[Civ5] [FFXIV] Waiting for Civilization: Beyond Earth

Venice is a megalopolis at this point

Venice is a megalopolis at this point

I’ve played a touch more FFXIV, but it really just isn’t grabbing me.  I like the crafting quite a lot and any time I log in I find myself crafting or harvesting rather than adventuring.  I don’t think it helps that my current story mission is to go into a group dungeon and the time I actually queued for it I waited well over an hour without the queue popping on a Saturday afternoon when one would think there’d be a lot of people online.  I haven’t really logged in since to try again.  And tbh, don’t really care either.

This past weekend I played a couple of games of Civ5.  I’ve not done much with the Autocracy ideology, so I’ve got several “missing achievements” from it.  Fired up a new game as the Assyrians to take advantage of their Royal Library giving extra xp to units.  Was kinda fun to (eventually) be creating units with 85 xp already under their belt — 15 barracks, 15 armory, 15 military academy, 15 Brandenburg Gate wonder, 15 from Autocracy, and 10 from the Royal Library.  I actually did Autocracy once before a long time ago as the Zulus, but due to the vagaries of the game, as I was in process of assaulting the final capital the UN cam up for a vote for world leader and I won a Diplomatic Victory.  This time I got the domination I was looking for.  Go me!  It may have helped that I turned off Diplomatic as a possible win-condition this time. . . .   But I got my achievement for the Autocratic win, so go me.

I also noticed that I actually still don’t have a science win under the Freedom ideology either so I went with Venice since one tends to keep the empire smaller with Venice than with others, and Freedom is more suited to smaller empires.  Played along in typical fashion, but as I started getting late in the game I noticed that my city size was *much* higher than I ever recalled seeing before.  Typically the biggest one sees a city get to is in the 20’s, *maybe* low 30’s.  It was 52.  Yeah, I was surprised.  The screenie I put at the top of the post I took then I clicked the “finish the spaceship” button and won the game.  Size 56.  Insane!

But anyway, I got my achievement for the science victory under Freedom as well, so…. fun weekend of Civ5.  Looking forward to this Friday and the release of Beyond Earth!  Happy gaming!

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