[FFXIV][Rift] Capping Tomes and Re-Visiting Old Loves


Finally got my bomb chair mount. I like how laid back she looks as she sits on it.

I haven’t posted much lately.  As noted in my prior post, I’m really just doing a daily Expert plus Vath quests to get 90 Lore tomes per day for 5 of 7 days in order to cap out, plus I’ve been running the Kobold beast tribes in order to get my bomb chair mount.  Not really a whole lot to say about any of that, so… no posting.


Yes, I sprung for the Bennu mount. It looks so amazing, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about Rift lately, so since it’s F2P I decided to download it again.  I really don’t remember any of it — logged in and looked at my UI and the macro’s I’ve got set up and whatnot and just went “wow, none of this looks familiar.”  I ran around a little to try to remember locations, logged in on each of my 4 characters to see if anything looked familiar at all and nothing did, so I decided to start a new character to re-learn the systems, the world map, and such and since I still had over 6000 gems (or whatever their cash currency is called) left over from when they did the F2P conversion I used most of that stockpile to unlock the Primalist calling.  Of course, by the time I did that I was pretty much out of play time for the day so I only made level 2 in the tutorial zone, but such is life, right?  I picked a ranged soul as my primary for it, but since one can mix and match, I’ll probably do that after I research a nice leveling build for it.

Anyway, short post, but at least it’s something.  Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Fun, but with a Side of Apathy?


My current appearance — i230 chest, legs, and boots. Gloves are glamoured to “Claws of the Beast” to hide how poorly the Midan gear matches the Lore Tome stuff.

When I log in to FFXIV, I have fun, but now that I’ve completed all my leveling (that I care to do, anyway — just not feeling the desire to do crafting or gathering just for the sake of doing them) I’ve lost a lot of my impetus to log in.  Apathy thy name is pkudude99!


Fighting “Brute Justice” in A8/M4

Well no, not quite.  I am still playing enough to cap out my Lore tomes each week, and I’ve started running through the Alexander Midas mini-raids to boot.  They’re quite fun, and I’ve already gotten some i220 gear upgrades from them as well as my 1st “Midan Gear” out of the 7 that I need to be able to upgrade my weapon from i210 to i230.  The items I’ve been upgrading to also aren’t job-locked, so both my Summoner and Black Mage jobs are i216 for their average since they’re sharing gear again.  And yet I just can’t bring myself to play as BLM anymore.  The joy is somehow gone from that job for me.😦


Doing Turn 9

Last night I also did an unsynced run through Turn 9 with my FC.  Even unsynced and with the 20% buff you get for doing it anymore (I had over 18,000 hit points as a caster, 2nd only to the tank who was just shy of 36,000) it was pretty brutal and took us about an hour of trying before we finally got it.  We were able to brute-force a lot of the mechanics due to our higher health pools and damage output, but there are also a lot of instant-kill mechanics that we still had to learn to avoid or mitigate.  I won the greed roll on a nice-looking dragoon spear I can use for glamouring, though I actually rather like the look of my current spear, so.. to the retainer it goes for now.


My current spear for Dragoon that I’m not going to glamour over, as well as a bunch of Dravanian gear from my Expert Roulette runs

I’ve also dipped a toe back in to Civ5.  I’ve gotten used to playing it a certain way, so I’ve been playing around with the various options and using different civs than I usually would in order to break me out of that mode and see what other types of fun I can glean from it, but how exciting is it for me to tell you that it’s been enough to keep me hitting “next turn” until 3:30 in the morning on a work night more than once in the past few weeks?😉


I got the fugly Easter event barding. May it never see the light of day again!

Happy gaming out there!


That looks like the hair dryer from hell, doesn’t it?

[FFXIV] All Combat Jobs are 60


As the title says — all combat jobs are now 60!

Go me!


Level 59 Ninja

Last week I was just shy of 57 on the Ninja and dinged the level Monday evening from doing the daily Vanu Vanu, Nonmind, and hunts.  Yes, I get the Lore tomes from Nonmind quests if I do them on a level 60 j0b, but I was already capped for the week, so I used the quests as a leveling device on the 2 days where I didn’t need the tomes anymore.  I kept doing that through the week, so when I got to Saturday I made it to 59. As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve run it a lot on my other jobs so I had a full set of dungeon gear on the left side, and was only missing the necklace on the right side — and even there I still had the level 57 one from the Vault, so I was quite well-equipped for that level.


Level 60 Ninja

Moving on to Sunday, I ran the Library and that got me to about 33% of the way through the level.  The queues for dps were being a little wonky in their length in the morning, so I decided to do the dailies again, which pushed me to about halfway.  Then I bit the bullet and ran a leveling roulette and got Brayflox.  That put me to about 80% of the level.  I considered just waiting until today and doing another run of dailies, but nah…  Another Library run and that did it!


During the final Ninja job quest. I love the dancing Roegadyn in the background

The level 60 Ninja quest was quite easy at i180, as I’ve come to expect with the other jobs.  I think they tune it for i135 or i140, so the gear gap really makes quite a difference.  It was a fun story, especially the part where the villains are gloating about their victory and then suddenly bodies start to fall and my character walks up with this “What?  You thought you’d WON?” expression on her face.  That was worth a laugh.


The kongamato in Mor Dhona

While I worked on my character with the dailies through the week, I also did the same with my daughter’s character.  She likes the Vanu Vanu snake mount and wants that, and since Vath come earlier in the MSQ line now I was farther along with them and got high enough to buy the kongamato/dragonfly mount.  Oddly enough, she likes it when *I* have it, but when I showed her that she has it, she didn’t care.


Running Vath tribe quests. Nice detail on the pot.

My FC has started doing unsycn’d Primal Ex runs for ponies on Tuesday nights, so I took her on the Shiva run we did last Tuesday.  Saw the whistle drop, but didn’t win the roll, and we only did a total of 4 runs so we didn’t get it for everyone anyway.  But I will eventually get her some of the sparkle ponies that she wants.  And I still need to start running Diadem so I can accumulate the spoils needed to get her the pegasus too.  There’s still so much to do…


Void Ark Robe of Casting

Something else that I did with her character was run Void Ark.  I even managed to wine the caster robe for her on that run.  Never seen it drop on my character, but on her 1st run — kablammo!  I’d also gotten enough Esoterics doing Vanu Vanu quests over time to buy her i200 weapon, so running Void Ark I could buy the item needed to upgrade it to i210.  And then I realized I haven’t yet done that on my character.  Oops!  So yeah, had to swap over and run it again on my character as well.  I also unlocked Neverreap, Fractal Continuum, and St. Mocianne’s Arboretum for her, and I still need to run Pharos Sirius on Normal before I can unlock the hard mode to get the level 60 roulette to open up.


My daughter took this one at some point

I also have been working on the MSQ again.  I’m past 3.1 now, and the next quest I do in the 3.2 line will open up Antitower.  And then I’ll need to go run Lost City of Amdapor normal so I can unlock the hard mode and thus have the current Expert roulette open too.  Or maybe not, since I really only need to do the pony runs and Diadem to get her the mounts that she wants.  I think I’ve got it geared up well enough now to be able to handle all of that anymore.  We’ll see.


The lightning effects are well done

In other gaming news, my daughter and I visited a friend and while the 2 girls played with the dogs (mostly running back and forth and back and forth in the back yard) we played some tabletop games.  We started with a round of British Rails and then his wife got home, so we moved on to a card game that they like which I’ve not tried before called 7 Wonders.  That one was interesting becuz it’s played in 3 rounds, is all, and it goes fairly quickly.  I didn’t know strategies or anything, so winged it as best as I could and still came in a respectable 2nd place.  It was a very fun afternoon.


She loves Chocobos, and IRL she loves chickens…

On the way home we saw an IFA store and since it’s that time of the year we stopped in so my daughter could see the chicks they have for sale.  She hasn’t stopped talking about it since, wants to get one and take it home, etc.  Such is the way of little girls, right?

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] [BDO] Black Desert Online impressions


The Witch I made for my daughter

A friend who bought Black Desert Online gave me one of his guest passes last week, so I activated it and installed the game over the weekend.  I didn’t really do too much with it, just created a Sorceress to dink around with at 1st.  Got to level 8 in the 1st half-hour or so.  And was surprised becuz to me a Sorceress if a long-range caster, but in this game it’s a melee fighter, with the conceit that it uses magic to empower its attacks.  Think “physical adept” from Shadowrun.  It was kinda fun, but I decided that I wanted to try out the Valkyrie.  Made one of those and I did the quests from the Black Spirit as he gave them, but did a lot of extra killing of mobs as doing so, so while I was getting level 11 quests, I was already level 13.


If you go AFK long enough it goes into a screensaver mode — a little fuzzy, drops the UI and starts spinning the camera around your character.

My daughter then saw me playing and saw a Wizard with a bird following him around and wanted one.  I don’t know if it’s a bought pet or if it’s a Wizard’s Familiar, but on the assumption that it’s a Familiar I went to make a Wizard, but she wanted a girl, so the Witch seemed the be the female analogue.  And I shortly found out the sheer over-poweredness of Chain Lightning and Mana Absorption.  I did a lot of AE grinding becuz why not?  Got that character to 15 in very short order, and even got a little farther along the main quest line than the Valkyrie did.

I didn’t delve into any of the sandbox systems like housing, cooking, crafting, gathering, getting a donky or a horse, etc.  Maybe due to that, I don’t feel any “stickiness” to the game.  Sure, the low level combat is fun becuz you’re essentially a raid-mob compared to what you’re fighting and it’s nice to feel super-powerful, but it also gets old with no challenge, so I don’t really feel the need to try out the other classes, nor to log in again.  It was an enjoyable diversion for a few hours, but nothing I care about either.



Level 56 Ninja

On the FFXIV front, my Ninja is now just shy of level 57 and will easily hit that tonight.


My new Lore Tome robe

I haven’t been doing Midas yet so I haven’t been getting the gears I’d need to buy the item I need to get an i230 weapon, and even if I had the number of Lore Tomes needed isn’t that high, so the 1st 4-5 weeks can be used toward armor.  So I bought my chest piece.  It’s back to “type-specific” rather than “job specific” for the armor, so the chest piece is good for both my Summoner and Black Mage jobs, so that’s kinda nice.  Basically just been doing an expert a day and 5 days of the Vath tribe quests, leaving the Vanu Vanu and 2 days of Vath for the Ninja to do.  plus the ninja does the daily hunts and I’ve been doing a leveling dungeon most days also.  I’m not really in a rush on the Ninja since once it’s 60 all I’ll have left to do on my main character is work on gearing up all of my classes.  As it is, I’ve nearly got the full set of Dravanian i195 drops for my Dragoon and Monk jobs, so they’re doing quite well.  With my Esoterics I’ve just been going down the job list and buying the i200 weapons for each job as I get to 490 Eso’s.


Yes, I dinged 60 on an alt character as well as being “that close” to having every job to 60 on my main character. Am I a glutton for punishment?

On my daughter’s character I’ve gotten it to level 60 now and completed the 3.0 Main Story quest line.  I’ve been doing the daily hunts to get Centurio Seals to gear her up to i179 so that she will be able to do the full Expert roulette and also for me to feel comfortable that I’m not underpowered for doing Diadem to get the pegasus that she wants and also the unsync’d primal fights for pony farming.  I’ve got her to i160 now, so it won’t be too terribly long before I’m up to being able to get Eso’s and run Void Ark to get her into i210, at least.  She loves the “dragon dress” that the Summoners get, so I want to at least get that outfit for her, though I don’t think I’ll be worrying about getting Lore Tomes and gear for her at all.


Lotta people showing off their new eagle and Zu mounts in Idyllshire


My new Wyvern mount

Happy gaming out there!

[FFXIV] Miqo’te and Ninja Progress


It’s weird to not see Alex popping out yet.

I’ve gotten my daughter’s character up to 59 as an Arcanist now.  I’ve had the daily hunt logs unlocked for a while, so I’ve accumulated 112 Centurio Seals already, without even doing the level 3 hunts yet.  Centurio Seals are now the currency used to buy the gear that used to be bought with Law tomes, and they’re dirt cheap — 55 Seals for an accesory, 140 for a weapon.  Sure they’re only i170, but that’s still good enough to get you into the level 60 dungeons.  I had wondered how they were going to bridge the gap between the i145 level 58 gear and i200 being “normal” now with the Esoterics change, so… now I know.


Level 58 Summoner appearance

The increased xp on the MSQ stuff has made it so that for all of Heavensward content I’ve been able to do a single daily roulette and then just the MSQ content and the 4-5 side quests needed to get the aether currents to unlock flight in each zone and still be above-level.  Downside is that to get the full HQ gear for 2 classes you need to be doing side quests also.  The MSQ only gives 2-3 left-side pieces.  The remainder come from the side quests.  This is why I ended up buying the level 58 left-side stuff off the market board.  Mostly it wasn’t too expensive, though nowhere near as cheap as when people were all doing the MSQ right after the expansion either, but some pieces still cost a mint and were a big enough upgrade that I went with it.


Got my Manacutter!

I’m curious about the Duty Finder matching algorithm.  I’ve been getting a lot of all newbie or 3/4 newbie groups as I’ve been leveling up.  The 1st Vault attempt was a miserable failure.  Tank said he was completely new to it.  Healer was actually in Vault drops for all of his gear so he’d obviously done it a lot.  The dragoon said he was new also, and of course I’m familiar with it, though tbh, I don’t recall if I’ve ever actually run it as a summoner before.  I think I just did FATE grinding to level when I was working summoner on my character.  But yeah… new tank, dragoon that hit like his lance was made of wet noodles, a healer who moved around way too much and lost casts, and of course me in my i133 average gear (left side i145, but right side mostly i115 still…) — yeah, it didn’t go well.  Trash was easy enough.  We killed the 1st boss on the 1st try, but the healer was out of mana by the end due to the low dps.  2nd boss we killed after 3 or 4 tries, but even that was a near thing.


Fighting Bismarck

As a result I was expecting that Charibert would be a brick wall.  And he was.  Oddly enough, it felt to me like the healer was the weak link.  I explained the fight and the tank picked up on it pretty well.  The dragoon didn’t have a good rotation and spent a lot of time running around instead of on-target, but still was decent, and I wasn’t taking extra damage, but the healer…. He wouldn’t run from the chain and thus had to heal himself the extra damage he took from that.  He also moved around a lot, making sure he was in “just the right spot” before he’d resume healing.  And after fire phase he wouldn’t spam 2 group heals to get us back to full before the next Altar Pyre went out — “have to save my mana for later” — and so then the Altar Pyre would kill us or just about and then he still wouldn’t cast AE heals and then the dragoon would go down, he’d waste time and mana rezzing him when I had mana to spare and a rez also.  It got to the point where I was spamming my own crappy little Physick on the tank to keep him up and it was actually helping…..


My daughter took this while flying around on her character. Nicely composed for a 6-yr old, doncha think?

Yeah, not a good run. On the other hand, no one got mad, no one rage quit, no one did a vote-kick, we just ran out of the 90 minutes, and hey, I think the tank at least was learning.  Next run I tried on the Vault had a sync’d down Dragoon and he just melted the mobs that he hit, plus everyone knew the fights, so it was just about as faceroll a run as you could ask for.  Just how the Duty Finder works sometimes.


Level 53 Ninja Appearance

On my own character, my Ninja’s level 53 now.  I had 3/6 left-side pieces of the Sohm Al dungeon set, and got Sohm Al as my leveling roulette the other night and got another 2 of the pieces, so that was a nice lucky run.  I’ve already got a lot of dexterity jewelry due to my prior leveling of Bard and Machinist, so the gearing as I level Ninja is going nicely.


I picked up the “boob staff” for my white mage job

Happy gaming out there!


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