EVE to remove Learning Skills

CCP announced yesterday that they’re removing the Learning skills from EVE Online, hopefully by December 14th, though they do caveat that it might be pushed back.

They’re replacing the “lost skills” with a permanent 12 point bump to all attributes, plus any skill points allocated to the Learning section will now be in a pool and able to be re-allocated elsewhere.

I love it!  Personally, I have Learning to 5, Perception to 5/5, Intelligence, Memory, and Willpower to 5/4, and Charisma at 4/4, and I usually have a set of +5 implants in.  Even with that much trained, this change will still increase 4 of my 5 stats, and the loss from Perception is only 0.3, so it’s more than offset by the gains in the other attributes.

Add to it that I’ve got a little over 2.6 mill SP tied up in learning, and that’s suddenly a lot of training I can “skip past” on skills that I’ve been putting off due to having a longer training time on them due to lower attributes.  I haven’t planned it out yet, since I’m at work and don’t have EveMon here, but off the top of my head I could take 2 skill of Rank 5 from 4 to 5 and still have quite a bit left over to fill in some cracks.

I think this will help the game as a whole also since it will get rid of a fairly significant entry barrier for new players.  Kudos to CCP for this!

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  1. Yeah, on my second try at getting into EVE, I spent almost the whole first three months just training learning skills. It sucked, but over the last four years or so, it has benefited me greatly. Now, to have those SP free to spend on other stuff, is super exciting.

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