[FFXIV] Again with the Surprising Myself



In this past week of FFXIV, I’ve been doing the full daily allotment of Moogle and Ixal quests to level my crafting jobs, but no grinding or anything, so I didn’t think I’d gotten them all that far until I looked at the screenshot I took of my job levels today and compared it to the one I posted last week. Carpenter from 55 to 58, Goldsmith from 22 to 23, Alchemist from 22 to 23, and Culinarian from 40 to 47.  I’d started leveling the bottom jobs 1 at a time so I could get them all to parity and then level them up simultaneously, but then realized that once I got Carpenter to 60 I’d be leaving a lot of XP on the table if I didn’t have another class at 50 to take over doing the Moogle quests, so I started focusing all the Ixal quest turn-ins on Culinarian due to it already being close to 50.  But anyway… I’m still surprised at how much progress I’ve made doing what feels to me to be so little.


Skyfishing during a blizzard

For the Disciples of the Land I’ve done the daily GC turn-ins for Miner and Botanist, is all, and focused all my effort on Fisher.  As a result I’ve gotten Miner from 30 to 33, Botanist from 31 to 35, and Fisher from 24 to 56.  Yeah, the “boring” fisher class went up 32 levels in 1 week.  It’s actually pretty quick to level simply by grinding, plus if you follow the guides and grind at the holes that give the fish that the leve quests want, you can then turn in a whole bunch of leves all at once and suddenly find you’ve gotten a couple of “bonus” levels.  After getting in to Heavensward and being able to fish for Collectible ones that can give a further large boost to xp gain, and do it all while catching up on my reading on the other screen becuz my button setup is literally “press 2 to cast, wait until you hear the creak and hit 3 to reel the fish in” and I don’t even have to move or look at the screen, so… lots of reading while leveling up fisher too.  I tried watching movies, but found it too easy to miss the audible cue if I did that, so… reading is still a good thing.  Of course I’m finding that fish don’t really seem to sell well on the market board, and I really don’t know what I’ll be trying to do with Fisher once I get it to 60, but hey.  Advancement is advancement, is it not?


My daughter saw this mount in Idyllshire and took a shot of it. I have no idea what it is. I’m guessing maybe the mentor mount?

With my daily expert runs I got enough Lore tomes this week to be able to not only buy the tanking belt that works for all 3 tank jobs, but I also was able to buy the shield for the Paladin.  I thought about getting that last, but the bright silver, gold, and purple color combo on it was clashing with the red and black of the rest of the set and it was pretty jarring, so I just did it and pushed back the finishing of the right-side jewelry by a week.  No biggie, since I don’t really ever tank so I’m not in any rush to finish gearing the role up, just doing it for something to do, ya know?


My daughter loves her “squirrel”

I still haven’t gone in to the Palace of the Dead yet.  I will eventually.  I happened to be using Quarrymill as my base of operations for fishing when that patch dropped, so it was a bit of a surprise to log in after the maintenance and actually hear crowd noise and see this scene at 6 AM on a Tuesday:


The crowds in Quarrymill

Still and all, I’m much more focused on my crafting jobs right now instead of the Palace of the Dead.  I’ll get in there soon enough and start getting all my jobs outfitted with i235 weapons.  But that time is not yet…..

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Crafting Continues Apace


Taken this morning, so it’s actually current as of the time of writing

I’ve continued along with the Ixal quests as a Weaver and gotten it up to 30.  After a fashion.  I accept the quests as Carpenter, do them very very easily as Carpenter, then swap to Weaver and turn them in, and net all the XP as though I’d done them as Weaver all along…..  Cheesy, but hey, it works so there we go.  Doing the 3 (sometimes 6 if I go up a rank with them) Moogle quests is getting me a little over 700K XP per day (690-ish for the quests, and about 40-70K for the required crafting), so that’s leveling my Carpenter up through the 50-60 levels very quickly (currently 55) and with no required materials nor grinding.


I was glad I caught this shot. I like all the colors from the smoke bombs going of.

If I continue going like this and using the Ixal tribe quests to level the lower classes then I also don’t require any materials for them either.  It actually kinda makes this whole thing feel really cheesy, but then I’m really only doing the crafting for my own personal “I wanna feel like I’m advancing my character again” and not becuz I plan to go nuts with it and try to make lots of money or anything.  Not that I’d be averse to it, but…. in an FC convo the other night one of the FC’s crafters said he’s never really made much from his crafting, and I know I’ve been spending a lot trying to keep my gear current and whatnot, so I’m now looking for cheaper options for the leveling and if I can cheese the mechanics on the Ixal quests to get everything to 50 with no real cost anymore, then I’m happy to do that.


Rank 8 with all 5 ARR Beast Tribes. Go me!

Speaking of the Ixal quests, i got them up to rank 7 and then this opened up a new quest chain for me that had me run around to all the beast tribes and it ended up unlocking a rank 8 for all 5 of the ARR tribes.  I had no idea that was even possible, so it was a nice little bonus.  It only seemed to unlock an additional wind-up minion from each tribe’s vendor, but it was still a fun story for the quest chain.


Night fishing near Limsa Lominsa makes for a pretty screenie

If you were paying attention to the top screenshot, you’ll also see that in spite of me calling Fishing boring in my last post, I’m working on leveling it up also.  It feels like it takes a long time on each cast, but since I don’t have to constantly be running node to node like I do for the other 2 gatherers, it’s probably about the same amount of time overall.  Plus since it’s still only the 2 buttons and there’s an audible cue for the need to hit the “reel it in” I can be reading stuff on my other screen while fishing in the game.  After working through a stack of bait I’ve usually got enough fish to do some leve turn-ins with HQ fish also, so that helps to speed up the process.  I’ve gone from level 11 Fisher to 24 in only a few hours over this past weekend, so….. I still find the fishing itself to be pretty boring, but it’s also satisfying to feel like it’s leveling up.  Yes you rat, here’s your cheese for pushing the button!


The /visor command turns the “flame” on the horns on and off. Neat effect.

So anyway…. progress feels quite rapid both on the Carpenter in the HW levels and also on the other lower-level classes too.  And with the daily Expert running I’m doing I got enough Lore tomes to fill out my left-side appearance slots for the tank jobs anymore, though one could argue that I should spend the 300 tomes on the Paladin’s shield as well, and then after that have just the belt and the right-side to go …

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] 50 Carpenter! Well, 51…


Ding 50!

Between the Ixal Beast Tribe Quests, the daily Grand Company turn-ins, plus turning in the high-value leve quests with an HQ item to double the value, it didn’t take very long to get to 50 on Carpenter.  Yes, I ended up focusing on the 1 class rather than spreading it around and doing everything simultaneously.  But with that said, I ended up buying a lot of materials, so I’m now a lot more focused on leveling up my harvesting classes so I can just go get what I need instead of paying the exorbitant prices that people charge on the market board — and then I can start charging for materials on the market board myself….


That’s some saw….

But anyway, I hit 50 and due to having spent all my money on buying materials I actually couldn’t afford to begin to try to upgrade my gear.  But then in looking at it, the level 50 “top end” gear is green i70, but at level 51 you can get HQ gear (relatively) cheaply that is i65 and has very similar stats.  So that meant I wanted to look at getting to 51 asap.  The new recipes that unlocked have a high degree of difficulty for a fresh 50 — I was literally only able to advance progress on them else I’d fail.  No chance to increase quality at all.  I read a guide that said hitting 51 removes that penalty, so taking that with the possibility for big gear upgrades and that was big incentive to keep leveling past 50.


It’s just the temporary one for a quest, but soon…. soon….

I headed off to see the Moogles.  The 1st 3 quests they gave me were all very easy combines and got me more than halfway to 51, plus unlocked the 2nd reputation level and got me 3 more quests to do.  This got me up to 51  and then some, so that was nice.  I’ve got quite a bit farther to go to get 52 or the 2nd level of reputation with the Moogles, though.  But it will still happen this week sometime.


The i215 Monk set from all the daily experts that I’m still running.

In the meantime, since I only used 6 of my 12 allowances for Beast Tribes on the Moogles, I also hit up the Ixal and did my remaining 6 quests for them as a Weaver.  I figure if I get it up there then I’ll maybe be able to craft my own gear.  We’ll see.  And of course, after doing that, I burned my leve allowances on the harvesting classes so I can try to keep them at parity with what materials the Weaver will need.

It’s definitely a rabbit hole, but I find I’m actually enjoying it a lot more this time than when I 1st started playing the game.  We’ll see if it sticks, especially once I start trying to do collectibles and scrips and specializations……

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] The Crafting Rabbit Hole

Yes, I have fallen down it….


This picture is from yesterday, so the numbers don’t quite match the text of the post. But yeah… crafting classes are coming up now.

So there I was, going through my usual “it’s fun and I care enough to log in daily to cap out my Lore tomes, but not so much that I feel really actively engaged in the game anymore” motions when I thought to myself “Self, there’s a whole set of advancement/progression I could still be doing in Crafting, and you kinda liked it when you 1st started playing, so why not give it another go?”


A selfie my daughter took of her new favorite outfit and new favorite mount.

Yeah…… that happened.  I looked up some guides and they all said to get Culinarian to level 37 in order to get Steady Hand II skill as it makes the early leveling a lot easier for all the other classes, so even though I had Weaver at 22 and a couple other classes in the teens, I started CUL from level 1.  for the 1st 15 levels I just did each recipe in my book since the 1st creation gives about double xp, then at 15 I started doing the leve quests.  I didn’t always do High Quality turn-ins (which give double xp) so I wasn’t as efficient as I could have been.  And honestly, when I did do HQ turn-ins it was usually becuz the item was available relatively cheaply on the Market Board since level-appropriate recipes tend to be hard to get higher than about a 20% chance of doing an HQ craft on anyway.  Still and all, between the market board and leve turn-ins, I feel like I bought my way from 15 to 38 on Culinarian before running out of leve allowances.


Another of her selfies — this one while exploring the decor of the houses in Mist

I also unlocked the Ixal quests in there.  They’re not as annoying as the Sylphs, but it’s still a bit weird feeling to have to change jobs for a combat portion of the quest, then return to an NPC and change back to a crafting job in order to make the item they want.  What *is* annoying is that they then want you to craft an HQ item for them while hamstrung with only being allowed half your CP total.  On the bright side they’re easy crafts with low amounts of quality increases needed to be able to get a decent chance at an HQ item, and it’s all free to you for materials and whatnot, but on the downside…. why you no let me just craft and instead give me artificial handicaps?


She occasionally will put on her “Dragon Dress” and fly around with the dragons at Anyx Trine still

Anyway…..  Since all my classes were ranging from level 1-22 and that 22 was Weaver and crafting gear tends to be cloth I crafted a lot of stuff for myself to use while leveling up the crafting.  A least for up to level 22 what I can craft as a weaver, anyway.  There’s also some Goldsmithing for jewelry and Leatherworking for gloves, chokers, and boots, and then of course some of the components in the recipes come from Alchemists, and the Blacksmith makes most of the tools, but the Armorer makes the ingots you need, and I decided to say “screw it” to the guides that say “Do Culinarian to 37, then Carpenter to 50 for its awesome skill, then Weaver to 50, then Alchemist to 50, and then the order doesn’t matter after that” and just level them all up more or less simultaneously.  So all my crafting classes are 21-22 now, except I am focusing a bit on Carpenter so it’s up at 31, and Culinarian’s at 40 since being higher level it can easily do HQ turn-ins for the GC crafting quests  that tend to want level 18-25 stuff and thus get double xp for those.

Then of course in order to not make it so I’m having to buy HQ mats off the Market Board since they tend to cost a mint I’ve also started working on Botanist and Miner again.  Botanist is 21 and Miner is 20.  Fisher is still only 4 or 5 as of yet, but I’ll eventually catch it up too, I suppose.


The “Dragon Dress” while exploring in Mist sometimes too

And on the Lore Gear progression front…. I’ve got all of the left side upgraded to i230 except the helmet and belt now.  Belt is as cheap as accessories, though, so once I have the helmet next week, then the belt and accessories won’t take long after that.  I still need to do Final Steps of Faith and start in on Wiping, er.. Weeping City of Mhach, but.. I think I mentioned a bit of gear apathy up in my 1st paragraph, didn’t I?  I’ll finish them up sooner or later and with the raid even start being able to upgrade my caster i230’s to i240’s.  Eventually.  But nothing I’m doing right now needs gear that high, so i’m kinda “meh” on the whole “must be bleeding edge” front.

Anyway, this is getting long, so I shall end it.  Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] More Glamour

I planned to keep that outfit from my last post for a week to decide if i really liked it or not, but after only 2 days I was going “Nope. . . ”  So I went with the next idea I’d had which was to use the Panegyrist’s set but with a different leg piece.  The result:


Panegyrist Set with Black Lady’s Knickers

It turned out pretty well, but I think I need to find a skirt of some kind.  The set’s shorts are too long, and these are too short.  I’ll come up with something.  Eventually.


Me with my new mount

In other news, a co-worker bought a game on Amazon that was part of the current promo and he knows I play, so he gave me his promo codes.  Thanks Mike!  My daughter’s loving the “Original Fat Chocobo” but she called the Maid costume “funny clothes” and changed right back out of that.


My daughter trying out the maid outfit and her new mount

Happy gaming out there!


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