[FFXIV] Sylphs Done!


Goobue Mount at Anyx Trine

And man were they annoying.  Oddly enough, their basic quests worth 5 reputation were not bad at all, but once you start getting to the 7 rep and then the 10 rep quests… Ugh.  I cannot imagine having done these at level 50.  But I pushed through the “pain” and got to Rank 4 with them and bought the goobue mount…. which my daughter now wants on her character, so now I have to do that grind all over again.  Oopsie!  The final story quest to actually get to rank 4 was pretty funny, at least.


This is one fugly outfit, though I do like the steampunk elements

In the course of doing the daily experts I get a lot of Esoterics tomes, so I’m still upgrading the other jobs as I get enough of them for a new piece.  I completed my Scholar this past week, as you can see above.  I’ve got WHM to the point where the look is complete also, but I’ll save the screenies there for when the outfit is actually complete 😉


Meet my friends Garuda-Egi and Calcabrina

I also finally got a decent roll on one of the end-boss minions, so Calcabrina can join me from time to time.  It’s been weird — whenever I’ve seen a minion drop I’ve never rolled higher han a 30 up until this run, and even there the 85 I got just barely beat out the 84 the other person rolled.  But hey, 1 is as good as a million, right?


Another new look

I also decided that I didn’t like the leather pants look as much as when I 1st made it, so I headed off to the market board and found a skirt I’d not seen before.  I dyed it black to match the top, but the secondary colors… I dunno if there’s a way to dye them, but I don’t think there is.  Makes it so the top is black and gray vs the skirt’s black and white, and I could do without the bow on the front, but I can live with it, especially since I usually see the back of the character, not the front, so the bow isn’t really seen much.  By me, anyway.

Yes, that’s a black mage staff in that shot.  I was dinking around with the Sylph quests as BLM instead of SMN to see if I might consider going back to being a Black Mage at some point.  Which…. probably not.  Sure, the big numbers are fun — that 8700 point crit with Fire 4 was really yummy, but the lack of mobility and the hoops you have to jump through in order to be able to even cast Fire 4 still felt like a punishment, so.. yeah.  Still a Summoner at heart anymore.


She loves the “unicorn horn” so it stays in view on her character

Conversely, I had to run Pharos Sirius at level 50 on my daughter’s character so that I could unlock the Hard version and open up the level 60 roulette and… man Summoner is boring at 50.  They got all the cool toys between 52 and 60.  Which is why at 50 I was BLM4Life! and didn’t like Summoner, while at 60 I’m now SMN4Life and no longer care to play as a Black Mage.  Such is life, no?  But since I could get a lot of Eso’s rapidly with unlocking both Expert and level 60 roulettes for my daughter this week, I was able to get her the “dragon dress” that she loved so much on my character.  She’s still only i195, but that’s good enough to run all the current content, plus it’s not like I need to really do much on that character except make it look nice for her anymore as she flies around, so.. there ya go.  It was fun to get the unlocks and to run Pharos Siruis (Normal) for the 2nd time ever.  Some rather fun mechanics on those bosses.  I might actually go back and try unlocking the level 50 roulette too now, just ‘cuz.

Weirdly enough, I’ve not done a whole lot of Chocobo racing in spite of the current 50% bonus reward event running in the Gold Saucer.   I ran the event quest on both characters, and my daughter loves the new Eureka emote, so that’s good.  Perhaps this week I’ll do more MGP farming with the old Chocobo.  Time will tell.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Whew. Congrats on getting those Sylph quests done. That’s one thing I was glad to put behind me a long time ago. Maybe I should go back there now that I’m 60 and do some revenge hunting. XD

    • They die fast even to my crappy 80 potency Ruin. TBH I should probably have done them as a Scholar and hit them up with Broil instead to die in 1 hit instead of 2. Ah well. Actually, that was part of why I was dinking around as BLM — seeing if F1 could one-shot them. Answer: Yes, when under AF3, so that meant I’d have to 2 shot-them anyway — One F3 to apply AF3, then the F1 to finish. Since I 2-shot them (with 2 shots from Garuda at the same time) as SMN anyway…. I just stuck with SMN except for that 1 day.

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