[FFXIV] So easy a 5-yr old can do it!

My daughter's Mi'qote

My daughter’s Mi’qote

My 5-yr old daughter has lately taken to watching me play FFXIV.  She’s always liked Minecraft, and she loves to watch “Let’s Play” videos of Stampy Longnose and Cupquake on Youtube, so this was hardly a surprise.  But what was a bit of a surprise was when she wanted to run around on my character.  Given that I didn’t know what kind of trouble she’d get into and I also didn’t want to have to worry about repair bills if she got out of a safe zone and got herself killed (I’d let her run around Mist a few times since it’s completely safe and so far no problems, but… you never know), I asked if she wouldn’t rather I made her own character for her.  She decided she wanted that instead, so I started making a Lalafell for her, figuring that since they look like little kids that she’d identify with them, but she saw the Mi’qote as I hovered my mouse over it and decided that she wanted a “cat with red hair and red ears” instead.

She loves to see the aetheryte attunement and says "She's using her magic!"

She loves to see the aetheryte attunement and says “She’s using her magic!”

So her character was born and I made it a Conjurer so it would start in Gridania, since the Lavender Beds are quite pretty and accessed via ferry, so she couldn’t simply run out, like she could if I’d picked Thanalan and The Goblet instead.  I played it up to level 8 or so… whenever it is you get access to the Lavender Beds, anyway, and then took it in there and figured she’d be fine running around in there.  She wanted to wear “a costume” but since she had no cash on that toon, the best I could do with its limited resources was to get the hempen chemise and the corresponding leg piece off the market board for cheap.  The chemise ended up being dyed purple, so even though she asked for a white one, she fell in love with it an now that I’ve bought her a white one also, she still always wants the purple instead.

She likes to sit on everything she can find.

She likes to sit on everything she can find.

To prevent her being able to leave I’d hit scroll lock to turn off the UI, but she’s a smarty-pants and figured out how to turn the UI back on.  She loves to go into the various houses and explore them, so it works out.  Though she has gotten a bit bored with just the Lavender Beds.  And she saw people with minion pets and wanted some, plus she wants to be able to “ride a chicken” and now she wants a fairy pet too, so I’ve been playing a bit on her character in order to level it to 20-ish to advance the story enough to get her chocobo mount (level 21 now and almost to that point in the story — dungeons give lots of xp in the teens, so leveling has been faster than the story), and then I’ll have to swap to Arcanist and level it to 30 to unlock Scholar so she can also have a fairy pet.  For minions, I claimed my collector’s edition ones, and did the quests in Aleport to get the coeurl kitten and wolf pup ones, so she’s very happy about them.  But she still asks to play my character from time to time so I can pull out the fairy pet on my scholar.  Oh yeah… she wants the unicorn mount as well, so I’ll need to get Conjurer to 30 to boot.  The things we do for our kids….

She usually has me actually do the races for her, but she's managed a few 4th and 5th places on her own too

She usually has me actually do the races for her, but she’s managed a few 4th and 5th places on her own too

So anyway… I’ve unlocked the Gold Saucer for her too, so she can run around in that safe zone.  She likes to race the chocobos, though she’s not very good at it.  She’ll learn eventually.  She gets bored in the Saucer pretty quickly, though, since there aren’t any houses for her to explore.  But she’s also found the teleport menu, so she’s able to get to the different cities anymore, though she’s not figured out how to use the residential aethernet yet.  But she still gets around — this morning I logged her in at the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and went to take a shower.  When I got back 20 minutes later she was in Vesper Bay, so she’d found her way down to the lower decks and then found the ferry skipper that goes there.  Not bad for someone who’s in preschool and can recognize letters, but not read yet……


Summoner relic is mine!

Summoner relic is mine!

For my own playing, I have decided that while I like the Summoner when soloing with a tank pet, I’m not really fond of it in a group situation.  But I finished the Relic quest, so I’ve got my i90 book for it.  And Scholar’s now to the point where I need to kill Hydra and then the 3 primal hard modes to get the book for that job.  WHM already has an i110 weapon off the market board, so I’m not sure I’ll bother running the quest again since the reward is i90 after spending the additional 450 soldiery tomes, and I still need to upgrade my pants and belt to i100, so I’d rather save up the 1200 tomes for that, ya know?

Anyway, happy gaming out there, and I hope you have a great week!

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  1. The blessing of being a gamer father! Good job 😉

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