How You Get Upstairs in Sims Medieval (and other ramblings) #SimsMedieval

The Pit

The Pit

I’ve been spending some of my free game time playing The Sims Medieval since it released and I have to say, I am simply in love with the game. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Sims franchise in general, and this game is no different. Well, that’s not completely true, this game has aspects that are in fact, very different. One thing that the game does NOT do well is explain how the controls work. Unless you’re familiar with the regular Sims UI (I’m talking the house one in specific) you may feel a bit lost on some aspects. For example, in the first part of the tutorial you’re expected to go upstairs and use a mirror. The tutorial doesn’t tell you how to get upstairs – but the manual does (for those of you who purchased the physical copy of the game). If you remember the house icon in the basic Sims game, you’ll also see there’s a house icon above and below the direction keys on the UI. The upper one leads you upstairs, the lower downstairs. The mirror is in the bedroom upstairs (at least in my default castle). The camera view is a bit difficult to navigate when it comes to interacting with buildings because you can’t rotate the view to any more then a front “barbie house” view as I call it. You can still decorate your castle in any manor you like, and your characters in the Kingdom are unique to your creations which I adore.

The one thing that’s completely different in Sims Medieval that wasn’t in the other sims games quite so much (Sims 3 has it although done differently) is the quest system. You can decide who will do the quest and that will decide which path you take to complete it. You need to have certain NPC unlocked for a few quests, but the amount of choice each player has is just astounding. I can choose you use a bard or my monarch to complete a quest, and then they each have their own decisions and paths to make about each step of that quest. It’s humourous and the graphics are simply astounding.

If you’re not a fan of the Sims I don’t know how much appeal this game will have, as it still follows the basic Sims rules at its core – but personally, I just can’t get enough of it. Anyone else playing? Enjoying it? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Yes, I’m playing it as well, and I like it. Interestingly enough it is mostly MMORPG players who like The Sims Medieval, while fans of the Sims franchise are at best lukewarm about it. I guess “a little freedom” is more than we are used to, but not enough for the fans of the standard Sims.

  2. I really was hoping for the game to be basically Sims 3 done, well… medievally. I know, I should have read more about it.

    But thanks for the stairs tip. I started a game and got so frustrated that I couldn’t find the stairs that I haven’t touched it since. Now maybe I’ll have the courage to try again. 😛

  3. What frustrates Me about this game is the fact that people keep entering your house for no reason but to annoy me with their presence. Also the smith apprentice is quite annoying, I’ve even bought a 2nd forge and still he always stands in the way…
    And why the hell doesn’t my wife ever come home (castle) even tho I chose that as her home? And why do the ill suckers in at the doc’s always run away from the hospital after they were found to be terribly sick and in need of medical help…?

    A possibility to upgrade houses to have more room would be quite a cool addition to this game 🙂 some houses are terribly little in space (such as the wizard’s tower due to its edged walls).

    Apart from that, GREAT game!

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