[TSW] My Scenario Build that Morphed into my Solo Build

So back in the day Issue #8 released and scenarios came with them.  For the 1st few days the scenarios kicked everyone’s butt since they required a different strategy than your typical solo game play, but over time people came up with new builds for them.  I sued a few of the posted builds and they worked pretty well, but I eventually came up with my own also.

Scenario builds require a sort of jack-of-all-trades thinking — you have to have enough defense to survive, a bit of self-healing for when the defenses aren’t enough or simply fail, and then also enough damage to kill the mobs before they kill your “survivors.” and to be able to kill in AE or Single-target equally well.  Solo builds also require a bit of this, though with perhaps a bit more leeway on how much of any of the 3 roles to incorporate into your build, but it still gives quite a bit of overlap, and this is what enabled my scenario build to become my solo build as well.

So… here’s a screenshot of the skills, and then I’ll go into why I use them and how it all comes together:

TSW Scenario-Solo buildFor those who can recognize the icons, this may seem a bit out of the ordinary.  Typically a solo build will follow the template of

  • 1 ST builder
  • 1 AE builder
  • 1 ST finisher
  • 1 AE finisher
  • 3 Utility (typically a heal, a gap closer or escape skill, and an Elite impair for interrupts)

However, this build uses:

  • 1 AE builder (Suppressing Fire)
  • 2 ST finishers (3-Round Burst, Out for a Kill)
  • 2 AE finishers (Fire at Will, Riot Act)
  • 2 Utility (Turn the Tables, Razor Wire)

Here’s the why — the passives!

The builder is Suppressing Fire from the Assault Rifle weapon line.  This builder is a bit unique in that it’s the only ranged “frenzy” style of attack and it further is a 4-hit channel.  This makes it so that when hitting multiple mobs there’s a very high chance of a penetrating hit simply due to the sheer number of hits the skill puts out each second.  The passives that make use of this are:

  • Shoot ‘Em Up — applies an Afflicted state and put a rather high-damage dot on them
  • Arterial Pulse — on any penetrating hit sends out a small ae damage pulse to all nearby mobs, which chains and thus results in the number of pulses being equal to the number of mobs squared, so it can put out some surprisingly high numbers
  • Sudden Return — on any penetrating hit, does bonus damage to the mob that got pen’d
  • Hit and Run — on any mob death sends out a medium damage pulse to all nearby mobs that have shotgun resources on them which also chains and further goes off again if another mob dies
  • Gross Anatomy — any time an afflicted state finishes or is renewed, does a high damage hit to the afflicted mob
  • Circulation — any time an afflicted state is set, receive a small heal-over time on yourself
  • Leeching Frenzy — any time a frenzy ability is used, set a 2% leeching effect on yourself

The 1st 5 are damage passives, the final 2 are for survival.  Some may note that there’s no Iron Maiden in the passives for the increased penetration chance, which is a staple of dps in nearly every build.  It’s not there in this case since I’ve yet to see any builder shot *not* penetrate, even without Iron Maiden, simply due to all the hits that Suppressing Fire throws out.  And I’ve done testing on the dummies with ACT and found that this actually did better damage, so… there ya go.

How it all ties together is this:

Lead into combat with Razor Wire.  This snares the mob(s) and give you more time to use builders without being hit.  and it does a sizeable hit of its own.  Open up with Suppressing Fire.  The 1st hit sets afflicted, puts your 2 heals on yourself, and likely had a penetrating hit or 2 for a lot of bonus damage from Sudden Return and Arterial Pulse.  All future hits do the same as the 1st and also add in the hits from Gross Anatomy due to the afflicted state being refreshed.

If fighting several mobs, hit the AE finishers (usually only need Fire at Will since something will die and set off the Hit and Run passive and blow up the rest of the group too), otherwise use the ST finishers instead.  Turn the Tables can be used in a pinch, but is rarely necessary.  AE mobs won’t get to you, and while an ST mob probably will at least get to you, it will only get to hit you 1 or 2 times before it dies either, so it doesn’t actually hurt much.  In Tokyo, there are a lot more telegraphs and the mobs hit harder, so there you’ll always want to be circle-strafing, but anywhere else you can stand and take it without trouble.

My “true” solo build is very similar to this, just uses a blade instead of an AR, uses Art of War as the elite instead of Razor Wire, but for scenarios I found that I preferred the AR’s range…. and then found that I prefer the range in general too, so…… this build took over.  And in case you wonder, here’s my solo build, as featured on TSWDB.com, so you can see how the scenario build morphed out from it.

Happy gaming out there!

That's some expensive gas!

That’s some expensive gas!

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  1. Interesting build. Though, i wouldn’t run it for several reasions.

    1. AR and shotgun at the same time looks terrible on the character model. Bleh. 😀

    2. I only use “pure” (means, no other use than damage) single target attacks when being a DD in a dungeon run or in a specific area where i don’t want to draw more agro by doing AoE. Anywhere else, the small damage advantage of single target attacks is not worth it in my book and i rather bring more utility.

    3. You have an AR so i see no reason to have Turn the Tables. In case of doubt, just include shot of anima instead. Yes, it uses up your AR ressources, but you don’t have to deal with the long cooldown of Turn the Tables, get good healing and another leeching effect, too.

    4. I think your setup wouldn’t do any better against the padurii boss than my most frequenrty used scenario setup. In theory your razor wire could help there, but i don’t know if it can be aimed that exactly that it can be used for this fight. I didn’t do scenarios for several weeks, so i this weekend in the castle forgot to switch to my “in case it’s the padurii boss setup”, so i was unable to defeat the padurii boss. As it’ll probably be some weeks again before i run another scenario, i have to rework my scenario setup to be up for that challenge next time, too.

    5. I find it interesting that you work completely without an interrupt. I would hate to not have at least one with me, but that’s clearly personal preference.

    • In all honesty, I loathe scenarios and have only ever used this specific build in the Hotel. I’ve only done the Mansion 2x, and haven’t ever set foot in the Castle. As a result, I have no idea how this build would or wouldn’t work anywhere but the Hotel (where it works very well).

      It works well as a solo build for me now, and that’s the point of this post, really. Perhaps someday I’ll try the other scenarios again, but since I hate them and I’m already into Tokyo….. probably not 😉

      Thanks for the idea on the Shot of Anima. I hadn’t even considered using a rifle heal instead of TtT.

      • Hmm, yea. The general loathing of scenarios, i am well aware of that. That’s why i also see them rarely, my girl absolutely hates them, so while i’d consider them to be a nice thing once a while, i lack the company there. 😀

        On this setup becoming your solo build, which was your main point, i think that Tokyo will change it again soon. For Tokyo i always have two builders in my setup, although one quite frequently is Anima Shot (do not confuse with Shot of Anima), so i can use two different types of Aegis on my weapons and don’t have to switch in combat. (Which btw is one of the things i advise to anybody new to Tokyo: distribute your controlers over both weapons right from the start. This makes the boss fights much easier, as you can activate the proper types before starting the fight and thus saving on the cooldown time. )

        On you using the setup for solo play, i find that interesting. My personal setup is quite different and i even notice differences in play philosophy here. Maybe one day i’ll still try your setup, but i am strongly attached to mine. (Since i while i am attached to AR-Blade, very much due to those two weapons being my best gear. As frequent leech healer my only custom weapon is the AR, and my first 10.4 weapon looted from the NY raid was the sword. By now i also have the 10.4 pistols, all my other weapons still are significally weaker. ) Anyway, i am amused that you didn’t think of rifle healing. For me the rifle in TSW is defined by healing, any other functionality is secondary.

      • Addendum: don’t see the “amused” as an insult, please. It was not indended that way. For example i didn’t really think of using the AR for frenzy up to now, that part of its functionality never really was on my radar.

      • No worries. I didn’t see “amused” as an insult at all. I was always under the impression that the rifle’s leech heals still needed a little Heal Rating to be effective (in spite of me using Leech Therapy as a passive heal), and I have none on my talismans, so I didn’t think it would work as well as TtT and just never tried it at all. Even a smaller heal more often would still be better overall, plus it does damage as well, so no loss of a GCD with TtT. Makes perfect sense, just…. as you say, wasn’t on my radar.

        FWIW, the build’s been working really well for me in Tokyo. On any non-boss, Razor Wire instantly strips the aegis shield so only the boss fights have me worrying about it at all. Between Leech Therapy and Circulation I’ve got enough mitigation for the bosses too, so I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it.

        I can see why a builder for each weapon on a different shield for the bosses would be a good strategy, but as the CD for the swap penalty gets lower as I spend more SP, I’m finding it to not really matter to me that I have to switch on my single builder weapon, so…. mayhaps I’ll give the multiple builders a try for bosses though. That sounds like another great idea that wasn’t ever on my radar either.

  2. With all that “negative” being said, i also have to take a look into the combination of Suppressing Fire and Arterial Pulse. I never tried that, but it indeed could work together quite well in scenarios.

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