my 4 characters to see if anything looked familiar at all and nothing did, so I decided to start a new character to re-learn the systems, the world map, and such and since I still had over 6000 gems (or whatever their cash currency is called) left over from when they did the F2P conversion I used most of that stockpile to unlock the Primalist calling.  Of course, by the time I did that I was pretty much out of play time for the day so I only made level 2 in the tutorial zone, but such is life, right?  I picked a ranged soul as my primary for it, but since one can mix and match, I’ll probably do that after I research a nice leveling build for it.

Anyway, short post, but at least it’s something.  Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Fun, but with a Side of Apathy?


My current appearance — i230 chest, legs, and boots. Gloves are glamoured to “Claws of the Beast” to hide how poorly the Midan gear matches the Lore Tome stuff.

When I log in to FFXIV, I have fun, but now that I’ve completed all my leveling (that I care to do, anyway — just not feeling the desire to do crafting or gathering just for the sake of doing them) I’ve lost a lot of my impetus to log in.  Apathy thy name is pkudude99!


Fighting “Brute Justice” in A8/M4

Well no, not quite.  I am still playing enough to cap out my Lore tomes each week, and I’ve started running through the Alexander Midas mini-raids to boot.  They’re quite fun, and I’ve already gotten some i220 gear upgrades from them as well as my 1st “Midan Gear” out of the 7 that I need to be able to upgrade my weapon from i210 to i230.  The items I’ve been upgrading to also aren’t job-locked, so both my Summoner and Black Mage jobs are i216 for their average since they’re sharing gear again.  And yet I just can’t bring myself to play as BLM anymore.  The joy is somehow gone from that job for me.😦


Doing Turn 9

Last night I also did an unsynced run through Turn 9 with my FC.  Even unsynced and with the 20% buff you get for doing it anymore (I had over 18,000 hit points as a caster, 2nd only to the tank who was just shy of 36,000) it was pretty brutal and took us about an hour of trying before we finally got it.  We were able to brute-force a lot of the mechanics due to our higher health pools and damage output, but there are also a lot of instant-kill mechanics that we still had to learn to avoid or mitigate.  I won the greed roll on a nice-looking dragoon spear I can use for glamouring, though I actually rather like the look of my current spear, so.. to the retainer it goes for now.


My current spear for Dragoon that I’m not going to glamour over, as well as a bunch of Dravanian gear from my Expert Roulette runs

I’ve also dipped a toe back in to Civ5.  I’ve gotten used to playing it a certain way, so I’ve been playing around with the various options and using different civs than I usually would in order to break me out of that mode and see what other types of fun I can glean from it, but how exciting is it for me to tell you that it’s been enough to keep me hitting “next turn” until 3:30 in the morning on a work night more than once in the past few weeks?😉


I got the fugly Easter event barding. May it never see the light of day again!

Happy gaming out there!


That looks like the hair dryer from hell, doesn’t it?


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